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Dwarf Woodlands

Credit goes to Goldpanner for the translations!


Arrive in Dwarf Woodlands and meet Doc.
Reward: 200 Moogle Points

Dwarf Woodlands, home of the seven dwarves.
Let's set off on a journey to gather the light that will drive back the darkness.

(You arrive in Dwarf Woodlands and very quickly run into a swarm of Heartless. Doc appears after you defeat them.)
Doc: W-who on e-earth are y-you?
  I saw how you dealt with those black... creatures just now.
  You went in slashing and swinging with that key-like thing you have there.
  Goodness gracious, those guys must be in trouble…
  Ah, that's right! I didn't introduce myself.
  My name is Doc.
  I work along with my friends.
  Today should have been just like any other, but…
  Black creatures like the ones we just saw showed up where we work.
  The others said they'd go and get rid of them, and ran off, but they haven't come back.
  I wonder where they all went…
  Then, those black creatures showed up again and really put me in a pickle.
  That's when you showed up and got rid of them for me.
  Thank you. You really saved me.
  S-s-so, um, do you think you could help me look for the others?
  Just looking at you, I-I can tell you're strong.
  Oh, I'm counting on you. You're a huge help. 
  First, let's go check out our mine.
  Maybe, just maybe, someone made it back there.


Talk to Doc in the Dark Forest Entrance. Defeat the Large Body in front of the Dwarves’ House and report back to him.
Reward: 1600 Moogle Points | Treasure Trove x 1

Searching for his missing dwarf friends, Doc is headed for the mine where they work.
Follow Doc into the Dark Forest.

Doc:  This is terrible!
  Our house is up ahead, but there's someone huge standing there! No one can get in!
  If this goes on, our house will be destroyed!

Heartless are attacking the house of the dwarves!
Take down the Large Body rampaging in front of the house!

You defeated the Large Body that was attacking the house of the dwarves.
Go tell Doc, who was worried about not being able to enter his house.

Doc: You got rid of that huge fellow, didn't you?
  Thanks to you, our house is safe. Thank you.
  I'll just go inside and check whether they've come back here.


Talk to Doc in front of the Dwarves’ House.
Reward: 200 Moogle Points | Doc N+ x 1

Let's talk to Doc, who has come out of his house.

Doc: No one was home. Where on earth could they all be…
  I'm going to head for the mines that are just out of the forest ahead.


Talk to Doc at the Road Towards Mines. Defeat the Large Body and report back to him.
Reward: 2400 Moogle Points

Due to the heartless rampaging at the entrance to the mine, Doc is having trouble getting inside.
Take down the Large Body!

Doc: We work on the other side of the bridge just up ahead. 
  Another big one showed up there!
  I managed to get away, but I can't get to where we work.
  Do you think you could use that key thing of yours again, and get rid of it?

You defeated the Large Body that was rampaging at the entrance to the mine.
Go tell Doc, who was worried about not being able to get into the mine.

Doc: Thank you so much for getting rid of it. You're very strong, aren't you?
  I'll go check out the mine. Maybe everyone's gone back to work.


Talk to Doc in the Mines - First Area.
Reward: 200 Moogle Points

Did Doc find his friends?
Let's go see what's happened in the mines.

Doc: Look at this! Our rail cart is broken.
  I'm sure this is the doing of those black creatures.
  This means we can't search for them any deeper in the mine. What to do…


Talk to Doc in the Mines - First Area. Head to the Mines - Second Area and speak to Happy.
Reward: 200 Moogle Points

It looks like Doc has some intuition about where his friends are.
Split up with him and look.

Doc: Oh yeah! I think maybe someone's in Lot 2!


(You find Happy in the mines.) 
Doc: There you are!
Happy: Ha ha ha, If it isn't Doc!
  What's wrong? Turn that frown upside down!
Doc: Don't give me that!
  Everyone went missing and I've been so worried.
Happy: Hee hee hee, sorry for making you worry.
  The rail cart was broken, so we couldn't get back.
Doc: O-oh, well as long as you're safe.
(Doc realizes that Happy is alone.)
Doc: That reminds me, where is everyone else? Are they here somewhere?
Happy: Uh, what do you mean? Weren't they with you, Doc?
Doc: Dear me… Everyone must have been split up.
(But at least you've found one person, and Doc is grateful.)
Doc: Thank you. I couldn't have found Happy without you.
Happy: Heh heh heh, you helped Doc, right?
  You have my gratitude, too. Thank you very much.
  Let's go look for the others.
Doc: Okay, see you later.
(Happy and Doc leave the mines.)


