Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Main Story: Arc 1

Credit goes to goldpanner for the translations!

[Arc 1: Introduction ~ The Dream Chirithy Showed]
[Arc 2: Meeting Ephemer ~ Unchained]
[Arc 3: An Encounter with Skuld ~ Seeds of Hope]
[Arc 4: End of the World ~ Luxu's Goal]
[Arc 5: Wasteland Battleground ~ Finale]


Guiding Heart 

(You awaken in a dark place, standing on a platform of stained glass.)
Mysterious Voice: The heart that guides you… what form does it take?
(Images of a bear, leopard, snake, fox and unicorn appear.)
Mysterious Voice: If you choose the same Union as your friends, you can play together!
(You choose one of the Unions. After you make your choice, tendrils of darkness begin to surround you. Before you are swallowed by it, a flash of light appears, and the darkness dissipates. You've obtained the Keyblade.)
Mysterious Voice: The Keyblade - the power of the light that drives back the darkness.
(Light engulfs you.)


The First Battle

(You open your eyes to find yourself in Daybreak Town. A Darkside appears without warning and you attempt to fight it, but are easily blown away. Before it can finish you off, a robed figure with an animal mask appears and pushes it back into a portal. Now that the danger has gone, a small cat appears behind you.) 
???: Ummm, I guess that's how they all start out.
(You turn your attention towards the cat.)
???: Hmm, yeah, this might be tougher than I thought.
  Excuse me, but, um, while you're pulling yourself together there, I'll go first.
  You have been chosen to be a Keyblade Wielder to seek the light.
  The Keyblade is the power of the heart of light. This world is being covered in darkness.
  The Keyblade is used to drive back the darkness and gather light to protect the world.
(You hesitate, not quite following the onslaught of information. The cat continues his explanation.)
???: I'm sorry, was that a bit hard to understand?
  There are monsters of darkness, like that one just now. They're called Heartless, by the way.
  Heartless are beings of darkness. They go after hearts and they stain the worlds with darkness.
  The Keyblade can fight against them. That's why you have to protect the worlds from the Heartless with your Keyblade.
  Um, all right so far?
(You nod in understanding.)
???: Yeah. Well, I watch out for Keyblade Wielders who are just starting out, like you, on orders from Up Above.
  My name is Chirithy.
  I'll stay with you, and I'll teach you all sorts of things, so don't worry.
(Chirithy moves forward and you shake hands.)
Chirithy: ...Well, as long as you can do it, I guess.
  O-okay, that Keyblade of yours. Just like you yourself, it's not at its best yet.
  It needs a little 'something' to draw out its power. We call those cards 'Fragments'.
  Oh! There's one right over there, go pick it up.
(Chirithy gestures toward a card on the ground.)
Chirithy: Phew, I guess if I say too much at once it will go over your head.
  I'm getting tired too, so we'll continue this next time, okay~
(Chirithy waves goodbye and disappears. You go over to pick up the fragment but a Moogle comes and swipes it before you can do so.)
Moogle: Kupo? Finders keepers, kupo. This is mine, kupo.
  It sounds like these cards are important, kupo.
  If you're after cards like this, I've picked up loads, kupo.
  I can share them with you, but not for free, kupo. That's the world we live in, kupo.
  Actually, you look like you're going to be a regular, so I'll give you the first one as a bonus, kupo.
  That's what they call an investment, kupo!
(Moogle hands you the fragment.)

Strength to Fight

(You use the fragment to strengthen your Keyblade. The masked figure returns.)
Foreteller: It seems like you were able to bring out the power of the Keyblade.
  This is certainly the way to defeat weak Heartless.
  However, to defeat stronger Heartless...
(The Darkside returns. You raise your Keyblade up at it as the Foreteller instructs you.)
Foreteller: You must join forces with those who share your will and your path.
(Other Keyblade wielders hasten to your side to help you fight.)
Foreteller: You need the power of the hearts connected to yours!
(You defeat the Darkside with your comrades and turn back to the Foreteller.)
Foreteller: There are a few other groups who are after the light in order to drive back the darkness, just like we are.
  However, it does not necessarily mean they share our will.
  In other words, there are people out there who are collecting the light for their own interests, rather than to help bring peace to the world.
  You'll have to work out for yourself who is a seeker of darkness, only pretending to be a guardian of the light.
(The Foreteller vanishes into a portal.)


