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Beast's Castle


Credit goes to Goldpanner for the translations!


STORY 15-1

Head to a castle cursed by a witch, Beast Castle!
Rewards: 1 x SR FGM, 1 x SR+ Yen Sid, 3 x SR+ Moogle

Let's check out Beast's Castle - a castle under the curse of a witch!

(You arrive at Beast’s Castle.)
Chirithy: What a creepy castle, huh? 
  I know it really feels like anything could jump out, but no being a scaredy-cat now, you hear? You're a Keyblade Wielder, now… 
(A Search Ghost appears behind Chirithy)
Chirithy:  Huh? What?
(It disappears when he turns around, and reappears when he turns back to you)
Chirithy: There's nothing there, though?
(You try to get him to notice but the Search Ghost disappears again)
Chirithy: You saw something?
  Come on! What is it?
(Chirithy turns faster than the Search Ghost anticipates and catches it in the act)
Chirithy: There it is!! 
  ....Wait. Isn't that a Heartless?
(The Search Ghost speeds into the castle)
Chirithy: No time to relax, hurry up and go after it!
(You chase the Heartless into the castle)
Chirithy: Waaait!

STORY 15-2

Heartless have appeared in the castle. Defeat the Heartless in the Entrance Hall!
Rewards: 2 x SR+ Card Medal, 3 x Ripe Kupo Fruit, 3 x Potion

Heartless have appeared in the castle.
Let's get rid of the Heartless in the Entrance Hall!

(You defeat many Heartless in the Entrance Hall but more continue to appear. Beast arrives and destroys them all and notices the Player’s presence. In his blind rage, he captures you and throws you into the dungeon.)
Chirithy: Well, that sucked. 
  He looked scary, but he didn't seem to be a Heartless. 
  That doesn't make us any more welcome, though.
  By the way, do you remember what Lady Ava said?
  Yeah, sadness in the heart leads to darkness... 
  That guy's probably got sadness in his heart.
  In any case, the Heartless are in this world. 
  We can't be sitting around in a place like this. Hurry up and get us out of here!
(You don’t know how to escape)
Chirithy: What's that thing you're holding, again?
(You realize you can use the Keyblade and raise it at the door)
Chirithy: Wait a minute! Someone's coming!
(Chirithy disappears, Belle and the servants enter the dungeon)
Belle:  This is the child.
  I heard from everyone. You were getting rid of the monsters for us, weren't you? 
  I'm so sorry. You shouldn't have been locked up like this.
  I'm Belle, and these are the people who live in this castle.
Cogsworth: I am Cogsworth, the majordomo.
I am Lumiere.
Mrs. Potts:
Potts, and this is my son…
Belle: Oh, so your name is <Player>? <Player>, what brings you here?
(You explain why you came)
Belle: I see, you came to defeat those monsters... 
  And the monsters appeared because they were drawn to the darkness in hearts?
I can't believe this! 
  Darkness in our hearts... Where on earth would you get that idea!?
Where? I think there's a clue quite close by, don't you?
Oh, you're right...
Mrs. Potts: Yes, that could be it. 
  And here I thought Belle had rather changed him...
What, what? I don't get it!
Mrs. Potts:
Don't worry about it, dear.
Belle:  Why… 
  Sadness in the heart leads to darkness… 
  Perhaps something is troubling him.
  I'll talk to him and see what he has to say. Let's go to his room.
  Would you do me a favour and come along?

STORY 15-3

Head to Beast's room. Talk to Belle at the top of the staircase. Defeat all Heartless in the West Hall and report back to Belle.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Belle (Assist), 3 x SR+ Moogle

You are on your way to the room belonging to the head of the castle, the Beast.
Let's go talk to Belle, who is at the stairs.

Belle: If we go west along the hallway we'll find his room, but...
  There are lots of monsters ahead. I'm worried about everyone who headed off for the Beast's room.
  Please, could you go get rid of those monsters for me?

Let's get rid of all the Heartless that have appeared in the West Hall!

You have gotten rid of all the Hook Bats in the West Hall.
Belle is waiting, let's go tell her.
Belle: You got rid of all the monsters? Well then, let's hurry on.

STORY 15-4

Talk to the troubled Cogsworth at the end of the hallway. Defeat all Heartless in the hallway ahead and report back to Cogsworth.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Cogsworth & Lumiere (Assist), 3 x Raise Ticket

Cogsworth is having trouble at the end of the hallway.
Let's go talk to him.

