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Japan: September 03 2015 ~ June 17 2021
Global: April 07 2016 ~ June 29 2021

Taiwan: January 25 2018 ~ April 25 2019

Dark Road Release Date - June 22 2020

System - iOS/Android/Amazon

[Full Summary]

Kingdom Hearts Union χ is the mobile phone continuation to the PC browser social game, Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]. It was originally titled Unchained χ, and evolved to Union χ on March 23, 2017.

While the game is almost identical to that of χ[chi], the two are treated as separate installments in the franchise and will eventually diverge into their own unique storylines. One should not be considered a replacement for the other, but it is not required to play both in order to receive the full experience. That being said, players who do play both versions of Kingdom Hearts X will better understand certain concepts within the games.

Taking place after the Keyblade War, players experience the life of a newly awakened Keyblade wielder who had once clashed in that legendary conflict. Explore the Disney worlds, meet unique characters seen throughout the series, and see what awaits beyond the war. 

Kingdom Hearts Union χ is outsourced to Bitgroove Inc.

Official Japanese Site - KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ
Official North American Site - KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ

In Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, players take the role of a young Xehanort training as an aspiring Keyblade wielder. Joined by his friend Eraqus and other students in Scala ad Caelum, see how this bright-eyed child sets off on his road towards darkness.

Official Japanese Site - KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road
Official North American Site - KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road

Service Run: July 18 2013 ~ September 01 2016
System - PC Browser

[Full Summary]

"Far, far away, in a fairy-tale realm...
The realm was filled with light.
That light gave birth to many worlds, enveloping them.
The source of the light, Kingdom Hearts, and the key that protected it, the χblade...
As long as they existed, it was believed that the realm would be in eternal light.
However, just as strong light will form a shadow, darkness was born.
The darkness called up fear, unease and craving.
Darkness, hidden deep in hearts, began to spread throughout the realm as chaos.
In order to drive back the spreading darkness, those who wished for light created Keyblades in imitation of the χblade, and embarked on adventures that spanned the realm."

KINGDOM HEARTS χ[chi] was first revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2012 on September 19th, 2012. Players created and customized their very own Keyblade-wielding avatar to explore the Disney worlds, meeting various characters seen throughout the series. Witness the events leading up to the infamous Keyblade War, and uncover the mystery surrounding the 5 Unions and the Foretellers. 

Players enter one of five Unions led by Keyblade Masters known as the Foretellers, and are tasked with completing missions throughout the worlds in order to gather Lux, or light, for their Union. Although each Union shares the same goal, they don't necessarily share the same intentions, so you will need to figure out which side you're truly fighting for and determine if you can really trust those you would call "friends".

KINGDOM HEARTS χ[chi] is outsourced to Success Corp.

Official Japanese Site - KINGDOM HEARTS χ[chi]
~Site has gone offline as of September 1, 2016~

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