Journey to the Outside World 

(Chirithy returns.)
Chirithy: What happened? Are you okay?
  I know you're confused, but the darkness eating away at the worlds isn't going to wait.
  The darkness has also appeared in places other than here.
  That means there are some worlds I'd like you to go visit.
  The door to the outside world has been opened.
(Chirithy moves to your side. You open a portal with your Keyblade and run into it.)


Chirithy's Birth 

(A voice sounds from the darkness.)
???: The world was darkness.
(Chirithy appears, floating in a test tube of light.)
Chirithy: But, the world I was born into was engulfed in light and was very dazzling.
(Chirithy is engulfed by light. He reappears with his cape and pouch.)
Chirithy: My master, he who brought me into this world, looked at me inside the light with a smile.



Go to Daybreak Town.
RewardGold Ticket x 1 | Silver Ticket x 3 | Card Limit Plus x 1

Daybreak Town, a city glistening in the dawn.
Let's go on an adventure to collect the light that will drive back the darkness.

(You meet Chirithy at the Fountain Plaza.)
Chirithy: You've really shaped up as a Keyblade Wielder, haven't you.
(You raise your Keyblade to show how you've gotten stronger.)
Chirithy: Uh-huh, you're looking really fine, too!
  I think it's time to tell you, then.
  Before my master, He who created me, disappeared, He bestowed His six followers with new names, and gave five of them a tome of prophecy.
  These five followers, who were to become the Foretellers, read the future written in the tome.
  Apparently a passage written on the last page shocked them
  "The war in that place will lead to the defeat and destruction of the Light. The World will be enveloped in eternal Darkness."
  In order to save the future World, the five Foretellers thought to use the power hidden in the tome of prophecy.
  That's the power you are all using now.
  Through the cards, you are using the power of the future to try and protect the light from the darkness, and avert the future enveloped in darkness.
  Also, as you know even though the five Foretellers share the same goal, they by no means share the same will.
  So, you mustn't lose sight of it yourself.
(You nod in understanding.)


Go talk to Chirithy.
Reward: 2000 Moogle Points

It seems like Chirithy is waiting for you somewhere in Daybreak Town.
Let's go see what Chirithy has to say.

(You meet Chirithy in an alleyway in Daybreak Town.)
Chirithy: Ah, I'm sorry.
  I was just checking things out by myself for a bit.
  You know those Darkballs that have been popping up lately.
(Chirithy thinks for a moment.)
Chirithy: Just like I thought, those Heartless don't seem to have come from this world.
  Basically, that means that even this world is being eaten away by the darkness right now, sad to say.
(You sigh.)
Chirithy: But it'll be all right.
  You have the power to drive back the darkness!
(You raise your Keyblade.)
Chirithy: Yeah. Exactly!
  Plus, if you go to a new world, you should be able to get new power for your Keyblade.
  I think from here on out the fight will only get tougher, so
  I'd love for you to go out and get that power!
(You nod in understanding.)
Chirithy: Yeah. All right, please hold out your Keyblade.
(You open a portal with your Keyblade.)
Chirithy: Come on, let's go to a new world!
(You and Chirithy run into the portal.)

Of Each Chirithy

(The following scene takes place after Mission 5-9 from Olympus)

(Chirithy skips through the streets of Daybreak Town and meets another Chirithy.)
Chirithy A: Hey there, Chirithy.
Chirithy B: Hey there, Chirithy.
Chirithy A: How're they doing?
  Your Player, I mean.
Chirithy B: They felt kinda apathetic, really.
Chirithy A: Oh, really…
Chirithy B: Maybe they haven't been put through enough trials yet.
Chirithy A: That sucks.
Chirithy B: And there are already only five forces of light, to boot.
Chirithy A: We can't cover up deficiencies.
  I guess all we can do is place our hope in their growth.