Talk to Happy in the Mines - First Area. Find the iron nails scattered around outside the mines and in front of the Dwarves’ House, and return them to Happy.
Reward: 1800 Moogle Points | Happy N+ x 1

How did things turn out for Happy, who was searching for his friends in the mine?
Let's go see.

Happy: Ho ho ho, I just thought I'd try and fix the rail cart.
  But I don't have enough materials.
  Hey, could you gather up 10 iron nails for me?
  I think there will be some scattered around our house, and along the path here.

Happy is trying to fix the broken rail cart.
Gather the 10 iron nails he needs to mend it.

You gathered the iron nails necessary to mend the rail cart.
Take them back to Happy in the mine.

Happy: Thank you so much for collecting the iron nails.
  But, as I suspected, hee hee hee, I'm just not good enough to finish this.
  I'm sure if he were here, Grumpy, I mean, he could fix this right away.


Talk to Happy in the first area of the mines. Defeat all of the Jewelry Bags in the second area of the mines, and report back to Happy.
Reward: 2000 Moogle Points | Potion x 3 | Happy N+ x 1

Happy is in Mine Lot 1, and he seems distressed. Let's go talk to him.

Happy:  Monsters showed up in Lot 2 and stole our gems…
  If this goes on, we'll lose our jobs.
  Would you go get rid of the monsters please?

A large number of Jewelery Bags have shown up in Mine Lot 2 and are stealing gems. Let's wipe them out and put poor Happy's mind at ease.

You got rid of the large number of Jewelery Bags that appeared in Mine Lot 2.
Let's go back to Mine Lot 2 and set Happy's mind at ease.

Happy: Oh, you got rid of the monsters.
  Ehehe, that's a relief. Thank you.


Talk to Happy in the first area of the mines. Talk to Doc in front of the Dwarves' house and pick up 8 dry twigs items in the forest. Return to Doc.
Reward: 1200 Moogle Points | Potion x 1

Doc is waiting for his friends to return at the Dwarves' House. Let's see if he needs any help.

Happy: The rail cart is broken, so we can't go any further. We'll keep working here as best we can.
Doc: We have to collect some dry twigs for kindling before the rain falls...
  Oh, excuse me, could you lend me a hand?
  I'd like you to gather eight dry twigs that will be lying in the Dark Forest. I'm counting on you~

Let's bring Doc eight dry twigs before the rain falls in Dwarf Woodlands.

You finished gathering the eight dry twigs Doc asked for before the rain fell.
Let's bring them to the Dwarves' House where Doc is waiting.

Doc: Thanks for collecting the dry twigs for me. This will do nicely.


Talk to Doc in front of the Dwarves' house. Pick up 5 Awaiting Rain Grass in the flower glade. Return to Doc.
Reward: 1200 Moogle Points | Potion x 1

Rain has started falling in Dwarf Woodlands.
Let's go to the Dwarves' House and see if Doc needs any help.

Doc: Ah yes, a rainy day has finally come, I bet we'll be able to go collect them.
  There are these flowers called the Awaiting Rain Grass, and they only bloom on rainy days. They are very valuable medicinal plants.
  Could you please go gather five Awaiting Rain Grass blossoms from the flower glade? Sorry to ask you to go out and get wet.

Doc told you about a rare medicinal plant that only blooms on rainy days. Let's gather five Awaiting Rain Grass blossoms from the flower glade and bring them back to Doc. 

You gathered all the Awaiting Rain Grass blossoms that Foc asked for. Let's take them back to Doc at the Dwarves' House.

Doc: Oh, thank you for going out in the rain for me. I'll use these precious blossoms with great care.


Talk to Doc in the Road towards Mines. Defeat all of the Rain Loudness in front of the Dwarves' house, and return to Doc.
Reward: 2000 Moogle Points | Potion x 3

Doc seems to be having trouble on the path to the min. Let's go speak to him.

Doc: This is terrible! A whole bunch of monsters have surrounded our house! I've never seen anything like them!
  I managed to get away, but now I can't go home.
  I managed to get away, but now I can't go home.

Doc can't get home because of monsters that appeared in the forest.
Let's get rid of all the new Heartless surrounding the Dwarves' House!