Cogsworth: Monsters like I've never seen appeared in the armour gallery just ahead, and I am at my wit's end.
  Hey, you, could you get rid of them like you did to the ones from before?

Heartless have appeared in the corridor ahead, too. Let's defeat them all so we can continue!

You have defeated all the Gargoyle Knights in the corridor.
Let's report back to Cogsworth.

Cogsworth: Thank you. You got rid of all the monsters for me.
  Now, let's hurry to the master's room.

STORY 15-5

Talk to Cogsworth at the passageway ahead. Find Lumiere who has went ahead to light up the hallway and report back to Cogsworth. (Jump up the platforms on the right side to reach the upper level where Lumiere is)
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Cogsworth & Lumiere (Assist), 3 x Ether

Let's head for the Beast's room.
Cogsworth is waiting for you down the passageway.
Let's hear what he has to say.

Cogsworth: The master's room is down past this corridor, but something's wrong...
  That Lumiere went to light the lamps, but he hasn't returned.
  Lumiere is in the corridor ahead, could you go see how he is?

It seems as though Lumiere, who went to light the lamps in the corridor ahead, hasn't returned.
Let's go look for him.

You saved Lumiere from the attacking Heartless.
Let's report back to Cogsworth.

Cogsworth: Thank you for saving Lumiere.
  The way has been lit, too, so let's go to the master's room.

STORY 15-6

Head to Beast's room.
Rewards: 1 x Divine Rose, 3 x Ripe Kupo Fruit, 3 x Potion

Let's head to the room of the master of the castle, the Beast.

Belle: Wait, calm down!
  What happened...
Beast: My rose was in danger of being stolen. It was those monsters' doing.
Belle: It's very precious to you, isn't it.
Beast: You came to steal it too, didn't you!
Belle: No, I didn't!
  <Player> came here to destroy the monsters for us. You should work with them!
Beast: But I must protect my rose.
Belle: Are you happy to let the monsters do whatever they like, then?
  Let's go.
Beast: Wait!
  I was wrong. 
  I want to protect that which is most precious to me.
Belle: You...
Lumiere: I don't know how much use I may be, but I will do my best to help! 
  Brawling is not quite my specialty, but if I don't take a stand here, then I can't call myself a man.
Chip: I'll give it my all, too!
Mrs. Potts: Now, now, child, you don't even know what to do.
  Please allow me to help.
Wardrobe: My time has come. I'm all tizzy!
Beast: Everyone... 
  Let's drive out those monsters!

STORY 16-1

Talk to Beast in the Entrance Hall. Defeat all Heartless in the Entrance Hall and report back to Beast.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Beast (Power), 1 x SR FGM

Let's go talk to the Beast in the Entrance Hall.

Beast: When did these things even…
Get them out of my sight!
  I'd like you to help me exterminate these roving, twitching creatures.

Let's work with the Beast to get rid of the Heartless in the Entrance Hall!

You got rid of all the Minute Bombs in the Entrance Hall.
Let's report to the Beast.

Beast: Those little ones were giving me trouble. Thank you.
  I'll finish the rounds. Go help Belle and my servants.

STORY 16-2

Talk to Lumiere in the Entrance Hall. Defeat all the Heartless outside and talk to Lumiere.
Rewards: 1 x Cogsworth & Lumiere (Assist), 3 x Ripe Kupo Fruit

It seems as though Lumiere, who is at the entryway to the Entrance Hall, is having trouble.
Let's go talk to him.

Lumiere: I have to close the castle gates, but there are so many monsters outside, too!
  I'm sorry, but could you go get rid of the monsters outside for me?

Lumiere is having trouble locking the castle gates with Heartless in the way.
Let's get rid of all the Heartless outside!

You got rid of all the Gargoyles that were in Lumiere's way.
Let's report to Lumiere, who is by the castle gates.

Lumiere: Thank you. I couldn't have closed the gates without you.
  Now the monsters won't be able to come in from outside the castle.

STORY 16-3

Find Belle at the East Wing. Defeat the Heartless ahead and report back to Belle.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Belle (Assist), 3 x SR+ Moogle

How is Belle getting along?
Let's go to the East Wing, which is beyond the Entrance Hall, and see.

