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Who do you prefer to play as in Kingdom Hearts 3D?

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Riku - 0%

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The Site Team~

Arielle; "Master Spockanort" | News Correspondent, Community Event Coordinator, Social Media Manager 

Always having an attraction to the malevolent characters in Disney movies as a child, Arielle found herself drawn in to KINGDOM HEARTS by the resourcefulness of the villains working together to take over the worlds. Her continued interest over the series may even be due to her love of the main villain. Having spent days upon days adding her part in forum discussions plotting grandiose plans to take over the forum one day, she feels honored to be able to give back to the site as a writer.

Cecily; "Sign" | News Editor, Content Manager, Site & Site Staff Manager

Growing up as a Disney kid, it was difficult for Cecily not to be drawn to the magic and wonder of KINGDOM HEARTS. Her love of the game grew to later inspire her to aim for a career in the gaming industry, and it is her dream to one day develop games for her favorite series. She is glad that she is now able, as a content writer, to contribute more to the community.

Geir; "Gexus" | News Correspondent

Geir is a huge Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy fan, having played these games since he was very young, ranking among his favorite video games. He's also very fond of the Mega Man Legends series, so be careful not to mention Capcom or their evil ways of cancelling highly anticipated games around him. Writing news is what he loves to do, and being able to write for the largest Kingdom Hearts fansite in the world is, naturally, an honor to him.



The Translators~

Samantha; "goldpanner" | Freelance Article Translator, Light Novel Translator

goldpanner has been an active member of the KINGDOM HEARTS community since March of 2009. Her repertoire includes her work on the Kingdom Hearts game novels, on the @KH_ENGLISH twitter, and with translations archive website Heartstation until June of 2011. She is looking forward to continuing helping out with KHInsider and improve her language skills!

Twitter | Wordpress

Sophearum; "Zephyr" | Graphic Artist & News Translator

Zephyr contributes to Kingdom Hearts Insider as a graphic designer and Japanese-English translator.


The Graphic Artists~

Katie; "Color Me Evil" | Graphics Manager

Katie has been a part of the Graphic Design team at KHI for approximately 5 years, and her time here has inspired her greatly to pursue Graphic Design as a career. She has been a big KH fan since the original title launched, which is when she joined KHI. She is, humbly, referred to as a legend in the KHI community and she also does not really enjoy talking about herself.

Eli; "Nutari" | Graphic Artist

Eli has been a graphic artist for 3 years. He's been a member of KHI for 6 years, and he's beginning to feel a little old. It's a good thing life is full of ups and downs, because he might just be able to bring some life experience to many who don't on the forums. He looks forward to giving back to a community that has shown him many different views on life- and also many different views that KINGDOM HEARTS fans really should not have. Which is why he feels it necessary to enact vigilante justice on those who have led the young astray! He is honored to serve with a great group of people, who help run a great site. But really, he just might be a vigilante.

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