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Main Story: Arc 2: Meeting Ephemera ~ Unchained

Credit goes to goldpanner for the translations!

[Arc 1: Introduction ~ The Dream Chirithy Showed]
[Arc 2: Meeting Ephemer ~ Unchained]
[Arc 3: An Encounter with Skuld ~ Seeds of Hope]
[Arc 4: End of the World ~ Luxu's Goal]
[Arc 5: Wasteland Battleground ~ Finale]


STORY 12-1

Talk to Moogle in Moogle Shop, Daybreak Town. Head to Seaside Park.
Reward: 250 Moogle Points | SR+ Card Medal x 1

It seems as though the Moogle has something to tell you.
Let's go to the Moogle's shop and see.

Moogle: Please listen, kupo!
  There was a super tough looking monster in Seaside Park, kupo!
  With that thing there, my customers will stop coming, kupo!
  If my shop gets ruined, then you'll be in a jam too, my favourite customer, kupo?
  That's exactly why you need to go see what's going on, kupo!

It seems the Moogle has seen a strong-looking Heartless in Seaside Park.
Let's go check it out.

(You arrive at Seaside Park to find a kid with silver hair fighting an Invisible. He manages to defeat it but collapses. You help him up.) 
Ephemera: I'm okay.
  Thank you.
  I guess it was a little silly of me to take that thing on by myself.
  I'm Ephemera of -rival Union-.
  Who are you?
Player: <Player> of <Union>.
Ephemera: I see, so we're rivals.
  But today I'm doing my own thing outside of missions, so don't be too guarded.
  Hmm… Maybe this was somehow fated, too.
  How about I tell you, as thanks for saving me?
  The Lux that we are recovering is not the light of the worlds from the fairy tale.
  Those worlds are an illusion, like a three-dimensional projection.
  What we've been recovering is actually the light of this world.
(You think to yourself, not really following the onslaught of information being given to you. Ephemera becomes slightly annoyed. He tries again to explain it.)
Ephemera: Mm…
  Strictly speaking, the world we are on now is joined physically to countless existing worlds.
  But, it's impossible to go to all those worlds to recover Lux.
  So, we make worlds that never were appear here in this place.
  This set up is how we can actually recover the Lux of far-off places.
  Oh, and! I tried investigating how the system works.
  And, I'm pretty sure that the source of those illusory worlds are the Tomes of Prophecy that the Foreteller of each Union holds.
(You still struggle to understand what Ephemera is saying. He gives up on the details.)
  I don't think you quite grasp how important this is.
  Oh well, in any case, we have actually been recovering the light of this vast World from such a narrow space.
  For some reason, we've fighting to snatch it from each other without once questioning why.
  That's why I was looking for the reason, but.
  It seems like the five Unions each have different goals.
(You think back to the dream you had of the Foretellers meeting with the Black Coat.)
Ephemera: What's wrong?
(You explain what you dreamt of.)
Ephemera: That's extremely interesting…
  What do you think? Shall we do a little investigating together?
(You nod in agreement.)
Ephemera: All right, well, let's try visiting the place from your dream.
(You and Ephemera run off to investigate. Your Chirithy appears and watches you leave, and speaks out.)
Chirithy: Did you put him up to this?
(A Chirithy with dark fur appears.)
Chirithy B: Did I?
(Your Chirithy turns and approaches the other Chirithy.)
Chirithy: You've changed colour since I saw you last.
Chirithy B: Oh, so you noticed.
  What will you do?
  They're getting closer to the truth. Are you okay with that?
(Your Chirithy turns back around, watching you and Ephemera. The two of you head back into town.)
Ephemera: Do you have any idea where the room you saw in your dream could be?
(You explain and look up at the tower where the dream took place.)
Ephemera: I've tried to investigate this tower many times, but I've never been able to get in.
  Let's split up for a bit and see if we can find a place to sneak in, okay?
(The two of you run off to search for clues.)

STORY 12-2

Talk to Moogle in Moogle Shop. Head to 2nd District, down to the waterway at the lower right and click on the blue spot to reveal the water passageway.
Reward: 250 Moogle Points | SR+ Card Medal x 1

There must be someone around here who knows how to get into the tower.
While we have the chance, let's go tell the Moogle that the monster is gone from Seaside Park.

Moogle: I'm so glad that the monster is gone from Seaside Park, kupo!
  Huh? A way into the tower? You're stuck cause there's no entrance, kupo?
  Hmm, well, the waterways go under the tower, too, so if you follow the town waterway you might find some kind of clue, kupo.

The waterway might connect to the tower.
Let's look for the switch that controls the water somewhere in the waterway.

You found the waterway switch.
Let's try pushing it.

