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Main Story: Arc 3: An encounter with Skuld ~ Seeds of Hope

Credit goes to goldpanner for the translations!

[Arc 1: Introduction ~ The Dream Chirithy Showed]
[Arc 2: Meeting Ephemer ~ Unchained]
[Arc 3: An Encounter with Skuld ~ Seeds of Hope]
[Arc 4: End of the World ~ Luxu's Goal]
[Arc 5: Wasteland Battleground ~ Finale]


STORY 22-1

Reward: Potion x 3 | Ripe Kupo Nut x 3 | Raise Ticket x 3

Let's go to the Fountain Plaza in Daybreak Town!

(You and Chirithy exit out of a Dark Corridor into Daybreak Town, Fountain Plaza)
Chirithy: Nice job.
(You let out a sigh.)
Chirithy: I know, gathering Lux has been pretty tough lately, hasn't it?
(You protest.)
Chirithy: No, it's just how it is. All the Unions are really going at it hard with gathering right now.
(A voice calls out.)
???: I wonder why we're competing?
(You turn around in surprise. A scowling girl wielding a Keyblade appears out of a portal to confront you)
???: All the Unions share the same goal: to protect the light.
  But we've found ourselves wanting to rise above the others, to gather more light than the others.
  At some point our goal changed, didn't it? It isn't right.
(Chirithy approaches the girl.)
Chirithy: Who are you?
(The girl smiles and dismisses her Keyblade, and sits at the edge of the fountain right beside you. You’re surprised by her advancement and change in demeanor.)
Skuld: I'm Skuld.
  You're [Player], aren't you?
(You nod.)
Skuld: Nice to meet you.
(You shake hands and sit beside her.)
Skuld: By the way, do you know someone called Ephemera?
(You and Chirithy are shocked that she knows of Ephemera.)
Skuld: I guess you're wondering why I'd say that.
  I was in the same party as him.
  Well, that said, it was back when I'd only just become a Keyblade Wielder.
  He's a bit of a strange one, and after a while, one day he quit the party.
  Now, and this is where it gets real, okay, just the other day, he appeared in my dreams, and told me to go with you.
(You’re surprised.)
Chirithy: Why?
Skuld: I wonder?
  I've brushed with him several times even after he left the party, but we never moved past the level of exchanging basic greetings, so I have no idea why he'd appear in my dreams either.
  As you can imagine, I don't know his reasons for telling me to go with you, either.
  Actually, I came here hoping that if I asked you you'd know something.
(You mention your dream about Ephemera.)
Skuld: Huh? He appeared in your dreams, too?
  Did he say anything? What sort of dream was it?
(You explain. Skuld seems upset.)
Skuld: Oh… that's…
  He told you he was waiting, then…
(She hops off the fountain.)
Skuld: What about going to the place you were meant to go with Ephemera one more time with me?
(You're surprised by her request.)
Chirithy: No, you can't! Lady Ava told you to stay away from there!
Skuld: She told you to stay away specifically because there's something there, then, right?
  I'm sure this is what Ephemera meant when he told me expressly to go with you.
  And, one more thing--
(A huge boom sounds in the distance and the ground shakes, interrupting you. You all turn in that direction, shocked and confused.)
Skuld: What!?
Chirithy: That sounded close, didn't it...
(Skuld summons her Keyblade.)
Skuld: I'll go and check it out!
(She runs off. You summon your Keyblade and chase after her, leaving Chirithy behind.)
Chirithy: Huh? Huh?


Battle Between Foretellers

(You all run into the town and gaze up at the rooftops to see the Anguis and Ursus Foretellers fighting against each other.)
Skuld: Why!?
Chirithy: Oh...
Skuld: Why would Foretellers be fighting amongst themselves?
(You and Chirithy turn to Skuld, not answering.)
Skuld: What Ephemera was saying is true after all...
(Her words take you aback.)
Skuld: What I was about to say before.
  Actually, Ephemera said one more thing to me at the end of the dream.
  He said the end of the world is near...
Chirithy: What does that mean?
Skuld: I don't know.
  But, an ending would come suddenly, without prior warning.
  The same way Ephemera vanished.
(You think for a moment, and make your decision.)
Player: Let's go.
(Skuld and Chirithy are surprised.)
Chirithy: Huh?
(Skuld smiles and nods.)
Skuld: Okay,
Chirithy: Huh?
(You and Skuld head off.)
Chirithy: Huhh?


Mysterious Black Garment

(You and Skuld run into town. A portal opens in front of you and strange dark creatures appear from it to block your way.)
(One by one, the creatures approach you.)
Creature 1: …..ux….
Creature 2: …...Lux….
Creature 3: Give us….lux….
(You and Skuld prepare to fight.)
Skuld: What are you!
Creature 1: Hand the Lux over!

Defeat the 3 Mysterious Black Garments and aim for the Lux!