You got rid of all the new Heartless surrounding the Dwarves' House.
Let's go tell Doc, who was distressed about not being able to go home.

Doc: You chased off all the monsters for me?
  Thank you. You've been such a great help to us.
  When my friends get back, we'll all have to do something to thank you.


Talk to Doc in front of the Dwarves' house. Pick up 5 Rain Shelter Moss inside the tree trunks in the forest, and return to Doc.
Reward: 1200 Moogle Points | Potion x 1 | Doc N+ x 1

Doc returned home safely, and he seems like he has something to ask you.
Let's go to the Dwarves' House and see.

Doc: There's a hollow tree in Dark Forest, you know it? 
  I'd like you to go collect some moss that is growing inside it.
  It's a very rare species of moss called the Rain Shelter Moss. If you could get five that would be a great help. 

Apparently there is a kind of moss used as an ingredient in medicine growing inside a hollow tree in Dark Forest. Let's collect five Rain Shelter Mosses and bring them back to Doc.

You have finished collecting the Rain Shelter Moss that Doc asked for. Let's take them to him at the Dwarves' House.

Doc: Thank you for gathering the Rain Shelter Moss for me. I'll be off to make some potent medicine with these.
  It'd be awful if my friends came home hurt or something, see. I've decided to get ready in case.


Talk to Happy in the first area of the mines. Pick up the bottle letter in the Flower Glade and return to Happy.
Reward: 1000 Moogle Points

It seems Happy has something to ask you in the mine. Let's go to Mine Lot 1 where Happy is in front of the mine cart and see.

Happy: Breathing all the dust in this mine has me parched…
  Excuse me, could you please go fill up this canteen for me?
  You can find the cleanest, tastiest water downstream of the river flowing through the flower glade.

Happy, who has been watching over the mine cart in the dusty mine all this time, is apparently very thirsty. Let's fill his canteen with water from the lower part of the river in the flower glade.

When you scooped up the clean water downstream of the river in the flower glade, you found a bottle washed up by the river. Inside is a hastily scrawled note. Let's show it to Happy.

Happy: Thank you. That water tasted great.
  Wow, found a bottle by the river, you say? It looks like there's something inside.
  I can't make head or tail of this. Take it back to the house and ask Doc.


Head deeper into the swamp through the treehollow in the bottom right of the forest and defeat the Wabble Tiptoe attacking Grumpy and Sleepy.
Reward: 2400 Moogle Points

There was a hastily scrawled note inside the bottle you found by the river in the flower glade. Let's go to the Dwarves' House and ask Doc.

Doc: You mean you found a letter inside a bottle by the river? Where is it, let me see...
  Oh no! This is from my friend, Sleepy!
  It seems somehow he was trapped in the swamp when this rain made the water rise!
  Can you please go save Sleepy from the crocodiles in the Dark Forest?

The letter in the bottle was written by one of the Dwarves, Sleepy. It seems he is in trouble after getting trapped deep in the swamp after the rain made the water rise. Let's go save him from becoming crocodile lunch!

(You defeat the Heartless surrounding Grumpy and Sleepy. Grumpy tries to save face.) 
Grumpy: Bah, that was pointless!
  I was gonna waste it by myself.
Sleepy: *Yawn* You say that, but you sure did take your time. I was falling asleep here.
Grumpy: Shaddap!  
  You're always falling asleep.
  Anyway. You gonna show us the way back? Well, get a move on then!
Sleepy: We're counting on you.
  *Yawn* Do you think we could just sleep here?
Grumpy: No way! This is no place for a nap.
  All right, let's get going before this fool nods off!


Talk to Doc in front of the Dwarves' house.
Reward: 600 Moogle Points | Grumpy N+ x 1 | Sleepy N+ x 1

The Dwarves Sleepy and Grumpy were being attacked by Heartless in the swamp, but you managed to get them out safely. Let's give the good news to Doc, who is worrying back at the house.

Doc: Thank you for saving Sleepy and Grumpy. You've helped us yet again.
  Grumpy and I are going to go look for our friends who are somewhere deep in the mines.


Talk to Grumpy in the first area of the mines. Pick up 10 rail card screws in the mines.
Reward: 1800 Moogle Points | Potion x 1

It seems that Grumpy is repairing the rail cart in the mine. Let's ask Grumpy if there is anything we can do to help.