STORY 12-3

Head into the newly revealed passageway. Go all the way right and talk to Ephemera.
Reward: 500 Moogle Points | SR+ Card Medal x 2

You pressed the switch and drained the water from the Waterway.
Let's explore the Waterway Underground.

(You and Ephemera head into the waterway.)
Ephemera: You've certainly been keeping tabs here.
  It looks like this is the only place that connects to the outside, other than the front of the building.
  But, it looks like there are Heartless here too, so be careful.
  Let's make our way through the Waterway Underground to the tower.

Let's make our way through the Waterway Underground to the tower.

Ephemera: It's too dark up ahead…
  It looks like it's impossible to keep going. Let's stop here for today.
  I'll think of something.

STORY 13-1

Meet Ephemera at Fountain Plaza.  Talk to Moogle in the shop.
Reward: 250 Mog Medals | SR+ Medal x 1

Did Ephemera find some way to keep going through the dark Waterway Underground?
Let's find Ephemera wherever he is in Daybreak Town and ask him about it.

Ephemera: Hey, sorry to keep you waiting.
  I thought we could light up the Waterway Underground.
  I wanted to borrow candles from this shop, but they refused…
  Do you think you could ask, too?

Let's try asking the Moogle to lend us some candles to light up the Waterway Underground.

Moogle: Huh? My favourite customer wants to borrow candles too, kupo?
  Hmm, well my favourite customer here sure has helped me out a bunch…
  Guess I gotta. I'll lend you some, kupo.

STORY 13-2

Return to Ephemera. Talk to him once again.
Reward: 250 Mog Medals | SR+ Medal x 1

You borrowed candles from the Moogle.
Let's report to Ephemera.

Ephemera: Thanks, you're a great help!
  Leave the candles to me.

When you're ready, let's talk to Ephemera.

Ephemera: Okay, I'll go on ahead and put up the candles in the Waterway Underground.
  Meet me there when you're ready.

STORY 13-3

Meet Ephemera in the underground waterways. Defeat all of the Rainy Loudness in the next area. Return to Ephemera.
Reward: 250 Mog Medals | SR+ Medal x 1

Let's join up with Ephemera in the Waterway Underground.

Ephemera: Hey, you made it.
  I think this much light is enough to let us keep going.
  But, we are relying on these lights. We can't let the Heartless put them out.
  I'll protect the light here, so please take care of the Heartless up ahead!

Let's defeat all the Heartless up ahead!

You defeated all the Heartless.
Let's report to Ephemera.

Ephemera: Thanks.
  The light is safe.
  Okay, let's keep going. 


STORY 13-4

Continue to the next area. Defeat the Invisible.
Reward: 500 Mog Medals | Moogle SR+ x 5 | SR+ Medal x 2

Let's continue deeper into the Waterway towards the Clocktower.

(You struggle to fight an Invisible and are pushed back. Ephemera moves forward to deliver the final blow.)
Ephemera: I think this repays what you did for me, don't you?
(A loud noise sounds and the ground shakes. You look further down in the waterway and discover that a large gear has fallen, creating a road block. You try to investigate and push forward but Ephemera stops you.)
Ephemera: Hang on.
  Let's stop here for today.
  We took too long.
  Even if we sneak in now,it'll probably still take some time to search the room.
  If we are away from our Union missions for long they'll definitely suspect us.
  We've secured a way to infiltrate the tower now, so why don't we rendezvous and check it out the next chance we get?
(You don't really want to stop, but agree with Ephemera that it's the best course of action for now.)
Ephemera: Good. Well, our friendship transcends Unions.
  Let's meet up at the plaza tomorrow afternoon!
(You and Ephemera leave the waterways. You return to your residence that night with Chirithy.)
Chirithy: What's up?
  Look at that grin, did something nice happen?
(You explain what happened.)
Chirithy: I see. You've made a friend.
  I don't have any, so I wouldn't know whether it's really that nice or not.
(You explain the two of you are friends.)
Chirithy: Huh? You are?
  I see, friends huh......
(Later, Ephemera returns to the waterways alone.)
Ephemera: I'm sorry… <Player>…
(Ephemera proceeds into the waterways. The next day, you go to the Fountain Plaza to meet Ephemera like you promised. Days turn into nights, but he never shows up. Eventually Chirithy comes to get you.)
Chirithy: What's wrong? You didn't go on your mission today, or yesterday either…
  Let's just go home, we'll call it a day.
(You stay silent and unmoving.)
Chirithy: ......
  I'm sure something came up.
(You get up and approach Chirithy.)
Chirithy: The only time a friend is unable to keep a promise is when something super serious has happened.
  I know you're worried, but you just have to believe.
  If you're sad, I'll be sad too.
  Well now, I'm your friend too, right?
(Having cheered up, you lift Chirithy and swing him upwards. His cape flows upward to reveal a Spirit Dream Eater emblem on his back.)
Chirithy: Aww.


