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Here is a complete gallery of all the Premium medals currently available in the Japanese version of KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross].

The strongest medals are obtained from Premium DrawsPremium Quests and as commemorative rewards for possessing certain medals with specific requirements. They are guaranteed in a certain number of pulls and often come with boosted abilities, extra Awakening Ability slots, and are capable of a higher range of Guilt.

Some also have special features such as voiced dialogue when the ability is activated, BGM changes when set as the partner medal, or displaying artwork.

Medals are organized from Newest --> Oldest. Click on the thumbnails to view the complete information page and full images!

Premium | Event | Special

Huey, Dewey & Louie Webby Vanderquack
Scrooge McDuck  
Ventus HD Ver [EX] Aqua HD Ver [EX] TWEWY Key Art #2 Launchpad McQuack
Axel HD Ver [EX] Sora & Kairi HD [EX] Namine KHII Ver Terra HD Ver [EX]
Xion Illustrated [EX] Sora & Friends Toon Master Xehanort [EX] Roxas Santa Toon Ver
Chicken Little Leon KHII HD Ver Pete HD Ver The King HD Ver [EX]
Boogie LM Ver Key Art #14 Roxas Dual Wield [EX] Riku Days Black Coat
Invi HD Ver [EX] Jack Skellington LM Zexion HD Ver Sora FinalF HD Ver
Gula HD Ver [EX] Vanitas HD Ver Kairi KH Illustrated EX Ira HD Ver [EX]
Ava HD Ver [EX] Sora & Riku Illust [EX] Key Art #13 Aced HD Ver [EX]
Auron Illustrated Ver Larxene HD Ver Marluxia Illust [EX] Key Art #12
Riku Toon Ver Roxas Toon Ver Xion Toon Ver Sora Toon Ver
TWEWY Key Art The King KHII Toon Ventus Toon Ver Aqua Toon Ver
Aqua Illustrated B Sora KHIII Ver [EX] Neku Illustrated Ver Riku Art Ver [EX]
Sora ValorF HD Ver Sora MasterF HD Ver Sora LimitF HD Ver Sora AntiF HD Ver
Roar of the Lion King Xion Final Form Ver Xion HD Ver [EX] Aqua & Stitch
Sora KH0.2 Ver The King KH0.2 Ver B The King KHBbS Illust Sora PL Illust Ver
Xion HD Ver Key Art #11 Terra KH0.2 Ver Roxas Art Ver [EX]
Belle & Beast Illust Lann Reynn Tifa & Aerith
Sora & Riku Tsum Beast HD Ver Lingering Will Sephiroth [EX]
Ventus=Vanitas Pooh&Friends Tsum Mickey&Minnie Tsum Mickey&Friends Tsum
Sora Art Ver [EX] Key Art #10 Kairi KH0.2 Ver Underworld King
Moana Maui Ansem SP Ver Riku KH0.2 Ver
Key Art BOND Key Art COMING Sora WisdomF HD Ventus HD Ver
Vanitas SP Ver Axel Art Ver [EX] Vivi Illustrated Ver Key Art AIR
Cloud KHII Ver [EX] Maleficent Dragon Terra=Xehanort Terra Illustrated Ver B
Aqua KH0.2 Ver Mickey KH0.2 Ver Key Art #8 Key Art #9
Sephiroth WoFF Ver Yuna WoFF Ver Tama Sora WoFF Ver
Roxas Illustrated Ver Cloud WoFF Ver Squall WoFF Ver Lightning WoFF Ver
Sora Santa Illust Ver Namine HD Ver Key Art #6 Key Art #7
Sora KHII Illust Ver Key Art #5 Dark Riku World of Chaos
Key Art #4 Leon Illustrated Ver Xehanort & Vanitas Kairi KHII Illust Ver
Sora & Riku CoM Ver Sora HT Illust Ver Ursula HD Ver Roxas HD Ver
Key Art #2 Sora Illust Ver B Key Art #3 Riku Illust Ver B
Xion Illustrated Ver Axel HD Ver Roxas Casual Ver Key Art #1
Sora HD Ver Riku HD Ver Mickey HD Ver Xemnas Illust Ver
Sephiroth Illust Ver Kairi Illustrated Ver Sora&Riku&Kairi Mickey BC Illust Ver
Ventus Illustrated Ver Marluxia Boss Ver Terra Illustrated Ver Terra&Ventus&Aqua
Sora Illustrated Ver Aqua Illustrated Ver Riku Illustrated Ver Ansem Illustrated Ver
Axel SP Ver Sora & Donald & Goofy Xion SP Ver Roxas & Axel & Xion
Roxas SP Ver Sephiroth Cloud Illustrated Ver Pooh and Piglet

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