Belle: There are so many monsters ahead that we can't get back to my room.
  Would you chase them away for me?

Belle and the Wardrobe are are in the hallway, and thanks to the Heartless that have appeared there they are unable to return to Belle's room. Let's get rid of all the Heartless in the hallway ahead!

You got rid of all the Search Ghosts in the East Wing.
Let's go report to Belle and set her mind at ease.

Belle: Thank you. Now I can return to my room.

STORY 16-4

Have Belle and Wardrobe returned safely? Visit Belle's room to make sure.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ ULT Attack Moogle, 3 x Raise Ticket

Did Belle and the Wardrobe make it back to their room safely?
Let's visit Belle's room and see!

Wardrobe: Belle is resting in her room.
  ...But something's off. The door's been locked from the inside. Perhaps she's really that tired...

STORY 16-5

Talk to Wardrobe in front of Belle's Room.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Furniture (Assist), 3 x SR+ Moogle

Let's talk to the Wardrobe in front of Belle's room.

Wardrobe: You haven't happened to have seen Mrs. Potts and Chip, have you?
  I thought perhaps Belle would like a spot of tea, but I haven't seen them about.
  If you do see them, would you let them know?

The Wardrobe is looking for Mrs. Potts.
Let's go get Mrs. Potts for her.

Mrs. Potts: My goodness, is it tea time already? Sakes alive, I'd better get things ready!
  But, I haven't seen Chip in a while.


Where could that child have gotten off to now... Would you kindly go find him for me?

STORY 16-6

Find Chip in the hidden passageway on the left at the end of the first West Hall map.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Furniture (Assist), 1 x SR Fairy Godmother, 3 x Ripe Kupo Fruit

Mrs. Potts' son, Chip, seems to have gone off somewhere.
Let's go find him for her.

Chip: Hi. I saw a kid I'd never seen before, so I chased after them.
  Momma's looking for me? Oh no, she's gonna be boiling mad!

STORY 16-7

Click on the Belle's door. Something is happening inside, go take a look. Defeat Noisy Wardrobe (~720K HP). Talk to Belle.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Belle (Assist), 1 x SR+ Yen Sid, 3 x Potion

You found Mrs. Potts and Chip safe and sound.
Let's return to the Wardrobe, who is waiting in front of Belle's door.

Belle: Somebody… Somebody, please come!

Something is happening in Belle's room.
Let's go inside and see.

You got rid of the Noisy Wardrobe Heartless that were attacking Belle.
Let's set her at ease.

Belle: Thank you for helping me.

STORY 16-8

Talk to Cogsworth. Find his lost parts throughout the castle. 1 in each East Wing map, top and bottom of Entrance Hall stairs, 1 in the first West Hall map, 1 in the Dungeon.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Furniture (Assist), 3 x Raise Ticket, 3 x Potion

It seems as though Cogsworth is having trouble.
Let's go talk to him.

Cogsworth: I was chased all about by monsters on my way here… 
  It looks like I've dropped a few of my parts. My pendulum feels rather out of sorts.
  I tried to look for them myself, but there are seven I still haven't found. Could you help me look?

Apparently Cogsworth was chased by Heartless and dropped some of his parts.
Let's gather the remaining seven parts.

You have gathered the seven parts that Cogsworth dropped inside the castle.
Let's take them to him.

Cogsworth: And that's all of them.
  My pendulum is back on the beat, too. Thank you so much.
  Oh, that's right! I have a message for you, from the master.
  He wants you to come to the Entrance Hall.

STORY 16-9

Talk to Beast at the Entrance Hall. Defeat all enemies on both library floors and talk to Beast.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Beast, 3 x Ether, 5 x Potion

The Beast is waiting by the stairs in the Entrance Hall.
Let's go hear what he has to say.

Beast: Through this door is my library. It's full of monsters, too.
  Would you help me exterminate them?

Let's get rid of all the Heartless that appeared in the Castle Library.

You got rid of all the Heartless that had appeared in the library.
Let's report to the Beast.

Beast: The monsters seem to be gone. Thank you.

STORY 16-10

Talk to Beast. Clean the spiderwebs, 7 on the first floor, 8 on the second.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Beast (Power), 3 x Ripe Kupo Fruit, 5 x Potion

It seems like the Beast has something else he wants from you.
Let's see what he has to say.

