Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Credit goes to Goldpanner for the translations!


Arrive in Wonderland.
Reward: 200 Moogle Points

Curious happenings abound in the strange land of Wonderland.
Set off on your journey to gather the Light that will drive back the Darkness.


Defeat the Soldier that stole the bottle and open the keyhole within the Doorknob.
Reward: 400 Moogle Points | Doorknob x 1

After falling down a rabbit hole, you find yourself in a bizzare room. The only way in or out is a tiny door.
Go examine the door.

(You fall down a rabbit hole and find yourself in a bizarre room. There's a tiny door which seems to be the exit, so you try to turn the doorknob and open it. The doorknob suddenly begins to talk.)
Doorknob: Do you want to pass through?
  Absolutely not, you're far too big.
  Take your business elsewhere.
(You're discouraged by the doorknob's words.)
Doorknob: Hey hey, don't cry, anything but that.
  Hmm. That reminds me.
  There was a little girl who came from nowhere, just like you.
  You could try talking to her.
  Where is she, you ask?
  Ohoho, on the other side of this door, of course.
(You try to turn the doorknob again.)
Doorknob: I told you, absolutely not.
  Didn't I say right at the beginning, you're too big, okay?
  Listen well.
(A small bottle appears on a table.)
Doorknob: On top of that table there's a bottle, do you see? There are instructions written on it.
  How about you have a think about what to do.
  And then…
  Oh, I see you have a key. That will make things faster.
  First of all, the bottle…
(A Soldier Heartless appears and steals the bottle.)
Doorknob: What is it!
  Go get that bottle.

The bottle that the Doorknob spoke of has been taken by the Heartless!
Defeat the Heartless and retrieve the bottle!

You have defeated the Heartless and retrieved the bottle. Report back to the Doorknob.

(You drink from the bottle and shrink down small enough to fit through the tiny door. You use your Keyblade to open the lock in the doorknob's mouth and enter Wonderland.)


Head to the Strange Branch Path and talk to Chirithy.
Reward: 200 Moogle Points

Drinking the potion inside the bottle made your body shrink, and you were able to pass through the tiny door.
Let's explore Wonderland!
If you get stuck, try asking Chirithy.

Chirithy: Here's some advice!
  Looks like if you nibble on those mushrooms over there, your body will change size.


Talk to Alice in Strange Branch Path.
Reward: 600 Moogle Points

Chirithy taught you that you could adjust the size of your body using mushrooms. Pay attention to the size of your body, and go after that girl.

(You meet a girl in the Strange Branch Path.)
Alice: Oh, who might you be?
  I'm Alice.
(You introduce yourself.)
Alice: You're…
  You're not going to give me some peculiar sort of greeting, then? I'm glad.
  Excuse me, you haven't seen a rabbit, have you?
  I've been chasing after a rabbit.
(You tell her you don't know.)
Alice: Oh, what a pity…
  I wonder where he went. 
(Suddenly, you hear the White Rabbit cry out. He runs through the path.)
White Rabbit: I'm late, I'm late, oh no, dear me, I'm so very very late!
(Alice notices the Rabbit and chases after him.)
Alice: Ah, the rabbit!
  Hey, wait!
  Mister Rabbit! Hey, Mister Rabbit!
(After she leaves, the Cheshire Cat appears.)
Cheshire Cat: Are you lost?
  If there's something you want to know, you can ask this wise cat.


Talk to the Cheshire Cat.
Reward: 200 Moogle Points | Cheshire Cat N+ x 1

Where did Alice and the White Rabbit get to?
Maybe someone can tell you something.
Go ask the Cheshire Cat.

Cheshire Cat: The White Rabbit seemed distressed.
  Then again, he's always distressed, seeing as he's always rushing around.


Talk to the White Rabbit in Strange Branch Path. Head back to Forest’s Morning Dew - Tree Shades and collect his missing watch pieces in the puddles of water, then return the parts to him.
Rewards: 1200 Moogle Points | White Rabbit N x 1

The White Rabbit has returned to the Strange Crossroads.
Something seems to be troubling him.
Try talking to him.

White Rabbit: They're gone, they're gone, they're gone! The 2, 4, 5 and 11 from the clockface are gone!
  I can't tell the time like this! And I can't tell if I'm late!
  I tripped and got all wet in the forest, and my watch broke!