(You manage to push the creatures back and force them to retreat. Before you can chase them down, Nightmare Chirithy appears before you.)
Chirithy: Who are you?
Nightmare: Hey.
(Chirithy recognizes the Nightmare, as the Chirithy who had been meddling with you before.)
Chirithy: You're...
Nightmare: In the end Lux is the source of the fighting, so I think you'd better just hand it over to us.
  Oh well, you can hang on to it a little longer if you like.
(Chirithy steps forward, still in disbelief.)
Chirithy: Those colours...
(The Nightmare shows off his new form proudly. Chirithy is upset.)
Nightmare: What do you think of my new form?
Chirithy: The darkness has completely tainted you, hasn't it...
Skuld: The darkness...
Nightmare: Why do you hate the darkness so much?
  Just like the world has night and day, you guys have light and darkness inside you.
  What are you afraid of?
Chirithy: Those three just now, they used to be human, didn't they...
Nightmare: Yep.
Player & Skuld:
Skuld: Keyblade Wielders… like us?
Nightmare: Weak-hearted people fear the darkness, and get swallowed up by it.
  Accept the darkness, control the darkness, and you can gain true strength.
  Those guys aren't using fragments of the power of the Tome of Prophecy, like you are. They fought you with their own abilities, you know?
  How incredibly...
Chirithy: This isn't the Master's teaching...
Nightmare: Teaching? That's got nothing to do with this.
  The truth about the world isn't something you can just be taught by someone.
  It's something you learn for yourself.
Chirithy: Who on earth is your player?
(Nightmare laughs.)
Nightmare: Heh heh heh…
  They're close by, you'll find out soon enough.
(The Nightmare disappears.)


STORY 22-2

Reward: 300 Mog Medals, Ether x 10, Moogle SR+ x 5

Let's go check out the underground waterway where we last met Ephemera!

Skuld: This is where you last saw Ephemera? 
  There's something secret up ahead, I'm certain of it...
(Chirithy goes to stand in your way.)
Chirithy: Are you really going to keep going in? What with the Black Garments and the dark Chirithy just now…
  I've got an awful feeling about this...
(Chirithy looks down as you pat his head. Skuld suddenly speaks up, and he’s taken aback.)
Skuld: Hey you, you know the layout of the inside of this tower, don't you?
Chirithy: Y-yeah...
Skuld: Well then, lead us.
Chirithy: All right already...
  But going in there really is forbidden, so we're coming right back after just a quick peek.
Skuld: I promise we will.


STORY 22-3

Proceed through the clocktower to the Foreteller's Room.
: Potion x 10, ULT ATK Moogle x 2, ULT ASS Moogle x 2

Let's look for Ephemera inside the clocktower!

(The three of you make your way into the room you saw in your dream.)
Skuld: What is this place?
Chirithy: This is the last room… The Foreteller's room.
Skuld: I wonder if Ephemera made it here?
Chirithy: Well as you can see, nobody's here. There's nothing here…
  And since we're not going to go fiddling around with the things left in here, let's go back already, like we promised. 
  We'll be in huge trouble if anyone finds us...
Skuld: Yeah…
  So there's nothing here, huh…
  I almost feel like we've been sidestepped. What on earth did the dream of Ephemera mean...
(A voice calls out from behind you.)
???: What are you doing.
All: !
(Chirithy turns around and addresses them.)
Chirithy: Master [~]....
(The Foreteller enters. The Foreteller who appears is the one in charge of your Union unless you are in Vulpes, in which case it will be Ira.)

Ursus Foreteller: Aced
Anguis Foreteller: Invi
Leopardus Foreteller: Gula
Unicornis Foreteller: Ira)
Skuld: Excuse us! We are looking for a friend.
Foreteller: Chirithy, how were they allowed to get in here if you were accompanying them?
Chirithy: I'm sorry...
(The Foreteller walks past you, speaking aloud.)
Foreteller: There was another trespasser in here a few days ago. Your friend, perhaps?
Player: Yes.
Skuld: Do you know him, then--Ephemera?
Foreteller: The union he belonged to was gathering Lux in direct conflict with the goals of we [Union].
  He got close to you in order to gather intelligence on our union. There's no way you will be seeing him again.
Skuld: You didn't…
  Not Ephemera...
Foreteller: ...I had him disappear.
Chirithy: [Player]...
Skuld: You won't get away with this...
Foreteller: What do you think you're going to do?
(Chirithy stops Skuld.)
Chirithy: No, Skuld, you can't!
  Master [Foreteller]!
  I'm the one responsible for everything that's happened today!
  Please forgive these two!
(You step in front of Skuld and Chirithy.)
Chirithy: [Player]...
Player: Master, until today, I have devoted myself to the union, to gathering light, in order to save the world.
  I've even competed against fellow fighters I think of as friends.
  I thought it was just what had to be done to save the world, and I've tried not to dwell on what that means.
  But, in the middle of that, someone asked me that same simple question.
  That person was Ephemera.
  My encounter with him only lasted a moment, and he even broke a promise to me, so my memories of him aren't exactly fun, but they are huge and important in my heart.
  I'm sure that's because he is my friend. For a friend like that to be snatched away....
  Even if these feelings, anger and sadness, signify darkness, pushing them down is proving impossible.
  Even if I cross Keyblades with you, Master, I don't think I will come away from this with any kind of peace.
  Maybe I'll disappear, too.
  But even so, I'm sure that if Ephemera were here, this is what he'd do…
(You get into a battle stance.)
Player: Master [Foreteller], raise your Keyblade.
(The Foreteller summons their Keyblade.)
Foreteller: Come.
Skuld: [Player]!!

