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Main Story: Arc 4: End of the World ~ Luxu's Goal

Credit goes to goldpanner for the translations!

[Arc 1: Introduction ~ The Dream Chirithy Showed]
[Arc 2: Meeting Ephemer ~ Unchained]
[Arc 3: An Encounter with Skuld ~ Seeds of Hope]
[Arc 4: End of the World ~ Luxu's Goal]
[Arc 5: Wasteland Battleground ~ Finale]


End of the World

A few months later---
(You lie alone in the Keyblade Graveyard as it rains.)
I'd thought the end would be a horrific scene where the whole world burned away to nothing.


Battle of the Keyblade Wielders

A few days ago---
(You head to the Fountain Plaza with Chirithy and see two other wielders in an argument.)
Chirithy: Not again, sheesh....
(You start to head over to the other wielders but Chirithy stops you.)
Chirithy: Leave them be. I know how you feel, but if you start you'll never stop.
  This has been happening too often lately, hasn't it? Honestly, what'll become of us, I wonder…
(Suddenly the other wielders call forth their Keyblades and prepare to fight.)
Player: !
(You rush towards them and block the collision.)
Chirithy: [Player!]
(Chirithy rushes over and scolds the wielders.)
Chirithy: How could you raise your Keyblade against an ally!
Wielder A: An ally? Don't make me laugh. This piece of work was stealing our Lux.
Wielder B: Excuse you! We're the ones protecting the light. What if your Union is the one betraying us to the darkness, hm?
Wielder A: What if YOUR Union is the dark one stealing the light, hm!
Chirithy: Wait! Even if we're from different Unions, we're allies who share the same goal, and fighting is wrong!
Wielder B: You stay out of it!
(Skuld rushes in.)
Skuld: (Skuld rushes in.)
Chirithy: Skuld!
Wielder B: Oh yeah? What Union are you from?
Skuld: That's completely irrelevant.
  Our enemies are the dark monsters. Keyblades are not something to be raised against human beings!
Wielder A: Human or not, anyone stealing light is a creature of darkness, no different from a monster!
Skuld: How can you say that!
(Other wielders approach, angrily.)
Wielder C: The fight's already started.
(Skuld backs away. A voice calls out.)
???: That's right...
All: !
Aced: The only thing we can trust now is the unity of our Union. 
  Someone may be a fellow Keyblade wielder, but we cannot divine whether their heart is dark or not.
  Warriors of absolute strength, the strength of a Union is not the amount of light it has collected. 
  A strong Union is justice itself.
  That is something that can only be proved through battle.
Skuld: But…!
Aced: Do you object? 
  Aren't you people part of the gang Ava's organising behind our backs, the Dandelions?
  Ava's actions are also, in the end, a power display. How is it any different?
Skuld: ...
(You approach Aced.)
Player: I'm not a Dandelion.
Aced: Oh, then what is your Union?
Player: [Union.]
(Master Aced summons his Keyblade.)
Aced: Raise your Keyblade.
Player: !


Inevitable Decisive Battle

(Aced defeats you easily in battle. You collapse and Skuld and Chirithy hasten to your side.)
Aced: You fail as a Keyblade wielder.
(Another voice calls out.)
???: Put away your Keyblade, Aced.
(Master Ira approaches.)
Aced: Ira...
Ira: You are supposed to be a Master, how could you harm a Keyblade wielder!
(Aced withdraws his Keyblade.)
Aced: Bah! I only went so far as to test their strength.
Ira: I came here because I sensed your bloodthirst.
Aced: A final battle is no longer avoidable.
  Invi, Gula, Ava, and you, too, Ira. All desperate to collect more Lux than the other Unions.
  The battle had already begun. It was you people who aggravated the situation.
Ira: Are you saying we must check them by force?
Aced: In the end, it's a strong leader who controls the world.
  It's not Lux I'll gather more of than anyone—it's soldiers.
  Strong organisation is imperative. When it comes to maintaining the balance, there need only be one leader.
  I'll banish the four of you, and unify all the Unions under me.
Ira: Don't overestimate yourself, Aced. You aren't that strong.
  Let me show you how pride comes before a deadly fall.
Aced: I'll be waiting in the land of the final battle!
Skuld: Master Ira.
  He said something about the land of a final battle…
  What's going to happen?
Ira: The agreed time is nearly upon us.
Skuld: So this is what Lady Ava meant…
Ira: It can no longer be avoided.
Skuld: But…!
  Lady Ava said there will be no victor in that battle. So why are you going to fight?
Ira: Well… So that a victor is not born.
  Prepare yourselves.
(Master Ira leaves through a portal. You faint.)
Skuld: [Player!!]