When the White Rabbit tripped and fell in a puddle in the forest, pieces of his watch came off.
Let's find the four pieces of his watch for him.

You found the four pieces of the watch in the forest.
Let's take them to the White Rabbit who is waiting at the Strange Crossroads.

White Rabbit: It's fixed, it's fixed, my watch is fixed!
  Oh no, no no!
  I can't stand around like this, I'm very very late!


Talk to the White Rabbit. Defeat the Large Armor standing in front of his house and report back to him.
Reward: 2400 Moogle Points | Lady Luck x 1

The White Rabbit is back at the Strange Crossroads.
It looks like something is troubling him again.

White Rabbit: This is terrible, please help, there's someone huge in front of my house! I can't get inside!
  If I don't go inside and get ready soon, I'll be late for the tea party!

A Heartless has appeared in front of the White Rabbit's house, and it seems like he's having trouble getting in.
Finish off that Large Armour!

You finished off the Large Armour that had appeared in front of the White Rabbit's house.
Let's go tell that troubled White Rabbit.

White Rabbit: That huge fellow is gone?
  I better go home and get ready post haste!


Knock on the White Rabbit’s door.
Reward: 200 Moogle Points

The White Rabbit hurried into his house at top speed, let's go ask him what he's doing.

White Rabbit: Oh, I'm going to be so very late!
  If I don't get all this done I'll be late for the tea party!


Talk to Alice in Forest Entrance - Shrouds of Grass. Go to Forest Entrance - Tree Shades and defeat the Yellow Opera. Report back to Alice.
Reward: 2000 Moogle Points | Alice R x 1

Apparently, the Cheshire Cat saw Alice in the forest.
She seemed to be in some kind of trouble.
Let's find Alice and talk to her.

Alice: Oh, good afternoon.
  You can shrink too, I see?
  I'm on my way to talk to Mister Doorknob.
  I'm in a spot of trouble, though. These strange fellows won't let me through.

On her way to meet the Doorknob, Alice has been blocked by Heartless and seems to be in a pickle.
Finish off those Heartless!

You defeated the Heartless blocking the path leading to the Bizarre Room.
Go set Alice at ease.

Alice: You drove away the people who were blocking the path, did you?
  Thank you so much. Now I can go see Mister Doorknob.


Talk to Alice in Forest Entrance - Shrouds of Grass.
Reward: 200 Moogle Points

Did Alice manage to meet the Doorknob in the Bizarre Room?
Let's go ask her.

Alice: Mister Doorknob told me where Mister Rabbit's house is.
  I must have taken the wrong path at that strange crossroad. 
  I'll have to be careful not to go the wrong way this time.


Talk to Alice outside the White Rabbit’s house.
Reward: 200 Moogle Points

Alice has probably made her way to the White Rabbit's house by now.
Let's go to the White Rabbit's house and see how things are going.

Alice: Mister Rabbit's house is so lovely.
  What is he doing in there, I wonder?


Talk to Chirithy in the Strange Crossroads. Defeat the Large Bodies in the area and report back.
Reward: 2000 Moogle Points | Potion x 3

Chirithy is visiting the Strange Crossroads.
Go talk to him.

Chirithy: Hey, how's it hanging~?
  I came to check up on you, and make sure you're coming along nicely as a Keyblade Wielder.
  I got some orders from above~
  So, do you think you can do me a favour and get rid of all the Heartless that'll appear here?
  Umm, that's not too bad, is it.
  Okay, do your best~

You have to show Chirithy how you've grown as a Keyblade Wielder.
Take out all the Large Bodies that appeared in the Strange Crossroads!

You defeated all the Large Bodies in the Strange Crossroads.
Report to Chirithy.

Chirithy: I can see you've really grown. 
  I'm off to report back to you-know-who.
  All rightie, see you later~


Talk to the Cheshire Cat in the Strange Crossroads.
Reward: 600 Moogle Points

It seems that the Cheshire Cat is calling you at the Strange Crossroads.
Let's go find where he is and talk to him.

Cheshire Cat: I have a tiny favour to ask.
  I'd like you to eat a mushroom and shrink down, and then go into the forest past here.


Use the mushroom next to the log on the bottom right and proceed to the Misty Forest - Interior. Talk to the Cheshire Cat and pick up 6 bud nectars scattered throughout this and the following area. Report back.
Reward: 1200 Moogle Points | Potion x 1 | Cheshire Cat R x 1

Cheshire Cat is waiting in the Misty Forest - Interior. Change the size of your body using the mushrooms in the Strange Crossroads, then go meet the Cheshire Cat.