Let's fight the Union Master!

(You put up a fight but are easily defeated by the Foreteller, and are engulfed in a blinding light. When the light fades, you find yourself back in the waterways.)
Foreteller: You avoided being swallowed by your anger and sadness--you fought well.
(The Foreteller glows and reveals themselves to be Master Ava.)
Chirithy: Lady Ava...
Ava: [Player], Skuld.
  You allowed me to determine the strength of your hearts.
  The Master you were just fighting, as well as the location, was an illusion I created here.
Skuld: What is the meaning of this?
Ava: As Ephemera told you in your dream, the end of this world seems to be upon us.
  If all of us are swallowed up by the end of this world, that will be the end of Keyblade Wielders.
  That must be avoided.
  I began carrying out my own missions.
  I've been preparing so that superior Keyblade Wielders, regardless of Union, will last in the next world.
Chirithy: Last… in the next world?
Skuld: This is all happening too fast…
  What happened to Ephemera, then?
Ava: As I just said, this world is facing its end.
  Perhaps in a way, he felt doubt and started to make inquiries because he began to feel that.
  He got close to the truth faster than any other.
  So, I asked him a favour.
  I asked him to guide the dandelions in my stead.
Chirithy: Dandelions?
Ava: The Keyblade Wielders that will last in the next world. They are the dandelions.
  They who shall not witness the end of the world.
  My duty is to establish those dandelions.
  However, I must witness the end of the world.
  Thus, so that he may guide those who are left for me once I'm gone, I decided to have Ephemera wait ahead somewhere else.
Skuld: Somewhere else…
  Ephemera is safe, then, right?
Ava: This world will end because among the Keyblade Wielders are some who have been swallowed by darkness.
  I'm sure you've met the dark Chirithy. He is proof.
  So that the power of darkness will not persist into the next world, I give the hearts of you Keyblade Wielders a shake, and choose those who cannot be swallowed by a little darkness to be dandelions.
  And so, I wish to ask you, too.
  Will you join the dandelions?
Skuld: I understand.
(You stay silent. Skuld turns to you.)
Skuld: What's wrong, [Player]?
Player: But what will happen to all the other Keyblade Wielders who don't get chosen to be dandelions?
Ava: At the end, this world will face a Keyblade War.
Skuld: A Keyblade War...
Ava: It's already unavoidable...
Player: Please let me think over your offer to join the dandelions.
Skuld: [Player]!
Ava: I understand. You are under no obligations.
  However, so that we don't fall into chaos, please don't speak of this.


A Talk with Skuld

Chirithy: Why are you holding back on joining in?
  If you'd said yes, you probably could be with Ephemera right now.
Player: Ephemera is an important friend, yeah.
  But, the Keyblade Wielders I've fought alongside all this time are important to me, too.
Chirithy: Oh...
(Skuld glances over.)
Skuld: Can I say something?
  The truth is, back when I became a Keyblade Wielder, I made a party, but no one would join me.
  And then, Ephemera did.
  For a while, it was just the two of us in the party, actually.
  The party did grow in members after a bit, and we all got so involved in collecting Lux together...
  I had less and less chances to talk to Ephemera one-on-one, and then one day, he told me he thought I'd be okay now, and left the party.
  After that, I lost myself in collecting Lux with my party members.
  But, I realised my party was losing members, and in the end, I was alone again...
  I think Ephemera probably kept on worrying about me even after leaving the party.
  I think that's why he told me to try and meet you.
(Skuld turns to you.)
Skuld: I've realised a lot of things, thanks to you.
  But, I want to see Ephemera, and thank him.
  That's why I'm going to join.
(Skuld prepares to leave.)
Skuld: Let's meet again.
(You and Skuld shake hands, and you watch her leave.)


Seeds of Hope

(Later, Skuld and many other wielders gather in the plaza to meet Ava.)
Ava: Today too will involve training imitating all the missions you've completed until now.
  You will relive things you have already experienced, only in a world just like a dream, in a space separate from here...
  ...You are the hope.
(Everyone is shocked by her words.)
Ava: Soon, the conflict will begin.
  Fighters who share the same wish to protect the light, divided by nothing but a difference in Union, will make enemies of the friends they once competed with.
  I myself do not know how long I can continue to guide them true.
  Perhaps I will be swallowed by my own darkness, and swing my own Keyblade in the middle of the strife.
  However, this battle will have no victor, everything will only be annihilated.
  But, I want you, as seeds of hope, to last on.
  After this, when that conflict breaks out, I want you to not participate in the battle, and instead depart for the outside world.
  That is why I want you to repeat separate training every day like this.
  To you I entrust the future of the Keyblade Wielders, the Realm of Light.
  With your hearts guided by the key.

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