Grumpy: That Happy tried to fix the rail car with iron nails, didn't he?
  That fool! Iron nails won't do for the rail cart at all!
  We need screws. Go get me ten rail cart screws!
  There should be rail cart screws scattered all over this mine. Go on, hop to it!

It seems fixing the rail cart requires special parts.
Let's collect ten rail cart screws and bring them to Grumpy.

You collected all the rail cart screws necessary for repairing the rail cart. Let's take them to where Grumpy is waiting in the mine.

Grumpy: Bah, what took you! 
  Oh well. Now I can finally start on repairs!


Talk to Happy in the treehollow near the Dwarves' house. Pick up 5 Green Mushrooms inside the treehollows, return to Happy.
Reward: 1200 Moogle Points | Happy N+ x 1

Happy went out to gather ingredients for medicine in the Dark Forest, but it looks like he's in trouble. Let's find him and lend him a hand.

Happy: I thought I'd gather some ingredients for medicine in Doc's place, so I came out here into the forest...
  I'm having trouble reaching a mushroom I saw in a high-up place. 
  Would you be able to go collect five Green Mushrooms inside the tree hollow in my place, by any chance?

You found Happy inside the tree hollow. Let's do him a favour and collect five rare Green Mushrooms growing too high for him to reach.

You collected all the Green Mushrooms for Happy. Let's go give them to him where he is waiting.

Happy: Hee hee hee, you're a wonderful help. Thank you. 
  I'm sure Doc will be very happy, too.


Talk to Grumpy in the first area of the mines. Take the trolley deeper into the mines.
Reward: 600 Moogle Points

Let's go to the mine and see Grumpy, who is repairing the rail cart.

Grumpy: Yes, done! Let's hurry and go into the mines!
  I'm worried about those lugheads.

Grumpy has fixed the mine cart.
Let's take the cart deeper into the mines and look for the other still-lost Dwarves!


Head to the area in the lower right and talk to Bashful.
Reward: 600 Moogle Points

You've ridden the rail cart into the Inner Mines.
Let's search around and see if we can find any Dwarves.

Bashful: Here, I'm over here! 
  My foothold crumbled away and I can't get back!


Talk to Grumpy and defeat all the Charcoal Bags. Report back to Grumpy.
Reward: 2400 Moogle Points | Potion x 3

You found Bashful, but due to a cave-in, it looks like you can't help him yet.
Let's go see how Grumpy is doing searching the Inner Mine Lot.

Grumpy: I came here to check the Inner Mines rail cart platform, but there are monsters everywhere!
  Hurry up and get rid of them with your key thing!

Grumpy is steaming mad at the Heartless blocking his way! Let's wipe out all the new Heartless that appeared at the Inner Mines rail cart platform!

You wiped out all the new Heartless that appeared at the rail cart platform. Let's go tell Grumpy.

Grumpy: All those monsters are really gone!?


Talk to Sleepy in front of the Dwarves' house. Get 3 wormwood leaves at the river in the road to the mines and return to Sleepy.
Reward: 1000 Moogle Points | Potion x 1 | Sleepy N+ x 1

Let's go see Happy and Sleepy, who are home looking after the Dwarves' House.

Sleepy: I have to watch over the house, but I'm so very… very… sleepy… *yawn*
  Could you go get me three or so wormwood leaves? They'd keep me awake.
  There should be some wormwood leaves growing along the path to the waterfall basin.

Sleepy is meant to be watching over the house, but he's getting drowsy and that will put Happy in trouble. Let's bring him three wormwood leaves to keep him awake.

You collected the wormwood leaves for waking Sleepy up. Let's bring them to Sleepy before he nods off.

Sleepy: Oh, you gathered the wormwood leaves for me.
  If I chew on these I should perk right up…
  ... *Yawn*...


Find Chirithy. Defeat all of the Darkballs in the world and report back to him.
Reward: 100 Mog Medals

Chirithy is calling you in Dwarf Woodlands.
Let's go look for Chirithy and hear what he has to say.

Chirithy: Ah, you came. 
  Can I ask you a favour? It's about getting rid of more Heartless.
  Please go and defeat some Heartless called Dark Balls.

You've been asked to exterminate the new Heartless that suddenly appeared in Dwarf Woodlands.
Let's defeat them all and report back to Chirithy.