Cheshire Cat: You made it~
  The white flowers of the forest produce nectar that can be gathered only when they are buds.
  I'd like you to gather six nectars from those buds.
The smaller you are, the easier it is.

The Cheshire Cat has asked you to collect precious nectar that can only be taken from the buds of white flowers.
Collect six bud nectars.

You collected six precious bud nectars.
Take them back to the Cheshire Cat in Misty Forest - Interior.

Cheshire Cat: Good work collecting the bud nectars~
  It goes nicely in tea~


Talk to Alice at the Strange Crossroads. Defeat the Wabble Tiptoes in front of the White Rabbit's house. Return to Alice.
Reward: 2000 Moogle Points | Potion x 3

Something seems to be bothering Alice, who has been waiting for the White Rabbit to finish his preparations.
Let's go see what's happening at the Strange Crossroads.

Alice: Mister Rabbit didn't seem to be coming out of his house, so I took a short walk in the forest.
  I want to go back to Mister Rabbit's house but, unhappily, the way is blocked.
  Excuse me, but could you please chase off the unsavoury fellows blocking the way?

It seems like Alice has fled from Heartless that appeared at the White Rabbit's house. Let's go get rid of the Heartless that have appeared in the White Rabbit's garden!

You defeated the Wabble Tiptoe that had appeared in the White Rabbit's garden. Let's go tell Alice. who wasn't able to go back to the White Rabbit's house.

Alice: Oh, so you chased away those unsavoury fellows who were blocking the way? Thank you so much.
  I wonder if Mister Rabbit will be ready soon?


Talk to Alice in front of the White Rabbit's house. Find her lost handkerchief in the rabbit hole and return it to her.
Reward: 600 Moogle Points | Alice R x 1

Alice has been waiting for the White Rabbit to finish getting ready.
It looks like she is in some sort of trouble again.
Let's go ask Alice.

Alice: I'm in a pickle...
  Silly old me. I must have dropped my handkerchief somewhere.
  I looked for it while I was walking, but I couldn't find it.
  Perhaps I lost it when I fell down the rabbit hole…

It seems like Alice lost her handkerchief in the rabbit hole.
Let's find Alice's handkerchief for her.

You found Alice's handkerchief in the rabbit hole. Let's take it back to Alice at the White Rabbit's house.

Alice: Oh, my handkerchief!
  You found it for me. Thank you.


Talk to the Doorknob in the Bizarre Room. Drink the shrinking potion and head into the new area from the left. Head through to the other side of the Bizarre Room and defeat the Aerial Knockers. Report back to the Doorknob.
Reward: 2000 Moogle Points | Potion x 3

What is the Doorknob in the Bizarre Room up to?
Let's go see what's going on.

Doorknob: It's been so noisy in this room lately. I haven't been able to sleep at all.
  As you can see, I can't exactly move from here.
  Excuse me, is there any way you could go deeper into this room and see what's happening for me?

It looks like the Doorknob is being disturbed by the commotion inside the room.
Let's go find the root of the matter and settle it.

You got rid of all the Aerial Knockers rioting in the Bizarre Room.
Let's report to the Doorknob and set his mind at ease.

Doorknob: It's finally quiet.
  I'm going to get a good 40 winks now. Thanks.


Talk to the Cheshire Cat in the crossroads. Find Alice in the Fallen Tree of Morning Dew.
Reward: 600 Moogle Points

It seems as though the Cheshire Cat has a favour to ask you.
Let's go meet him at the Strange Crossroads.

Cheshire Cat: Alice went out for a walk, and never came back.
  Please go see what's happened~

It seems Alice got tired of waiting for the White Rabbit, and went into the forest, but she hasn't come back.
Let's go find Alice.

Alice: Hello there.
  Oh, are you saying Mister Cheshire Cat was worried about me?
  I only went for a stroll because it seemed as though Mister Rabbit was never going to come out of his house.


Talk to Alice in the Fallen Tree of Morning Dew. Find her in the crossroads.
Reward: 600 Moogle Points

You found Alice in Morning Dew Forest. It looks like she has a favour to ask you.