(You find yourself in the Keyblade Graveyard.)
Player: This place, it's…
(Looking around, you see shadowy figures standing among the countless Keyblades scattered throughout the battleground.)
Player: Who…
  What is this…
(The figures vanish, and a bright light shines upon you. You look up at it.)
Player: This is…


Skuld's Anxiety

(It’s pitch black. Voices are speaking.)
???A: I wonder if they're okay.
???B: Yeah, they pushed themselves, didn't they?
(You were taken to your room in Daybreak Town. Chirithy and Skuld watch over you as you rest.)
Chirithy: Thank you, Skuld.
(Skuld shakes her head.)
Skuld: At any rate, the atmosphere gets worse every day. I see little stand-offs everywhere.
Chirithy: Yeah…
Skuld: How are the Masters?
  Well, I suppose what happened just now tells us all we need to know...
Chirithy: Yeah… They've already fallen apart.
  I don't know what happened, but they've all completely changed.
Skuld: Yes… There really isn't any way to avoid a battle at this point, is there.
(You open your eyes.)
Player: Ephemera.
Chirithy: Ah!
Skuld: Oh, great! You're awake.
Player: Have you been able to see Ephemera?
Skuld: Not yet, but apparently he is doing things under the direction of Lady Ava.
  I've been trying to persuade as many Keyblade wielders as I can to turn away from the final battle. 
  But most people just aren't believing in the end of the world...
  In fact, even the Dandelions are starting to get anxious without Lady Ava around, and morale has started to drop...
Player: What's this about Lady Ava?
Chirithy: The truth is, Lady Ava's been missing recently…
  But, maybe Lord Gula knows something. 
  The two of them are friends, after all.
Player: Let's go ask Lord Gula.
Chirithy: You have to rest more!
Player: There's no time.
Skuld: ...You're right.
(Chirithy is reluctant to let you go.)
Chirithy: But.
Player: I'm fine, Chirithy.
(You pat his head.)
Chirithy: Okay…


Master Gula's Suggestion

(The three of you head into an abandoned warehouse in search of Gula.)
Skuld: It's quiet.
(A voice calls out.)
???: Do you have business with me?
(Master Gula reveals himself.)
Chirithy: Lord Gula!
Gula: If you're skipping out on collecting Lux to come here, then you're Ava's Dandelions, aren't you?
Skuld: Ah, yes.
Gula: Are you looking for Ava?
Skuld: We are.
Gula: And what will you do when you see her?
  Will you beg her to fix the situation with the final battle we're heading towards?
  Not even Ava can pull that off.
  Or are you going to ask about the situation?
  Even if you knew, you wouldn't be able to do anything.
Skuld: But I can't twiddle my thumbs and wait for the end of the world.
  I'll make as many of my friends as possible avoid the final battle.
  That's the mission of the Dandelions.
Gula: Well, you'll certainly have as many as Ava has collected.
  You're just like her.
  Ava: always right.
  But, no matter how right she may be, she can't save the world.
  If it's even possible, then the only one who could would be the Master.
Skuld: Master?
Gula: You've heard about him from Chirithy, haven't you?
  We five who are called the Foretellers were the apprentices of the Master of Masters.
  He is the only one who could possibly change this situation now.
Skuld: Where is this Master?
Gula: Right? I knew you'd go there.
  But, the Master disappeared out of the blue one day.
  Ava and I have both tried to find him, but there wasn't a single clue.
  The only one who we can assume acquired knowledge of the Master's whereabouts is Luxu.
Chirithy: Lord Luxu.

You know him?

Chirithy: He was the sixth apprentice of the Master of Masters.
  Lord Luxu disappeared too, right after the Master did, like he was following him...
Skuld: So you can't find this Lord Luxu person either?
Gula: Of course you go there, huh?
  You really are like Ava.
Skuld: You mean, Lady Ava is...
Gula: Yes. She's searching for Luxu.
  To ask him about the whereabouts of the Master, yeah.


Luxu's Goal

(Ava approaches the Black Coat as he gazes off towards Daybreak Town.)
Ava: I've finally found you, Luxu.
Luxu: Ava, huh...
Ava: What have you been doing all this time?
Luxu: Watching.
Ava: Huh?
Luxu: That's my mission, after all.
Ava: What sort of mission is that?
Luxu: To watch.
Ava: Huh?
Luxu: Just to watch.
Ava: What do you mean?
(He turns to her.)
Luxu: Unlike you five, I was not given a Tome of Prophecy.
  Instead, I have to move forward to the future written about in those tomes.
  I'll watch this world end, and then I'll set off.
Ava: Huh…?
Luxu: Ava, you want to avoid a Keyblade War, don't you?
  That's why you came looking for me, who disappeared just like the Master: to ask about his whereabouts.
  But that's impossible.
  This world is going to end, that's what I mean here.
Ava: Luxu, what do you know?
Luxu: The lost page...
  That which has been foretold, that you and the others don't know.
  The Master's intentions.
Ava: The Master's intentions?
  Are you saying everything turning out like this, and the end of the world, too, was the Master's intention?
Luxu: My mission is to inherit the secret.
  That is why I must keep this world moving forward according to the lost page.
  The Master's intentions are not concerned with the longevity of the world. I will act in order to carry out my mission, and watch.
Ava: What's written on the lost page?
  Luxu… have you been behind all this?
  ...Are you the traitor?
(Luxu summons his Keyblade.)

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