Beast: Now that I'm looking at it, this place is covered in cobwebs...
  I'm sorry, but could I ask you to help me clear away these cobweb, too?

The monsters are gone, but the library is full of cobwebs.
Let's give the first and second floors a big clean.

You cleared away all the cobwebs in the library.
Let's report to the Beast.

Beast: It's much cleaner now. Thank you.
  Please don't let Belle find out about this room. And...


Later, I'd like you to bring her to my room.

STORY 17-1

Head to Beast's Room.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Beast (Power), 3 x Raise Ticket

Let's go to the Beast's room.

Belle: Welcome back.
  It's all thanks to <Player>. Thank you.
Beast: Let me give you my thanks, too.
  <Player>, thank you.
  And, Belle, without those words from you, my heart would have stayed closed, and I believe I would have fallen to the darkness.
  You are the light that lights up my heart, Belle.
  You are my most treasured person.
Belle:  No. Your heart is very strong, and moreover, very kind. I can't imagine it would fall to the darkness.
Beast: Oh, before I forget. Let me show you my gratitude.
(The scene blacks out.)
Belle: Now can I open them?
Beast: All right. Now.
(Belle opens her eyes to find herself in the library)
Belle: I can't believe it. 
  I've never seen so many books in all my life!
Beast: You--you like it?
Belle: It's wonderful.
Beast: Then it's yours.
Belle: Oh, thank you so much.
(Player and the servants are watching outside through the crack in the doorway.)
Mrs. Potts: Oh, would you look at that?
Lumiere: Ha ha! I knew it would work.
Chip: What? What works?
Cogsworth: Heh heh heh... It's very encouraging.
Chip: I didn't see anything.
Mrs. Potts: Come along, Chip. 
(Belle and Beast have their dance in the ballroom. Player leaves after watching for a while, and meets Chirithy on the bridge.)
Chirithy: The problems of this world have been solved, haven't they?
  It all felt pretty simple, but that's nice once in a while.
(Suddenly, the castle door opens and Belle walks out.)
Chirithy:  Ack!
(Chirithy jumps out of sight. Belle walks swiftly past Player without a word. Chirithy pops back in.)
Chirithy:  Did something happen?
  Let's go after her!

STORY 17-2

Chase after Belle. Rescue Belle and Maurice from the Heartless.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Belle (Assist), 3 x Ripe Kupo Fruit, 3 x Potion

Belle rushed out of the castle into a blizzard! Let's go after her!

Belle: I'm fine. 
  He let me out so I could go help my father. He was lost, and monsters attacked…
  I thought you and the others had defeated all the monsters…
  Oh no, I wonder if the beast is alright?
  I have to take my father home. 
  Please go see how the beast is doing.

STORY 17-3

Click on the door of Beast's Room.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Beast (Power), 3 x SR+ Moogle

How is the Beast?
Let's visit his room and see.

Beast: This was the only way...

STORY 21-4

Defeat the Invisible at the Castle Gate, then talk to Chirithy.
Rewards: 3 x Rare Kupo Nut, 3 x SR+ Moogle, 3 x Potion

Belle has left the castle, and the inhabitants of Beast's Castle are grieving. Let's go see Chirithy, who is outside the castle.

You defeated the Invisible that had appeared at the Castle Gates again. Let's go talk to Chirithy, who was hiding.

Chirithy: So Heartless that strong are still appearing here.
  Maybe there's someone else with a whole lotta darkness in their heart getting close to the castle.
  I thought everything'd been wrapped up here, but it looks like I was wrong…
(You see Gaston, bathed in a dark aura, approaches the castle with a huge swarm of Heartless. You head to Beast's room with Mrs. Potts to find him staring sadly at the enchanted rose.)
Mrs. Potts: Excuse me, Master.
Beast: Leave me alone.
Mrs. Potts: But, the monsters have come back.
Beast: I don't care anymore.
(Mrs. Potts turns to you.)
Mrs. Potts: Let's fight together!
(You leave Beast and go to defend the castle.)

STORY 21-5

Talk to Cogsworth on the stairs in the Entrance Hall.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Cogsworth & Lumiere, 1 x SR Fairy Godmother, 3 x Rare Kupo Nut

A new crisis is about to hit Beast's Castle. Let's meet back up with the servants in the Entrance Hall.


A whole swarm of those things has come! We have to protect the castle together.


Would you come with me to check how things are in the Ballroom?