Alice: I think Mister Rabbit is still not ready.
  Oh, I know, let's play hide and seek!
  First, I'll hide. Here I go!

It looks like Alice doesn't want to go back yet.
Alice has invited you to play hide and seek with her. Let's find where Alice is hiding in the forest!

Alice: Oh, you found me!
  I hid very well though, didn't I?
  Ah, that was fun! Let's go again.


Talk to Alice in the crossroads. Find her in the backyard and defeat the Wabble Tiptoes surrounding her. Talk to Alice again.
Reward: 2000 Moogle Points | Potion x 3 | Alice R x 1

You found Alice hiding at the Strange Crossroads.
It looks like Alice isn't done playing.

Alice: Hey, let's play hide and seek one more time. You won't find me this time!

Alice has invited you to play hide and seek again.
Let's go find where Alice is hiding in the forest!

Alice: I think I made these fellows angry when I tried to hide.
  This isn't a good place for hide and seek. What do I do?

You saved Alice, who got into trouble being chased by Heartless during the game of hide and seek.
Let's go talk to Alice as she calms down.

Alice: Oh no, that was scary.
  Thank you for your help.
  I think we will end our hide and seek for now.
  Mister Rabbit should be done preparing by now, surely?


Talk to everyone in front of the White Rabbit's house.
Reward: 600 Moogle Points | Cheshire Cat R x 1

It seems like everyone is gathering at the White Rabbit's house.
Let's go see what is happening.

Alice: Apparently Mister Rabbit can't find his gloves. I wonder if he dropped them somewhere?
White Rabbit: They're not here! My gloves aren't here!
  I've searched my house top to bottom and I can't find them anywhere!
  I can't go to the tea party like this. 
  Where on earth are my gloves!
Cheshire Cat: I think I have an idea as to where the White Rabbit's gloves may be.
  However, I can't say it here~
  I'll be waiting in the garden behind the Bizarre Room.

The White Rabbit has come out of his house in a tizzy because he cannot find his gloves.
Let's follow that Cheshire Cat and speak to him, he seems like he knows something.

Cheshire Cat: The truth is~ the White Rabbit's gloves are with Alice. 
  She's forgotten that she picked them up. 
  Would you kindly let her know nice and quietly~?


Knock on the White Rabbit’s door.
Reward: 600 Moogle Points

Apparently Alice has picked up the White Rabbit's gloves.
Let's go tell Alice, who has forgotten about the gloves.

House: It seems as though you need a key. 


Find Chirithy. Defeat all of the Darkballs in the world and report back to him.
Reward: 100 Mog Medals

Chirithy is calling you in Wonderland.
Let's go look for Chirithy and hear what he has to say.

Chirithy: Ah, you came. 
  Can I ask you a favour? It's about getting rid of more Heartless.
  Please go and defeat some Heartless called Darkballs.

You've been asked to exterminate the new Heartless that suddenly appeared in Wonderland.
Let's defeat them all and report back to Chirithy.

You got rid of all the Dark Balls that appeared in Wonderland.
Let's report back to Chirithy who is in the Bizarre Room.

(Note: This is one in a part of three missions that take place throughout Dwarf Woodlands, Wonderland, and Agrabah. Each mission is exactly the same, save for the ending dialogue which differs depending on the order of completion.) 


Chirithy - Ending #1: Thank yoooou~ I knew you could do it.
  Maybe it's just my imagination, but I think those Heartless aren't from the darkness of this world.
Chirithy - Ending #2: Thank yoooou~ I knew you could do it.
  But, those Heartless… I wonder where they came from.
  Could they have come from another world!?
Chirithy - Ending #3: Thank yoooou~ I knew you could do it.
  I wonder if do you-know-who knew about it.

STORY 14-1

Meet the White Rabbit at his house.
Reward: 500000 Munny, Raise Ticket x 1, SR+ Moogle x 1

What happened to the White Rabbit who couldn't get into his house?
Let's go see what is going on.