You got rid of all the Dark Balls that appeared in Dwarf Woodlands.
Let's report back to Chirithy who is in the Flower Glades.

(Note: This is one in a part of three missions that take place throughout Dwarf Woodlands, Wonderland, and Agrabah. Each mission is exactly the same, save for the ending dialogue which differs depending on the order of completion.) 
Chirithy - Ending #1: Thank yoooou~ I knew you could do it.
  Maybe it's just my imagination, but I think those Heartless aren't from the darkness of this world.
Chirithy - Ending #2: Thank yoooou~ I knew you could do it.
  But, those Heartless… I wonder where they came from.
  Could they have come from another world!?
Chirithy - Ending #3: Thank yoooou~ I knew you could do it.
  I wonder if do you-know-who knew about it.


Go to Dwarf Woodlands.
Reward: Gold Ticket x 1 | Silver Ticket x 3 | Yen Sid R+ x 1

Let's go check out Dwarf Woodlands!

(The Queen is talking to her Magic Mirror.) 
Magic Mirror: What wouldst thou know, my queen?
Evil Queen: Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?
Magic Mirror: I can see a young girl.
  Her sweet beauty is radiant. Moreso than yours.
Evil Queen: What are you saying! Tell me her name!
Magic Mirror: Lips as red as the rose, hair as black as ebony, and skin as white as snow.
Evil Queen: Snow White!
(Snow White is seen in the castle courtyard, singing by a well. The prince approaches and begins to sing with her, but she is startled and runs away. He continues to sing to her and she returns with glee. The Evil Queen watches the two with contempt.)


Talk to Grumpy. Proceed further into the mines to his left and then to the end of the tunnel to continue (Defeating the Morning Star is optional. You can just run past it.)
Reward: 4000 Moogle Points | Mythril Shard x 5 | Mythril Stone x 5

Let's go see Grumpy, who is in the Mines - Railcar Boarding Zone!

Grumpy: Oh, you again. Just look at this! The torches have all gone out.
  I bet those guys aren't doing so well in the pitch dark like this, either…
  Hey, you. Sneezy and Dopey are just up ahead. Can you go give them a hand for me?

Sneezy and Dopey are deeper in the mines! Let's go help them out!

(You find Sneezy and Dopey in the mines. When you approach them, Sneezy begins to sneeze.)
Sneezy: Ah… ah… ah… ah…
(Dopey tries to stop him but he fails.)
Sneezy: ACHOO!
(Grumpy runs into the area.) 
Grumpy: Sneezy, Dopey! So this is where you've been!
(Dopey dashes to Grumpy and jumps around with joy.)
Grumpy: Yeah, I know, I know, Dopey.
  I'm not mad, okay. You just head on back!
  You and Sneezy watch it, you hear? 
  The ground here doesn't look too stable.
(Dopey nods and heads back to the others. Sneezy begins to sneeze again.)
Grumpy: Come on then, let's go back to everyone else.
(Sneezy stifles the sneeze and leaves the mines with Grumpy. You make your way out but stop when Chirithy appears.)
Chirithy: Hey, looks like that turned out okay.
  You got bigger things to worry about, though.
  The strongest light in this world is about to be eaten by the darkness!
  There's someone who needs you and your power.
  Please hurry to the dark forest.


Find Snow White deep in the dark forest. Defeat the Darkball next to her.
Reward: Snow White SR x 1 | 8000 Moogle Points | Card Limit Increase x 1

Apparently someone is in need of rescuing somewhere in the dark forest.
Let's hurry on over and give them a hand!

(You find Snow White crying in the dark forest.) 
Snow White: The darkness… It's coming for me.
(You raise your Keyblade and illuminate the area.)
Snow White: It's warm… Is this light?
  No… I don't know.
  But, this warm light…
  Is it your heart?
(You shrug.)
Snow White: Ah, it is. The light of your heart.
  Thanks to you, I've got my spirits back.
  Thank you. My name is Snow White.
(Snow White suddenly becomes worried.)
Snow White: Oh no! I have to get out of here.
  Some other time, then.
(She runs out of the forest with a concerned look. Chirithy appears when she leaves. You ask him about Snow White.)
Chirithy: Yeah. That's right.
  She's part of the special light that is essential to this world.
  Because of that, I want you to watch over her from now on.
  I'm counting on you.