STORY 5-10

Go into the store in the Fountain Plaza.
Reward: Gold Ticket x 1 | Silver ticket x 3 | Moogle SR x 1

Let's go check out the shop in Fountain Plaza in Daybreak Town!

(You wander into the Moogle Shop and meet three other Keyblade Wielders.)
Wielder A: Hello.
  I see you have a Keyblade, too.
  By the way, have you heard?
  A new kind of Heartless appeared in this town.
  They look pretty tough, you know.
  There are a lot of them, too, so we've been trying to share out the task of defeating them among all of us.
  So there you have it. We'd love it if you helped out.
  Once we've defeated some Heartless, we meet up back at this shop.
  All right, we're counting on you!
(You agree and the other wielders run off.)

STORY 5-11

Defeat 4 Neoshadows.
Reward: 4000 Moogle Points | Card Limit Increase x 1

A new kind of Heartless has appeared in Daybreak Town. Share the work with the other Keyblade Wielders and defeat them!

Wielder 1: I cleared out the ones that appeared in this plaza.
  Could you please go search the attic of this shop?
Wielder 2: Ugh! I lost some Heartless this morning too, thanks to that.
Wielder 3: Two of them escaped out this window!
  Please take care of it. I'm really no good with heights...

You took down the Neoshadows. Let's go back to the Moogle Shop like we promised the Keyblade Wielders!

(You return to the Moogle Shop only to find a Chirithy there instead of the wielder you promised to meet.)
Chirithy: He won't be coming, now…
  He left me with a message.
  "I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise."
  Well, I'm sure it made it.
(Chirithy waves goodbye to you and disappears.)

Chirithy's Fate 

(Your Chirithy returns to the spot where it met the other wielder's Chirithy. The other Chirithy is collapsed on the ground.) 
Chirthy A: Hey there, Chirithy...
Chirithy B: ...Hey.
Chirithy A: My player was erased by the darkness…
Chirithy B: ...
Chirithy A: I guess my duty is finished, too...
Chirithy B: Familiars like us are tied to our players.
  If our player is erased, so are we.
Chirithy A: Yeah...
(The other Chirithy begins to float, and fades away in a soft glow. The Foreteller of your Union appears.)
Foreteller: Due to the actions of the Keyblade Wielders we have gathered a great deal of Lux, but even so, the power of the darkness is growing with even greater force.
Chirithy B: Then there really is a traitor within the five forces of light?
Foreteller: I do not want to believe so, not yet.
Chirithy B: ...Yeah.

A New Power

(In a strange sense of deja vu, you wander into the Fountain Plaza. This time, you run into Chirithy.)
Chirithy: Wow, you look like you've been working hard.
  I'm always by your side watching the all the things you're doing, like I said.
  You want to get even stronger, right?
  Well then, I have a present here for you.
  Drumroll please~
(Chirithy whips out an item and shows it to you.)
Chirithy: A Strength Bangle~
(Chirithy gives you the bangle.)
Chirithy: Ooh-ahh!
It looks great on you!
  While you have this equipped, Heartless you defeat can drop Guilt.
  You can swap your own strength by collecting that Guilt.
  That doesn't mean all Heartless will drop Guilt, though, 
  and the power you've obtained can only be used once, so be careful.
(You become concerned.)
Chirithy: Hey hey, don't make that face. Try it and see, first!
(You wonder about the bangle. In the past, you've always had to return gifts...)
Chirithy: Huh? No, you don't need to give that back.
  Didn't I tell you right at the start that it was present!
(Chirithy stops and thinks for a moment.)
Oh, well…
  Yeah. Just equip that and do your very best to defeat more and more Heartless.
(Your confidence is restored.)
Chirithy: Mm-hm. That's the spirit.
  All right, I'm counting on you.
(Chirithy vanishes. Another Chirithy walks into the plaza just as he leaves.)
Another Chirithy: What the…?