(You find the White Rabbit yelling outside his house.) 
White Rabbit: That's it! I can't wait any longer!
(You approach him to figure out what's wrong.)
White Rabbit: Hey, please listen. It's my gloves.
  I asked Mary Ann to go get them for me, but no matter how long I wait she's just not coming out.
  To make thing worse, the door's been locked and I can't even get in.
(You offer to use your Keyblade to unlock the door.)
White Rabbit: Oh, you have a key with you?
(You use your Keyblade and prepare to aim a beam of light at the door, but the White Rabbit stops you.)
White Rabbit: Hey, hey, stop! Are you trying to break my house!
  There's no way a giant key like that would ever fit!
  That's right! I know where I dropped the key.
  It's in the topsy-turvy room with the little door.
  Go and get it for me!
(You hesitate, still preferring to just open the door with your Keyblade. The White Rabbit pushes you to go.)
White Rabbit: Get that key!
  Right now!
  Bring it here!
(You're left with no choice, and run off to get the key.)


STORY 14-2

Find the key to White Rabbit's House at the end of the Bizarre Room: Wall.
Reward: SR+ Card Medal x 1, Raise Ticket x 2, R+ White Rabbit x 5

It seems as though the White Rabbit dropped his house key in the Bizarre Room.
Let's go find it for him.

You found the key that the White Rabbit dropped in the Bizarre room.
Let's take it to him where he is waiting in front of his house.

(You find the White Rabbit's key and return to his house to give it to him. While thankful, he realizes how late he is now and calls to "Mary Ann" as he runs inside his house.)
White Rabbit: Heeeey! Mary Ann!
(With your duty finished, you begin to leave the White Rabbit's house, but stop when the ground shakes.)
White Rabbit: Eeeek, help me!
(The White Rabbit races past you while screaming.)
White Rabbit: Help! A monster!
(You head back to the house to find Alice, who has grown to enormous sizes and destroyed the house in the process. A swarm of Heartless begin to appear around her.)
Alice: This is awful, what am I to do?
  Well, I'm sure you'll get rid of them for me.
(You prepare to fight the Heartless.)
Alice: Thank you so much.


STORY 14-3

Defeat the Heartless.
Reward: Potion x 5, Ether x 5, R+ Fairy Godmother x 1

Alice has grown too big, and she can't get out of the house.
Let's get rid of the swarm of Heartless surrounding her.

(You defeat the Heartless surrounding Alice.) 
Alice: Thank you. You saved me.
(Alice realizes she's stuck inside the house.)
Alice: I can't move like this. What should I do?
(You notice some vegetables in the garden.)
Alice: Ah, that garden.
  Perhaps I could shrink back down if I ate something.
  Excuse me.
  Do you think you could to go that garden and pick a vegetable for me?


STORY 14-4

Pick up the vegetable in the garden for Alice.
Reward: Ripe Kupo Fruit x 2, SR+ Moogle x 1, SR+ Alice x 1

Let's pick a vegetable from the garden so that Alice can return to her original size.

(You give Alice the vegetable from the garden, and she eats it to quickly shrinks back down. The White Rabbit realizes just how late he has become.) 
White Rabbit: Oh, I'm late, I'm late!
  I'm very, very late!
  I must dash!
(He runs off. Alice, who has shrunken down past her original size, crawls out of the house and chases after the rabbit.)
Alice: Wait, wait, please Mr Rabbit!
(Chirithy appears after they've both left.) 
Chirithy: Wow. This world is just one strange thing after another, isn't it?


STORY 15-1

Talk to Cheshire Cat at Peculiar Crossroads.
Reward: 500000 Munny, Raise Ticket x 1, SR+ Moogle x 1

Let's go to the Peculiar Crossroads and ask the Cheshire Cat where Alice is.

Cheshire Cat: Alice went chasing after the White Rabbit.
  Perhaps you'll meet her if you head west~


STORY 15-2

Head to the Tea Party Garden through the left path in the Peculiar Crossroads.
Reward: SR+ Card Medal x 1, Raise Ticket x 2

Maybe Alice was dragged into a chair for a tea party.
Let's go to the Tea Party Garden west of the Peculiar Crossroads and see.

