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After 3 long years, KINGDOM HEARTS X[chi] finally reaches its finale today. The player's journey has come to an end, and they must see the final battle through to the last moment!

Update: Translations and English subbed videos are now available! All translations thanks to goldpanner!

A complete playlist of all main story scenes can be viewed here!

Wasteland Battleground

A few months later…

(Wielders from all Unions arrive for battle in the Keyblade Graveyard, along with their Foretellers. You stand among your fellow warriors, looking onward as they all raise their Keyblades into the air and cry out.)

The words of the Foreteller weren't listened to at all.

What are they going to start here? What is happening before my very eyes…?

(They charge into the battlefield as you silently look on, unmoving.)

Overwhelmed by the unnaturally heightened atmosphere, vivid fragments of sights and sounds are burned into my memory.

There is no time to even think about the reason for the battle.

The enemies standing before us are not the grotesque monsters we'd faced so far, but

those who were once friends.

No matter how desperate the situation, people want to believe in that sliver of a dream, that hope, until the very last moment.

(You stare up at the sky, determined.)

Player: It's not the end just yet.

(You look ahead, facing Master Aced as your next opponent.)

Final episode


The bell that tolls for the battle

A few days ago…

(Ava meets with Luxu on the cliffs overlooking Daybreak Town.)

Ava: What's written on the lost page?

Luxu… have you been behind all this?

...Are you the traitor?

(Luxu summons his Keyblade. Meanwhile, Player, Skuld and Chirithy meet with Master Gula.)

Gula: "Unable to permit disharmony, you will be disappointed by fate, and lose sight of true strength...  Misreading the truth, you will venture forth in secrecy..."

Skuld: What's that?

Gula: Text from the lost page...

I wonder who it is talking about...

(Back to Luxu and Ava. Luxu tells Ava something to shock her.)

Ava: But that's…

Luxu: Yes, that is the truth about the traitor.

Is this reality something that can be stopped by you, I wonder?

Ava: I can't believe that this is reality.

Luxu: That's why, as fated, the battle is unavoidable.

Even if there is another answer, it must come after the battle.

Maybe the Master was less interested in the fate of the world, and more interested in finding out how we disciples would guide the keys?

Ava: Us over the world? There's no way!

Luxu… You're just making your own use of the Master's intentions.

(Ava summons her Keyblade and takes her battle stance.)

Ava: There's no way the Master would want something like that!

(Back to Player and Gula.)

Skuld: What does it mean?

Gula: It's why the traitor began trying to end the world.

Skuld: What?!

Gula: I had my eye out for it, but in the end I couldn't stop it.

Maybe I was actually looking out for the wrong thing.

Skuld: Misreading the truth, you will venture forth in secrecy...

What does that mean?

Gula: There's more.

"And then with that one strike, a bell will toll for the final battle, and the battle will begin at last, and the time shall be chosen..."

(Back to Luxu and Ava. Ava attacks Luxu and upon their clash, a ripple flows through Daybreak Town, causing the hand on the clock tower to move forward, sounding a bell.)

Chirithy: Is it really okay for you to tell us such an important passage from the Tome of Prophecy like that…?

Gula: No, not really.

But war is already unavoidable, and once you understand that, nothing means anything anymore.

(You hear the bell ringing.)

Gula: There, it's begun.

Skuld: The chosen time…?

Gula: You should go back there one more time, too. It's likely that each Union will be called to assemble.


A being that shows nightmares

Skuld: Well, I'm going back to my Dandelion friends.

Are you coming too, [Player]?

(You look at Skuld and look away.)

Skuld: Yeah, I know. But I don't want you to join in the fighting.

I want you to come with us on our journey to the outside world.

I'm sure Ephemera wants that, too.

Please think about it.

(You nod.)

Skuld: Well then… see you.

(You and Skuld shake hands. She leaves.)

Chirithy: Are you okay?

(You nod.)

Chirithy: I see…

Well, let's go back to your room.

(Chirithy starts to head home. You call after him.)

Player: Chirithy...

Chirithy: Huh?

Player: If I am destroyed, what will happen to you?

(Chirithy looks away.)

Chirithy: ...

Player: Will you disappear?

Chirithy: Yeah...

Player: Oh…

What do you think, Chirithy? What should I do?

Chirithy: I don't want you to die, [Player].

(Chirithy comes back over to you.)

Chirithy: Maybe it means going against the intentions of the honourable Foretellers, but, speaking not as some tough evil creature, but as your friend, I don't want you to join in the battle.

(You walk over to Chirithy and pick him up.)

Player: Thank you

(A voice calls out from a distance.)

???: Whaaat?

You're gonna skip out on the battle?

Player & Chirithy: !

(You put Chirithy down and run towards the voice. It's the Dark Chirithy.)

