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In KINGDOM HEARTS χ[chi], cards are used in order to battle enemies and win prizes. Cards can be acquired via winning battles, opening chests, or exchanging them for Moogle Points in the shop. Leveling up cards on the Synthesis Page will make them more effective in battle, increasing Attack, Defense and HP. 

Two types of cards are used in the game: Attack and Assist. Attack cards are used in battle and come in three varieties; Power, Speed, Magic. Assist cards boost the amount of Lux earned in each battle and increase HP.

These cards come in all sorts of designs and strengths. Each one possesses a unique ability, including fan favorites such as Sonic Blade and Mega Flare. Cards fluctuate in rarity, from common Bronze cards to rare Gold cards.

Click on the icons below to enlarge. To view more cards, visit the following pages:

[N Rank] [N+ Rank] [R Rank] [Key Art/Scene] [R+ Attack] [SR Attack] [SR+ Attack]
[R+ Assist] [SR Assist] [SR+ Assist]  [Dream Eaters] [R+ Dark] [SR Dark] [SR+ Dark]

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