(You discover a bizarre tea party being held by a strange duo.) 
March Hare & Mad Hatter: A very merry unbirthday to you!
(You approach them out of curiosity. They notice your presence and cease all festivities as they storm over to you angrily.) 
Mad Hatter: No no no, we are full up!
March Hare: Full up, full up, there's no chair for you.
Mad Hatter: Dearie me, what a day.
  How could this happen to me, right on my unbirthday, too.
March Hare: Showing up without an invite. Where are your manners?
Mad Hatter: Yes, where are your manners? How very, very rude of you.
(You turn to leave, but they stop you.)
Mad Hatter: Hey hey, why not have some tea before yu go?
  Take a seat.
(They push you into a chair.)
Mad Hatter: Tea~
(They pour you tea before you even answer.)
March Hare: Sugar?
Mad Hatter: Oh yes, I forgot. Sugar is very important.
(The Hatter takes out the sugar bowl and dumps its contents into your cup. He realizes the bowl is now empty and tosses it away.)
Mad Hatter: Oh no, we're nearly out of sugar. We can't have tea like this.
March Hare: Well then, you better go get some sugar.
Mad Hatter: Yes, good. We need two cups of sugar, two cups is fine.
(You agree to get the sugar.)


STORY 15-3

Find 2 Cups of Sugar in Wonderland - 1 at the door in the Tea Party Garden, the other is in front of the White Rabbit’s House. Return to the Mad Hatter.
Reward: Potion x 5, Ether x 5, SR Fairy Godmother x 1

Let's go find the two cups of sugar that the Mad Hatter ordered us to get.

Let's take it to the Mad Hatter in the Tea Party Garden.

Mad Hatter: That sure took a while! The tea was getting cold.


STORY 15-4

Talk to the Mad Hatter. Find Butter and Jam in two treasure chests in Bizarre Room. Return to the Mad Hatter.
Reward: Ripe Kupo Fruit x 2, SR+ Moogle x 1, SR+ Yen Sid x 1

It looks like they need something else before they can start the tea party.
Let's ask the Mad Hatter.

Mad Hatter: Dear me…
  We have no butter or jam. Go prepare some right away!

It seems as though they need butter and jam before they can start the tea party.
Perhaps there's some tucked away in a room somewhere.

You took the butter and jam from a box inside the Bizarre Room.
Let's take it to the Mad Hatter in the Tea Party Garden.

(You return to the garden with butter and jam for the Hatter.) 
Mad Hatter: There we are, everything is finally together.
  Now, let's begin our tea party.
  Hand me a pretty teacup!
(You move to pick up a teacup but the Hare and Hatter push you into a line with them and begin marching around the table while chanting.)
March Hare & Mad Hatter: Hot, hot, it's so hot!
(They push you into a chair and offer you a cup of tea.) 
Mad Hatter: Here's your tea.
March Hare: Yes, yes, here's your tea.
  Please have a cup.
Mad Hatter: By the way, wasn't it some special day today?
(You try to pick up the cup but the Hare takes it away from you. They drink their own cups and laugh)
March Hare: It's our unbirthday today.
  Since it's not our birthdays today~
(They stop laughing.)
Mad Hatter: Oh yes.
  We were in the middle of a party.
  Oh no, we don't have time for this!
March Hare: Come on, down that tea and get out of here, get out of here.
Mad Hatter: Go, go!
(They chase you out of the garden.) 
March Hare & Mad Hatter: A very merry unbirthday to you, to you!
(You let out a sigh. Chirithy appears.)
Chirithy: I'm the one who should be sighing here.
  Your mission is supposed to be to gather light and protect the world, you know?
  You aren't meant to be joining tea parties.
  I know. This world is just one weird thing after another, I get how easy it is to get befuddled.
  But I'd like you to keep your heart clear, and complete your missions.
(You nod in understanding.)
Chirithy: Mm, yeah. I think it'll be okay.
  By the way, have you noticed?
  That Alice girl is actually also an important piece of the light of this world.
  You didn't notice, did you…
(You admit you didn't notice.)
Chirithy: Oh well.
  She is, anyway, so she might end up targeted by the darkness.
  You gotta protect Alice!
  Yeah. First we had better find her.
  Do you have any ideas?
(You explain.)
Chirithy: I see, well the Cheshire Cat did say to ask him if there was anything you wanted to know.
  Maybe you can get another clue from him.


STORY 16-1

Talk to the Cheshire Cat.
Reward: SR+ Moogle x 2, SR+ Alice x 1

You weren't able to ask after Alice at the Tea Party Garden after all.
Let's go and ask the Cheshire Cat once more.

(You ask the Cheshire Cat in the tree in Strange Branch Path.) 
Cheshire Cat: You want to know about Alice, yes?
  How did I know?
  Oh, I am rather more slithy than they.
  Yes yes, you want to know about Alice.
  Alice has gone to meet the Queen.
(The Cheshire Cat pulls a branch and reveals a path to the Queen's castle.)
Cheshire Cat: Take the shortcut, okay?