STORY 14-1

Head to Daybreak Town, Fountain Plaza.
Rewards1 x SR FGM, 1 x SR+ Yen Sid, 3 x SR+ Moogle

Let's go check out the Fountain Plaza in Daybreak Town.

(Ephemera and the Vulpes Foreteller are sitting at the Fountain Plaza together.)
Ephemera: Oh? You seem a little quiet today.
(Vulpes remains silent.)
Ephemera: So even Foretellers aren't above feeling a little worry sometimes.
  Hey, would you tell me the secret of the Tome of Prophecy?
Vulpes: Absolutely not.
Ephemera: Awwww.
(Vulpes smiles at Ephemera's ploy.)
Vulpes: Are you mocking me, just because I'm the easiest Foreteller to speak to?
Ephemera: No, no, I would never.
Vulpes: Well, whatever.
  But, it's not a bad way of thinking—making friends with people who aren't tied to the Union, like you.
(They smile and contemplate. After a pause, Ephemera speaks up.)
Ephemera: Today I made a friend from another Union.
  They're a strange one, though. Don't say much.
  We promised we'd meet again tomorrow.
Vulpes: A promise to a friend, huh…
  Well then, you'd better hurry back and get some rest.
(Ephemera leaps off the fountain and nods in agreement.)
Ephemera: Okay.
  All right then, I'll take my leave.
  I don't know much about what's going on, but please keep your spirits up, okay?
(Ephemera smiles and leaves. Vulpes turns to watch him go.)
Vulpes: Thank you.
  If the worst happens, I'll leave it to the children who aren't tied to a Union, like you.
(Dandelion seeds float by in the wind, catching Vulpes's attention.)
Vulpes: Ride the wind, and fly somewhere far away…

A Dream of a Friend

(You're waiting at the Fountain Plaza, when all of a sudden Ephemera rushes over.) 
Ephemera: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
  I know, I'm so, so sorry.
  I just absolutely couldn't make it. Something came up…
  Well then, how about we go together now?
(You return with Ephemera to the waterways, right where you left off.)
Ephemera: It's just ahead. Are you ready?
(Ephemera stops. He takes a look at you and smiles.)
Ephemera: Yeah, I thought as much. It's still a little too soon for you.
  I'll be waiting, <Player>.
(Ephemera fades away in a burst of dandelion seeds. You wake up from the dream.) 
Chirithy: Did you have another dream?
  You dreamed about your friend, then.
  Huh? Search the tower for your friend?
  No, you can't do that...
(You argue with Chirithy.)
Chirithy: Well…
  That place is the domain of the Foretellers alone, and besides, it's really bad timing right now...
  I can't really say much, but the truth is, there's been some trouble recently between the Foretellers that are the Masters of each Union…
  I don't think it's a good idea to go near them any more than you have to right now...

Searching for a Friend

(You look up at the clock tower. Chirithy comes over hurriedly.
Chirithy: I thought I told you, you can't do this...
(You ignore him and wander around searching for clues.)
Chirithy: You aren't listening at all, are you...
(You run off into the night, leaving Chirithy behind.)
Chirithy: Hey! Where are you going!?


STORY 14-2

Search for clues of Ephemera around Clock Tower Outskirts. Talk to any of the NPCs.
Rewards1 x SR+ Card Medal, 2 x Raise Ticket, 5 x Potion

Let's search the Clocktower Outskirts for Ephemera's trail.

Keyblade Wielder: I keep seeing people gathering for some reason in the Fountain Plaza recently.
  I don't know what they're doing, though...


STORY 14-3

Head to Fountain Plaza. Talk to the NPCs.
Rewards500000 Munny, 5 x Ether, 3 x Ripe Kupo Fruit

Let's continue gathering information around the Fountain Plaza.

Keyblade Wielder A: I heard a rumour that one of the Foretellers is gathering elite Keyblade Wielders without any connection to the Unions.
Keyblade Wielder B: The Foreteller was wearing a fox mask, so it must have been Lady Ava, I guess?
  I see her around the Fountain Plaza all the time, recently.
Keyblade Wielder C: Ephemera's that silver haired boy, right? I did see him talking to Lady Ava.
  I have this friend who knows Lady Ava pretty well, but…
  They're out of town on a mission right now. You should ask them when they come back.


STORY 14-4

Go talk to the Moogle in the Moogle Shop.
Rewards: 2 x Raise Ticket, 3 x Ether, 3 x SR+ Moogle

Perhaps the Moogle knows something. Let's ask.