STORY 21-6

Defeat the Heartless in the ballroom (10 Soldier). Talk to Cogsworth near the ballroom entrance.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Cogsworth & Lumiere, 1 x SR+ Yen Sid, 3 x Potion

Let's go along with Cogsworth to see how things are at the Ballroom.

You defeated the group of Soldiers that had invaded the Ballroom. Let's report to Cogsworth.


There's a huge swarm of them at the Entrance Hall, too! We have to go help the others!

STORY 21-7

Defeat the Heartless in the Entrance Hall (6 Large Body, 8 Rush Dog). Talk to Mrs. Potts.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ The Beast's Enchanted Servants, 3 x Raise Ticket, 3 x Potion

It seems as though many Heartless have appeared at the Entrance Hall, too. Let's hurry to the Entrance Hall and defeat every last one of them!

You defeated all the Heartless that had appeared at the Entrance Hall. Let's go set Mrs. Potts' mind at ease.

Mrs. Potts:

There are still so many monsters outside the castle, though. We have to get rid of those, too.

STORY 21-8

Defeat the Heartless outside the castle (8 Air Soldier)
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Beast, 3 x Ether, 5 x Potion

New Heartless are approaching the castle outside! Let's defeat them all, so they don't get into the castle!

(You defeat all the Heartless. Chirithy appears.)
Chirithy: Look!
(You look up to see Gaston and Beast fighting on the rooftops. You want to help Beast but Chirithy stops you.)
Chirithy: You wouldn't make a difference even if you went…
  His heart has sunken into sadness.
  The only one who could shine light on his heart is…
(Chirithy turns towards the castle gate.)
Chirithy: It looks like she's here.
(Chirithy disappears. Belle returns to the castle with Maurice. You watch as Gaston attacks Beast, who isn't fighting back.)

No! Gaston, don't!

(Gaston's dark aura grows stronger. He summons a giant Heartless to attack you. You tell Belle and Maurice to go on ahead while you take care of the enemy.)

STORY 21-9

Defeat the Malicious Reindeer
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Belle & The Beast's Enchanted Servants, 1 x SR+ Beast, 10 x Potion

Let's defeat the huge Heartless drawn here by the darkness in Gaston's heart!

(You defeat the Malicious Reindeer. Chirithy appears.)
Chirithy: The deeper the darkness in the heart, the stronger the Heartless that are born.
(You run into the castle to help Beast. Gaston searches for him among the gargoyles on the rooftops.)
  Were you in love with her, beast?
  Did you honestly think she'd want you when she had someone like me?
(Beast attacks Gaston from behind. He is able to fight back but is pushed to the edge.)
Gaston: It's over, beast!
  Belle is mine!
(Beast strikes Gaston as he least expects it and turns the battle around. He holds Gaston over the edge, threatening to drop him.)
Gaston: Put me down.  Put me down.
  Please, don't hurt me!
  I'll do anything! Anything!
(Beast lets Gaston down.)
Beast: Get out.
(Belle gets to the upper balcony and calls out to Beast.)
Belle: Beast!
(Beast hears her call, in disbelief.)
Beast: Belle!
(Belle reaches her hand out to Beast. He climbs up to her.)
Beast: You came back!
(The two share a tender moment, but Gaston stabs Beast as his back is turned. Beast flails from the pain, causing Gaston to stumble back and fall to his death. Belle pulls Beast up on the balcony. You and the servants catch up and gather around.)
Beast: You came back.

Of course I came back. I couldn't let them…

  Oh this is all my fault.
  If only I'd gotten here sooner.
Beast: Maybe it's better this way.
Belle: Don't talk like that.
  You'll be all right.
  We're together now. Everything's going to be fine.  You'll see.
Beast: At least I got to see you one…
  Last… time.
(Beast stops moving.)

No, no! Please! 

  Please don't leave me.
  I love you.
(You and the servants watch as the last petals of the rose falls. Suddenly shards of light rain down from the sky. Beast begins to glow and is transformed back into a human. He turns to Belle.)
Prince: Belle, it's me.
(Belle approaches him slowly and looks at him.)
Belle: It is you!
(Belle and the prince kiss. Later, they dance in the ballroom. You watch from the upper levels and Chirithy appears.)
Chirithy: I'm sure you realised it already...
(You nod.)
Chirithy: She's the Light of this world.


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