STORY 16-2

Head to the new map, Hedge Maze. Talk to the Trump Soldier.
Reward: SR+ Card Medal x 1, Potion x 5, Ether x 5

Alice has apparently gone to meet the Queen.
Let's make our way through the hedge maze so we can chase her.

Trump Soldier: Haven't seen you before.
  Turn back now if you know what's good for you.


STORY 16-3

Talk to the Card Soldier at Hedge Maze. Find Red Paint somewhere in the Hedge Maze (first map, dead end on first right). Head back to the Card Soldier.
Reward: 500000 Munny, 2 x Raise Ticket, 2 x SR+ Moogle

Let's go hear what the Card Soldier in the Hedge Maze has to say.

Trump Soldier: Someone went and planted white roses in the hedge maze up ahead. The Queen hates those so much.
  I have to hurry and paint them red, but…
  I've gone and left the red paint somewhere in the hedge maze.
  Hey, you. If you find a tin with red paint in it, bring it here.

Let's go find the red paint that the Card Soldier left somewhere in the Hedge Maze.

You found the red paint in the Hedge Maze.
Let's go give it to the Card Soldier.

Trump Soldier: Th-this is terrible!
  There's a red rose monster raging about up ahead!
  You have to do something!


STORY 16-4

Defeat all Passion Roses in the next three maps.
Reward: 1 x SR+ Card Medal, 2 x Raise Ticket, 5 x Potion

Let's get rid of all the Passion Rose Heartless that have appeared in the Hedge Maze!

(You defeat the Passion Roses and return to the Card Soldiers. Noises sound in the distance.)
Trump Soldier: Oh no, her Majesty the Queen is here!
(You run in the direction of the noise to find a courtroom, with Alice on trial.) 
White Rabbit: In this here world ruled by our most beloved Queen, the defendant Alice has rampaged most unreservedly, causing her Majesty the Queen much inconvenience, much vexation...
Queen of Hearts: UGHHHHHHH Skip that part.
  Hurry up and read the part about me being angry!
White Rabbit: And has therefore made the Queen angry.
Queen of Hearts: Now then, shall we deliver your sentence?
  How about that?
Alice: Who ever heard of a trial with such quick sentencing!
Queen of Hearts: Every single thing here is--
Alice: Is decided by you, right, your Majesty?
Queen of Hearts: Yes, that's right.
Alice: Then let me ask.
  What in heaven's name are you even saying I did?
Queen of Hearts: Read her the charges.
White Rabbit: The defendant Alice picked the lock on the Doorknob, and entered this world illegally.
Alice: I have done no such thing.
Queen of Hearts: If that's so, then how? Are you going to tell me you came through that little door?
Alice: Well, there was some medicine in a bottle that made me smaller…
Queen of Hearts: Did you think you'd get away with such a baldfaced lie?
Alice: It's the truth!
(Alice turns to you for aid.)
Alice: Hey, you believe me, don't you?
  I'm sure you got through the door that way too.
  Please bring her some evidence!
Queen of Hearts: Ho. If you're that serious, then I'll allow it.
  Bring the evidence!
Alice: Hurry, before she changes her mind.
  I'm counting on you.

STORY 17-1

Alice's "crime" in this game is opening the doorknob and going through it. Find evidence of Alice's innocence to exonerate her (blue bottle on the floor in the Bizarre Room). Head back to Alice.
Reward: 500000 Munny, 5 x Ether, 1 x SR Fairy Godmother

Alice has been accused of the crime of illegally entering this world by picking the lock on the Doorknob in the Bizarre Room. Let's go look for evidence to prove her innocence!

Lets bring the bottle of body shrinking medicine you found in the Bizarre Room to the Queen of Heart's castle and save Alice!

(Note: When you return to Alice, you will be very small. This is not a glitch.)

Alice: See, look! 
  If you drink what is in this bottle, you can shrink to that size!


STORY 17-2

Talk to the White Rabbit. Alice's next crime is planting white roses in the Queen's garden. Find and defeat Calmness Rose (third hedge maze map). Head back to Alice.
Reward: 2 x Ripe Kupo Fruit, 1 x SR+ Moogle, 1 x SR+ Yen Sid

Has this cleared up the doubt surrounding Alice? Let's listen to the White Rabbit, who is reading her charges.