Dark Chirithy: You're going to join the Dandelions and run away from the battle, huh?

Chirithy: You again!

The Dandelions aren't running away.

Dark Chirithy: Oh yeah, they're going to guide the future Keyblade Wielders or something, right?

That's all well and good, but when it comes down to it, aren't you just abandoning a whole lot of your friends?

Player: Who are you?

Dark Chirithy: Some time ago, you guys started using a bangle to gather the "sins" of this world,

And you started turning those sins, which are a form of darkness, into power.

Player: Sins?

Dark Chirithy: Yes. You guys changed its name to "guilt" and were using the power of darkness.

Chirithy: That can't be true...

Dark Chirithy: It's all right. That was the Master's intention too, he who used us. You get that, right?

Chirithy: No, that bangle was made to gather sins and purify them into light...

Dark Chirithy: Well then how do you explain how I exist?

Why was I born?

You don't think the Master predicted that too?

Chirithy: ...

Dark Chirithy: Now that I've said that much, I'm sure you've figured out who I am, haven't you?

(Dark Chirithy vanishes, reappearing behind you.)

Dark Chirithy: That's right. I was born from your darkness.

You're my player.

Player: !!

Chirithy: You're lying!

Dark Chirithy: What would be the point of lying at a time like this?

Ah, it's not like I could have been by your side all the time like that Chirithy, I've been doing things under my own intentions.

(Mysterious Black Garments suddenly appear from a portal behind you.)

Chirithy: What on earth!?

Dark Chirithy: If you won't join in the final battle, then I'll show you a dream.

Player & Chirithy: Huh?

(You summon your Keyblade and prepare for battle.)

Chirithy: If they're really your player, then why!

Dark Chirithy: Unlike you Spirits, we Nightmares are beings that show bad dreams.

Because of that we can sever bonds, and live free.

Chirithy: Spirit…? Nightmare…?


Severed Bond

(You defeat the Mysterious Black Garments. Dark Chirithy appears, laughing.)

Dark Chirithy: You've gotten stronger, I'm glad.

(The bodies of the Black Garments rise up float in the air around Chirithy.)

Dark Chirithy: Well now, time for the real deal.

(Dark Chirithy rises up, and darkness engulfs the surrounding area. He merges with the Black Garments and transforms into a monster. You prepare for battle.)

Player & Chirithy: !!

(You defeated Nightmare Chirithy, who transforms back into its normal form.)

Dark Chirithy: Now the bond has been severed...

Chirithy: Will you disappear?

Dark Chirithy: For now…

Let's meet again in another dream...

Chirithy: ...Another?

(Dark Chirithy rises up and fades away into the darkness.)


Master Aced Stands in the Way

A few days later--

*Note: The order of battles is Aced-->Invi-->Gula-->Ira-->Ava (minus the Foreteller of your own Union). These videos show the order for Vulpes players.

(As the Keyblade War continues around you, you stare up at the sky, determined.)

Player: It's not the end just yet.

(You look ahead, facing Master Aced as your next opponent.)

Aced: You!!

(He approaches and raises his Keyblade at you. You jump back.)

Aced: I thought I told you you were unfit for this!!

(You get into a battle stance.)

Aced: Oh, you want a fight?

I want guts like that in my Union.

(You fight Aced.)

Aced: Splendid! You pass!!

You're strong! A strong one indeed!

(Aced advances towards you. You keep stepping back.)

Aced: Which is exactly why you die here!

I don't need a threat like you in the wings!

(You try to defend yourself from Aced's attacks. Right as he's about to deal a critical blow, Master Ira intercepts the attack and saves you.)

Aced: Iraaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Ira: We settle this now.

(Aced attacks and pushes him back, leaping after him to continue the assault. The conflict is wearing you down.)

Player: It's still going...

(You run off, facing Master Invi as your next opponent.)


Master Invi Stands in the Way

(You face Master Invi on the battlefield.)

Invi: I'm sorry you got tangled up in this…

I'll at least make sure you go quickly...

(You fight Invi.)

Invi: That's our Ava… She raised a good kid...*

*Note: Invi will mention the Foreteller of whichever Union you're in.

Live a good, long life...

(Invi dismisses her Keyblade walks away from the battle. You struggle to stay on your feet, and notice a heart floating by you, up and away into the sky. You reach towards it but fall back onto the ground.)

Player: No, no, you can't go...

(As you get back up, Master Gula approaches you.)

Master Gula Stands in the Way

(Master Gula approaches you for battle, wearing a smirk on his face.)

Gula: Oh, it's you from before…

You're already pretty beaten up, aren't you? Are you okay?

(You stay in your battle stance.)

Gula: Oh, so we can do it then, right?