Talk to Snow White in the Dwarves' Cottage. Clean off the 5 spiderwebs and report back to Snow White.
Reward: Ether x 3 | 8000 Moogle Points | Moogle SR x 1

You're worried about Snow White. Let's go find out where she went.

Snow White: Oh, it's you… Thank you for saving me before.
  The sun has almost set. I wonder if I'd be able to rest here for the night.
  But this house is in such a mess, isn't it? Look at all these cobwebs everywhere.
  Oh, what if we were to clean up together? Would you help me?

Snow White was in the Dwarves' Cottage. Let's help her dust off these cobwebs and clean the room.

You cleared the Dwarves' house of cobwebs. Let's go tell Snow White.

Snow White: Thank you ever so much. It's lovely and clean now.


Talk to Snow White in the Dwarves' Cottage. Proceed into the bedroom and defeat the 5 Possessors. Report back to Snow White.
Reward: Potion x 3 | 10000 Moogle Points | Moogle SR x 1

It looks like Snow White is unhappy again. Let's ask her.

Snow White: Seeing how it was, I'm sure the second floor is covered in dust too.
  Could you help me clean the second floor?

This time we are cleaning the second floor bedroom. Clear away all the dust in the bedroom.

You cleared all the dust in the bedroom. Let's go tell Snow White.

Snow White: Thank you. The second floor is all done now, then.


Head into the mines. Rescue Bashful.
Reward: 300000 Munny | Mythril Stone x 4 | Mythril Crystal x 4

We're worried about Bashful, who is trapped under some rocks. Let's go to Mines - Lot 8 and see!

(You find the dwarves in the mines standing in front of a pathway that is blocked by rubble.) 
Doc: Can you help us out again?
Happy: We're all digging through these fallen rocks to rescue Bashful.
Sneezy: Ah… ahh…  ahhh…
(Dopey stops Sneezy before he can let out the sneeze.)
Sneezy: I'm even putting my sneezing on hold.
Sleepy: The rocks are starting to get too sleepy… uhh… I mean, sturdy… to dig any further.
Doc: Which is why, you see, we need you to.
  Um… to…
  What was it again?
  Oh dear…
Grumpy: Oi! Get on with it!
  We want them to try using that key thing they got there, right!
Doc: Yes yes, could you please give things a try using that key of yours?
(You agree to help the dwarves. You raise your Keyblade at the rubble and shoot a beam of light at it. The rubble vanishes, and Bashful emerges through the path.) 
Bashful: What are all of you doing here?
Grumpy: Humph, you finally show your face. You don't have to be THAT bashful!
(The dwarves gather around each other, happy to be reunited.)
Doc: Bashful, we were so worried! Are you hurt?
Happy: Ho ho ho. I'm so glad, so very glad.
Sleepy: *Yawn*, it's nice and dark down here, but I can't think it's a very comfortable place to sleep.
  Make sure you sleep in your bed back home.
Sneezy: Ah, ah, achoo!
  It's so dusty down here, let's hurry back home.
(Bashful notices you.)
Bashful: By the way, who is this child?
Grumpy: Oh yeah, aren't you guys forgetting something pretty important?
  Who do we have to thank for the fact that we're all standing together now?
(Doc approaches you on everyone's behalf.)
Doc: Oh, yes. It's all thanks to you.
  Thank you so much.


Talk to Doc. Go to the Dwarves House.
Reward: Mythril Crystal x 5 | Mythril Stone x 5 | 30000 Moogle Points

The seven dwarves, reunited at last, seem to be ready to go home.
Let's speak to Doc.

Doc: Now the seven of us are finally all together, we can go home. Thank you so much.

The dwarves have left the mines and are headed for home. Let's go to their house and see.