White Rabbit: Now to the next offense!
  The defendant Alice…
  Planted white roses in the garden of our Majesty the Queen,of all things!

Alice has been pinned as the criminal who planted the white roses in the Queen's garden.
In order to prove her innocence, first let's go find the white roses.

You defeated the Calmness Rose Heartless in the Hedge Maze.
Let's report back to the courthouse that there aren't any white roses after all.

Alice: See, they're saying there were no white roses blooming anywhere!


STORY 17-3

Talk to the White Rabbit. Alice's third crime is summoning monsters to Wonderland. Find a witness to help prove her innocence (Cheshire Cat in the Strange Branch Path)
Reward: 1 x SR+ White Rabbit (Assist), 2 x SR+ Moogle, 3 x Raise Ticket

Has this cleared up the doubt surrounding Alice? Let's listen to the White Rabbit, who is reading her charges.

White Rabbit: Now to the next offense!
  The defendant Alice…
  Is the perpetrator summoning the monsters to this land!

This time, Alice is being doubted as the perpetrator summoning the Heartless to the Queen's garden.
Let's go find and bring back an eye-witness to prove her innocence.

Cheshire Cat: You're looking for a witness to speak for Alice's innocence?
  Leave it to me.
  I'm heading to the Queen's castle, and you had better follow me there post haste.


STORY 17-4

Head back to the Queen of Hearts' Castle. Despite the evidence, the Queen insists on executing Alice. Defeat the Trump Solider Army.
Reward: 10 x Potion, 1 x SR+ Queen of Hearts (Power), 1 x SR+ Alice (Assist)

The Cheshire Cat has said he will testify for Alice's innocence.
Let's return to the Queen of Hearts' castle.

(You return to the courtroom. The Cheshire Cat is nowhere to be seen.) 
Queen of Hearts: So, show me the evidence.
Alice: What's wrong?
  Couldn't you find any evidence?
(You explain.)
Queen of Hearts: Are you in contempt of my court!
(The Cheshire Cat arrives.)
Alice: Okay, Cheshire Cat. Will you testify for me?
Cheshire Cat: I know all there is to know.
  But, I can't disclose all there is to tell.
Alice: What! Please, tell them!
Cheshire Cat: Very well, then.
  The answer is in the dark. The perpetrator is also in the dark.
  The darkness there, the darkness here.
  Those monsters appeared from the darkness.
  Alice has nothing to do with it.
(Cheshire Cat vanishes from the courtroom.)
Queen of Hearts: Humph humph…
  Read the next offense!
White Rabbit: Th-there aren't any more…
Alice: It looks like everything has been cleared up.
  It's all thanks to you. Thank you.
  Now then, your Majesty, please give me my sentence.
Queen of Hearts: Very well.
Alice: That can't be!
Queen of Hearts: Off with her head!
(The Card Soldiers block the courtroom exit. You go to protect Alice.)
Queen of Hearts: What! You dare to defy me too!
(You tell Alice to hide.)
Alice: Hiding is probably the best option.
  I know. Be careful.
(Alice runs away.)
Queen of Hearts: You won't escape me!
  I will have your head!

Let's beat the Card Soldiers that the Queen is sending at us!

(You defeat the Card Soldiers but they keep coming after you. You leave the courtroom and meet up with Alice.)
Alice: Oh, I'm so glad! You're safe.
  I was saved all thanks to you.
  Thank you.
  Even so, I feel sorry for the people of this land.
  They have to deal with such a selfish person as their Queen.
  Now then, I think I'll have a little bit more of a look around this wondrous world.
  It's a little chaotic, but I'll be fine with you here with me.
  Now then, I'll see you later.
(Alice runs off to explore, much to your dismay. Chirithy appears after she leaves.)
Chirithy: Dear me, she's still completely unaware that she's an important being of light, isn't she?
  But, I suppose the way she can push ahead doing as she pleases is her strength.
  Maybe you should try to follow her example.
  It'll all be clear then.
  Well, protecting Alice is also an important mission of yours.
  Guess we'll go along with her will and whimsy for now.
  Willful little Alice calling the Queen selfish…
(Doesn't that remind you of someone?)
Chirithy: What! Willful and selfish, you say?
  And there I was thinking you'd understand.
(Chirithy leaves, disgruntled.)

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