(Gula prepares to fight.)

Player: !

Gula: Yeah, this is a battlefield after all.

(You fight Gula. You don't have much strength left.)

Gula: Whoa, you're tough!

If I'm going to have to actually put in real effort to stop things getting sketchy, I'll pass.

Well, maybe we'll meet again somewhere.

(Gula leaps away into the sky. You slowly fall to the ground as dead Keyblades rain down around you. You struggle back to your feet as Master Ira approaches.)


Master Ira Stands in the Way

(You face Master Ira.)

Ira: You, huh…

I'll at least make sure you go peacefully...

(You find the strength to fight Ira.)

Ira: You've really grown, well done…

It's a shame, such a shame, to lose a Keyblade Wielder like you...

(Ira raises his Keyblade for another strike, but Aced leaps in, stopping him.)

Aced: I've been waiting for this moment… Ira.

Ira: You're…!

Aced: I'll rebuild this world, as its new king!

Ira: If only you hadn't broken the harmony!!!

(Ira attacks Aced and they leap away to fight elsewhere. You fall to the ground, and don't get up.)

*Non-Vulpes players will face Ava in the final battle.

Master Ava Stands in the Way

(You find yourself against Ava.)

Ava: You're...

Player: I looked everywhere for you.

Why are you here, Lady Ava? Did you come to stop the battle--

(Ava raises her Keyblade at you.)

Player: Wha...

Ava: ...Raise your blade.

Player: What happened...

(Ava gets into her battle stance.)

Ava: I told you to raise your blade!

(You fight Ava.)

Player: Why...

Ava: There are secrets that no one should ever know…

Get away from here. Go to the Dandelions...

(Ava turns and walks away.)

Player: Lady Ava...

(You fall to the ground, and don't get up.)


We'll Go Together

(You lie alone in the Keyblade Graveyard as the rain continues to beat down. The once desolate wasteland is now overflowing with Keyblades of fallen wielders.

Chirithy appears to comfort you. Though you have little strength left, you reach up to pet him.)

Chirithy: Don't move now, it's okay...

(Chirithy curls up on your chest, and you close your eyes. Suddenly, the rain stops, and a bright light shines down from the sky, illuminating the graveyard. Chirithy leaps off of you, and you notice a figure appears in the distance.)

Player: A goddess...

(The figure approaches, revealing herself to be Skuld. She kneels beside you and smiles.)

Player: Skuld...

Skuld: [Player]...

(Skuld steps away as another figure takes her place beside you. It's Ephemera. Overcome with your emotions when you finally reunite, your eyes well up with tears.)

Player: You broke… our promise...

Ephemera: We finally meet again.

Player: You're late...

Ephemera: Yeah, I'm sorry...

(He reaches his hand out for you.)

Ephemera: We'll go together.

(You reach your hand towards him.)


The World You Wished For 

When you wake up,
What kind of world will you find yourself in?

Will the world reflected in your eyes
Be the world you wished for…?

The one who will decide that is you.



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August 25, 2016 @ 01:58 pmOffline

comment graphic

i really need to take a nap

if there's any weird editing, lemme know and i'll fix it

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August 25, 2016 @ 02:01 pmOffline

comment graphic

How long will translations be? Kudos for getting the vids up so quickly


August 25, 2016 @ 02:21 pmOffline

comment graphic

Here's a quick and dirty translation in the meantime

Spoiler Spoiler: Decisive Battle Wasteland Show

Spoiler Spoiler: Ringing Bell of War Show

Spoiler Spoiler: Existence of Nightmare Show

Spoiler Spoiler: Severing the Connection Show

Spoiler Spoiler: Arise, Masters Show

Spoiler Spoiler: We'll Go Together Show

The post-credits text says
When you awaken, what will that world be like? The world you see, will it be the world you want? That's for you to decide.


August 25, 2016 @ 02:40 pmOffline

comment graphic

Thanks Echo, that's super helpful.


August 25, 2016 @ 02:41 pmOffline

comment graphic

That must have been such a marathon to put up, dear Chirithy. 0_o
Thumbs up for getting all of it so quickly up in Sonic/Ventus speed, Sign. ^__^

Although these translations are rough I can already get some things out of them...and what I read implies something severely bigger. Apparently this first "Keyblade War" and the Foretellers as well are just a part of a way bigger scheme that is going on behind the scenes.
According to what Lord Gula tells Skuld and Player, he was apparently investigating into it but did not manage to unravel enough of the truth before things already got too far out of's somewhat ironic.
The Leopard is supposed to be one of the fastest animals around and here the Leopardus leader apparently was not fast enough in his endeavours.
Lady Ava seems to get the whole truth out of Luxu in between scene changes, but also too late to be able to change anything.