(You find the dwarves gathered outside their house. They don't want to enter.) 
Doc: Oh, you've come at a good time.
  We are just about to go attack a creature that has broken into our house.
  If you come along it'd be quite the morale boost.
Grumpy: Ugh, you can't rely on them forever!
Doc: W-w-well that may be so, but the creature…
Sleepy: It's huge…
Happy: And a monster…
Sneezy: With horns…
Bashful: And it breathes fire!
Doc: Can we count on you?
(You agree to help.)
Doc: Oh! You're such a great help.
(Grumpy scolds you for caving so easily.) 
Grumpy: And you! Don't go making promises you don't know whether you can keep!
Doc: Okay, while the creature is sleeping! 
(You form a line with the dwarves and charge into the house. Doc realizes something isn't quite right.)
Doc: What's this? It's not a creature, it's a girl.
(You find Snow White in the bedroom, frightened by the sudden intrusion. Doc tries to correct himself.)
Doc: W-welcome, my lady.
  It's an honour. From the bottom of our hearts.
  S-s-so then, um, do, do you have business here?
Grumpy: I can't stand this! Aren't you ashamed, acting like a lovesick puppy!
  Tell her to scram!
Snow White: Please, please don't throw me out.
  If I leave here, they're going to do away with me.
Sneezy: Who?
Snow White: The Queen…
(Everyone is shocked.)
Grumpy: The Queen is a sorceress, after all.
  She can hide her own figure.
  She could be here, right now.
(The dwarves become unsettled.)
Snow White: I'm sure she'd never find me here.
  I don't know.
  If you let me stay here, I'll work for you.
  I can do your washing, mending, cleaning and cooking.
Doc: Cooking!
  T-t-then, can you make… apple pie?
Snow White: Yes.
(The mood is immediately lightened. The dwarves are willing to let her stay.)
Doc: She's amazing, three cheers for Snow White!
  We'll leave it to you.
Snow White: Okay now, let's have dinner first.
(You leave Snow White and the dwarves to enjoy their time together. Chirithy appears outside the house.)
Chirithy: Wow, looks lively in there, they must be having fun.
  What's up?
  Looks like the party's still going.
  Makes ya feel kinda lonely, doesn't it...
  But you have friends, too, don't you?
(You think to yourself.)
Chirithy: Oh yeah, maybe you haven't come to understand this yet.
  No matter how far apart you are, if your hearts are connected, you won't be lonely.
  I'm sure there will come a time when you understand. 


Go to the first mining area and talk to Happy. Find the 4 quest items scattered throughout Dwarf Woodlands and deliver them to Dopey.
Reward: Mythril Drop x 5 | Mythril Shard x 5 | Mythril Stone x 5

The Dwarves are back to work. But, it looks like they're having trouble.
Go to Mines - Lot 1 and talk to them.

Happy: Ohoho, looks like Dopey dropped the key to the mines somewhere!
  We've all been thinking hard about where it could be, but we can't work it out.
  We can't go mining without that key. If you find it somewhere, could you let us know?

It seems that Dopey has lost the key to the mines. Listen carefully to the Dwarves and go look for that key!

You found the key to the mines. Let's go give it to Dopey.


Talk to Grumpy. Head into the mines and gather 15 emeralds in the mines. Deliver them to Grumpy.
Reward: Mythril Crystal x 5 | Mythril Drop x 5 | Mythril Shard x5

The dwarves have finally started work again. Go ask Grumpy if there's any way you can help out.

Grumpy: Thanks to you, we're finally all together again, and able to work.
  We all gotta put our backs into it and make up for all that time we wasted.
  Could you give us a hand? I'd like you to go get 15 precious emeralds from around in the mines.
  They might be tough to find, those emeralds. Stay patient.

Let's gather 15 precious emeralds from the mines.

Let's take the emeralds we collected to Grumpy.

Grumpy: You got those emeralds!
  You're a great help!


(The Evil Queen returns to her Magic Mirror once again.) 
Evil Queen: Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all?
Magic Mirror: In the cottage of the seven dwarves dwells Snow White, fairest of them all.
Evil Queen: I am sure that she has been killed, upon my order, by a huntsman.
Magic Mirror: Snow White is still the most beautiful in all the land. Your huntsman could not finish his task.
Evil Queen: What!? I was tricked!
  Then I shall go myself to the cottage of the dwarves, in a form they won't suspect…
  With a magic potion, I can change from a Queen to a peddlar.
(The queen transforms herself into an old hag, and carries a basket of apples with her to the dwarves's cottage.)
Old Hag: With this poison apple… she will sleep in death.
  One bite of this poison apple, and her eyes will close for eternal sleep.
  True love's kiss could awaken her… as if that would happen!


Talk to Snow White in the Dwarves' Cottage. Find Dopey in the Depths of Dark Forest, and defeat the Gargoyle. Report back to Snow White.
Reward: Mythril Crystal x 5 | Mythril Stone x 5 | Snow White SR x 1

What is Snow White up to? Let's go to the Dwarves' Cottage and ask her.