STORY 11-1

Head to the Daybreak Town, Fountain Plaza. Enter the new entrance on the left. Talk to Moogle. Pick up 10 blue materials on the same map.
Reward: 100 Moogle Medals, 2 x SR+ Moogle

It seems like the Moogle is having some kind of trouble in the Marketplace in Daybreak Town.
Let's head to the Marketplace through the door in the west side of Fountain Plaza.

Moogle: What a pickle, kupo…
  The stock I took so much trouble to procure went missing in the Marketplace, kupo.
  If I don't do something, I'll sell out of them.
That'd put my favourite customer in trouble too, kupo?
  That's why I want you to help me look for my stock, kupo.

Let's help the Moogle out and find ten items of stock that was lost around the Marketplace.

You found all the stock that the Moogle lost. Let's take it back to the Moogle.

Moogle: Thank you, kupo!
  But, while you were gone, I ran into more trouble, kupo!

STORY 11-2

Talk to Moogle. Enter the Warehouse on the left and defeat 1 x Aeroplane. Talk to Moogle again.
Reward: 100 Moogle Medals, 3 x SR+ Moogle

It seems as though the Moogle is having more trouble.
Let's hear what it has to say.

Moogle: While you were out, my favourite customer, my shopping list was stolen, kupo!
  A Heartless that looked like an airplane grabbed it and flew right off with it, kupo.
  The Heartless went into the Warehouse, kupo.
  That list is really important, it's got all the shopping I need to do for my store, so I need you to go get it back for me, kupo.

Let's defeat the Heartless in the Warehouse in the Marketplace and get back the Moogle's list.

You have recovered the Moogle's shopping list from the Heartless.
Let's take it to the Moogle.

STORY 11-3

Head to the left map, another left and pick the top path towards the lighthouse at Seaside Park. Talk to Chirithy. Defeat the Minute Bombs: 1 on the current map, 4 in Seaside Promenade, 4 in Seaside Park, 1 in Bridge to Outskirts. Talk to Chirithy in the Central Marketplace.
Reward: 1 x SR+ Card Medal, 3 x SR Card Medal, 100 Moogle Medals

What the Moogle said is a little worrying.  The eyewitness report of the Heartless Let's go to the Lighthouse.

Chirithy: Hey, I had a feeling you'd show up soon.
  A new kind of Heartless has appeared in this neighbourhood, and I'd like you to defeat them.
  I'm going to go check whether they're appearing in other places, too.
  Tell me when you've defeated all the Heartless in this neighbourhood.
  I'll be checking things out over in the Marketplace, okay?

Let's defeat all the new Heartless that have appeared in the Seaside Park Neighbourhood!

You have defeated all the new Heartless on the Seaside Park Neighbourhood.

(After your mission, you return to your residence in Daybreak Town and go to sleep. In your dream, you find yourself within the tower, witnessing a meeting with the 5 Foretellers and a mysterious figure in a black coat. You begin to approach them, but are engulfed by darkness before you can do so, causing you to wake up.) 
Chirithy: What's wrong?
  It sounded like you were having a nightmare.
(You explain what happened.)
Chirithy: You should go back to sleep.
(You go back to sleep. Chirithy turns to the window and speaks to a figure outside the room.) 
Chirithy: Are you the one interfering?
(The figure reveals himself to be another Chirithy, with dark fur.) 
Chirithy B: Did you show them the dream?
  What are you trying to do?
Chirithy: The opposite of what you're doing.
Chirithy B: Well then, I guess that makes us enemies.
(The other Chirithy leaves. Your Chirithy turns back to look at you.)
Chirithy: Will I be able to protect you…

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