August 25, 2016 @ 02:41 pmOffline

comment graphic

Moving onto the Unchained world confirmed, then.

And I'm not gonna lie, I teared up a little there in reading the ending, with Player thinking Skuld's a goddess and the wonderful moment in finally seeing Ephemer again and all.

Aced is so dumb, but Invi, Ira, and Gula are amazing. We've only seen a little bit of them, but I adore those three. And Player must have hated fighting them. Especially Gula.

And Invi only got one line in this game, but I really like it. I don't think it could've been anything better, and it speaks well of who she is as a character, I think. Can't wait to see more of her in Back Cover!

I wonder, though, does she say the same thing to you if you're not Vulpes?

So the MoM created the bangle, huh? Why am I not even surprised?

...And why am I oddly feeling bad for the dying Nightmare Chirithy?

" lose sight of true strength..." lines like this make me think that the Master of Masters is a well-intentioned extremist. I mean, if nothing else, at least he realizes that fighting to prevent the war is true strength, or whatever... even if he wants the opposite to happen to reach his ends, whatever those are.

Thank you so much for the translations, The_Echo! And thank you guys for the videos, KHInsider. I went ahead and watched the credits, and it was great.

I hope people extract the screenshots of Ephemer and Skuld from that and start using them for stuff... Though it is a bit weird seeing them in Player's place. LOL.

What interesting songs they put in the credits, too! I was really expecting Hikari, but the tracks they chose suit this game better, imo.

Also, is there any chance someone could upload the Ava battle and translate it or is that a no-go?

Edit: And Ephemer/Player is CloTi confirmed, I kid... You know, because Cloud and Tifa also made a promise and then in Advent Children she tells him, "You're late"? ...It's a lame joke, I know.

Edit 2: "Sonic/Ventus speed". LOL. You're too funny, Sephiroth! But you're absolutely right about our dear Sign!

Alpha Baymax

August 25, 2016 @ 02:43 pmOnline

comment graphic

I'm confused, why are Ephemer and Skuld shown as the canon players? surely, that's a retcon by default because they had pre-determined roles... unless of course, Ventus is the canon third player character...


August 25, 2016 @ 02:46 pmOffline

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Moving onto the Unchained world confirmed, then.

And I'm not gonna lie, I teared up a little there in reading the ending, with Player thinking Skuld's a goddess and the wonderful moment in finally seeing Ephemer again and all.
I personally teared up a little watching Chirithy interact with the player before Ephemera and Skuld show up.

Oh! A goddess?! So we have even more reason to believe that Skuld is named after that female Norse deity who decided who lives and dies on the battlefield.


August 25, 2016 @ 02:49 pmOffline

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I personally teared up a little watching Chirithy interact with the player before Ephemera and Skuld show up.

Oh! A goddess?! So we have even more reason to believe that Skuld is named after that female Norse deity who decided who lives and dies on the battlefield.
Spoiler Spoiler: Wait, how do you guys make those things black? Show


August 25, 2016 @ 02:50 pmOffline

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Oh my gosh, BlackOsprey. I didn't even think about that, but you're absolutely right! That ending scene does work so well with Skuld's name meaning!Also, can we safely and officially call Ephemera/Skuld/Player a trio now?

@JR199913 It's bracket, "spoilers", bracket, and then for the closing one: bracket, back slash, "spoilers", bracket:)


August 25, 2016 @ 02:51 pmOffline

comment graphic

Y'know, in the moment I didn't think about Skuld's namesake at all.

I thought that scene was Player just, y'know, seeing things as he ascends into Kingdom Hearts.

But, maybe there's more to that scene that we weren't shown...

EDIT: If you'll excuse a moment of lunacy...
Straight-up when I first brought this idea up with the 3rd Anniversary art, it was really mostly a joke but I'm starting to believe.


August 25, 2016 @ 02:52 pmOffline

comment graphic

Spoiler Spoiler: Wait, how do you guys make those things black? Show
[.spoilers] Like this.[/spoilers]

Yeah, reference. A blatant one.


August 25, 2016 @ 02:54 pmOffline

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Spoiler Spoiler: Wait, how do you guys make those things black? Show
[spoilers ] [/spoilers ]

Delete the blank space before the ] and you got it:

Yep, I also think it is more of a reference than an actual meaning, as Player in his/her anguish may be hallucinating anyways.

Ultima Spark

August 25, 2016 @ 02:55 pmOffline

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I'm confused, why are Ephemer and Skuld shown as the canon players? surely, that's a retcon by default because they had pre-determined roles... unless of course, Ventus is the canon third player character...
Someone in the 700+ page thread it was (pre-rendered, and therefore just) there for programming convenience (like the pre-1000 Heartless scene using the Kingdom Key regardless of whatever you had equipped at the time).

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