Snow White: I hope Dopey is okay…
  It seems as though he went off into the Dark Forest all alone.
  Excuse me, but would you mind going to check on him for me?

Snow White is worried about Dopey, who strayed from his friends and headed into the Depths of Dark Forest alone.
Let's find Dopey!

You saved Dopey from the monsters attacking him in the Depths of Dark Forest.
Let's go tell Snow White that Dopey has returned to the mines.

Snow White: Oh, so Dopey is safe at work with the others now.
  I'm so glad. It's all thanks to you. Thank you.


Talk to Doc at Tram Crossings. Defeat the Morning Star on the trolley heading right.
Reward: Mythril Drop x 5 | Mythril Shard x 5 | Mythril Stone x 5

It seems that the dwarves are late coming back from work at the mines.
Let's go to the mines and see what's going on.

Doc: A huge monster appeared in the rail cart tunnel, and it's got us stuck here.
  Could you go get rid of us for it?

Let's go get rid of the Heartless that appeared in the rail cart tunnel and get these dwarves back up above ground!

(You defeat the Heartless in the mines.)
Doc: Thank you so much for the help. I thought we'd never get home.
(The dwarves leave. Chirithy appears in a panic after they're gone.)
Chirithy: O-o-oh no!
  The light…! A huge darkness… The Princess has been…!
  Sorry! Later!
(Chirithy departs. The dwarves return with haste.)
Grumpy: Oi! What are you doing standing around!
Sleepy: The Queen has caught Snow White.
Doc: T-t-t-that's right! Come this way!
(You run out of the mines to get back to Snow White, but the queen is already with her at the dwarves's cottage, tempting her with a poisonous apple.) 
Old Hag: This isn't just any old apple. It will grant your wish.
Snow White: My wish?
Old Hag: That's right. Just one bite, and anything your heart desires will come true.
Snow White: Really?
Old Hag: It's the truth. Come on now, make a wish and take a bite.


Return to the Dwarves' Cottage.
Reward: Mythril Crystal x 5 | Mythril Drop x 5 | Mythril Shard x 5

Snow White is in great danger!
Hurry to the Dwarves' Cottage!

(The hag coerces Snow White to eat the apple.)
Old Hag: So, that wish of yours.
Snow White: My wish…
  Is for a prince to take me to his castle.
  And there I'll live, happily, for ever and ever.
Old Hag: Okay then, that will do.
  Now, eat up. Before the wish disappears.
(Snow White takes a bite.)
Snow White: Oh, I feel strange…
Old Hag: Soon you'll stop breathing.
  And then you'll sleep, for eternity.
  And now I am the fairest in all the land.
(The old hag leaves the cottage just as you return with the dwarves.)
Grumpy: Hey there, you witch!
(She runs away, calling forth Heartless to stop you. You fight the Heartless as the dwarves chase her down.)


Head to the Depths of Dark Forest and all the way to the end of the cliff. Defeat the Witch Bomber.
Reward: Snow White and Seven Dwarfs SR+ x 1 | Moogle SR+ x 5 | Potion x 20

Chase after the witch who headed into the Depths of Dark Forest!

(You catch up with the dwarves and chase the witch to the cliffs. She tries to loosen a boulder to crush you.) 
Grumpy: Look out!
(Before she can pry the boulder loose, a bolt of lightning strikes the cliff, destroying the ground beneath the witch's feet and sending her plummeting to her death. With the danger having passed, the dwarves are able to mourn Snow White's passing. You watch from the sidelines as they gather around her coffin to cry, and Chirithy appears to speak with you.)
Chirithy: Fortunately, she wasn't swallowed by the darkness.
  But, it looks like she's fallen into a deep, deep sleep.
(You wonder if there's anything you can do.)
Chirithy: It's not like the possibility is zero, but…
(You insist.)
Chirithy: No, no way.
  You haven't got that particular power.
(You're discouraged to hear that, but suddenly...)
Chirithy: Ah!
(Chirithy cries out and quickly disappears as the prince arrives to mourn Snow White. He approaches the coffin and kisses her. After a moment, she wakes up, and everyone celebrates.)
Chirithy: That's right, that prince's heart is connected to Snow White's.
  That's why he was able to show up here right now.
  Wonderful aren't they, the bonds of the heart. They have an incredibly strong power.
  Maybe by now you've gained that power, too.


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