Moogle: While you're waiting for whoever, I have a job for you, kupo!
  I've been asking a Keyblade Wielder boy to do things for me, but he hasn't come back, kupo!
  If you see him, please tell him Mog's waiting, kupo! He's dressed like a rabbit, kupo~

Let's find the Keyblade Wielder dressed like a rabbit and give him the Moogle's message.
(He can be found in the Warehouse, Central Marketplace)

Keyblade Wielder: Hi there. We meet again.
  The shop Moogle asked me to fetch these wares, but I forgot all about it.
  The Moogle is looking for me? Oh no, I've gotta hurry and get these over!
  Thank you for letting me know!

STORY 14-5

Return to Moogle's Shop and talk to him.
Rewards: 2 x SR+ Card Medal, 3 x Ripu Kupo Fruit, 5 x Potion

Let's return to the shop and speak to the Moogle.

Moogle: Thank you for your trouble, kupo!
  You're looking for a Keyblade Wielder back in town from a mission, kupo?
  In that case, you should go check the Seaside Park, kupo. Loads of kids go there once they're back, kupo!

Let's search the Seaside Park for the Keyblade Wielder who knows where the Foreteller is!

You helped the Keyblade Wielder who was being attacked by Heartless in the Seaside Park. Let's ask them without delay.
(He can be found at the lighthouse)

Keyblade Wielder: What are creatures like that doing in this town, of all places… Thank you for helping me!
  You're searching for the Foreteller?
  If it's Lady Ava you're after, I saw her going to the tower.
  ...I've never seen the entrance to that tower, but they have to get in somehow, right?

STORY 14-6

Head to the very end of the Underground Waterway. Confront Master Ava.
Rewards: 1 x SR+ Yen Sid, 1 x SR Fairy Godmother, 3 x SR+ Moogle

It seems that Foreteller Ava is definitely going in and out of the tower after all. How is she able to get inside?

(You and Chirithy head to the Underground Waterway to confront Ava.)
Chirithy: Master Ava......
Ava: You're <Player>, of <Union>, aren't you.
  Why have you followed me?
(You explain.)
Ava: Ephemera? I know him, but why come to me?
(You explain.)
Ava: You sought me out on a rumour like that?
(More explaining)
Ava: A dream?
  I see...
  You dreamed that Ephemera was waiting for you here.
(Ava walks past you and stops, contemplating to herself)
Ava: And, as this domain belongs to us, the Foretellers, you thought that Ephemera was involved somehow with us and our recent troubles.
(Ava turns back to you.)
Ava: Which means you thought I was the most suspicious of all, right?
  Understand this, child.
  It's quite a pity, but I can't tell you more just yet.
(Ava summons her Keyblade. You and Chirithy are shocked.)
Chirithy: Huuuuhh!?
(Ava goes into battle stance. Chirithy hides behind you)
Ava: Now, ready your Keyblade.

Show Foreteller Ava your power as a Keyblade Wielder!

(Ava stops the battle. You collapse and Chirithy rushes to your side) 
Ava: Not quite there, are you. Maybe I do feel some talent in you.
  But, there is sadness in your heart.
  Sadness will eventually lead to darkness.
  Move past that sadness, quickly.
(Ava approaches and smiles at Chirithy.) 
Ava: It seems as though you have a good child with you, so I am sure it will be fine.
(Ava turns her attention back to you.)
Ava: Go home for today.
  From now on, you mustn't approach this place so casually.
(You and Chirithy leave the waterways and go home as Ava watches)
Ava: I see. 
  So you are the reticent friend...

Ephemera's Whereabouts

(Flashback to Ephemera’s last sighting in the waterways.)
Ephemera: I'm sorry... <Player>...
(He presses forwards but stops and turns around, noticing a presence behind him.)
Ephemera: Who's there?
(A figure shrouded in darkness approaches him.)
Ephemera: You!?


(Back in your room. Chirithy watches you sleep.)
Chirithy: So much happened today, didn't it…
  I sure was surprised that you ended up fighting the Foreteller.
(A voice sounds out from the shadows.)
???: Me too.
  That's not how I usually do things, you know.
(Ava steps out)
Chirithy: Master Ava… Why?
Ava: You don't have to call me Master.
  Was it you who showed them the dream of Ephemera?
Chirithy: No, no, It wasn't me this time.
Ava: I see. Then perhaps Ephemera himself spoke from within the dream.
Chirithy: From within the dream?
  What does that mean?
Ava: Ephemera draws close to the truth.
(Ava walks to your bedside and watches you.)
Ava: I believe he spoke to this child from another plane, a released state known as 'unchained'.
  I believe that if this child is connected to Ephemera inside their dreams, it means that they too will draw close to the other plane.
  If they are to move forward—they can only follow their own heart.
(Ava turns to Chirithy)
Ava: Protect them from nightmares, okay, Chirithy?
  So that <Player> may ride the wind and fly.
(Ava leaves.)
Chirithy: Me, protect you from nightmares?

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