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Keyblades can be upgraded in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] with materials gathered throughout the worlds and through completing quest challenges. Each Keyblade grants different types of bonuses for your medals, so it's wise to plan accordingly and prioritze whichever Keyblade compliments your playstyle rather than trying to upgrade them all at once.

Below is a list of Keyblades in the game, along with links to guides with the materials required to upgrade to each level. Story-based Keyblades belonging to other characters are also listed.



The Keyblade you begin your journey with. It's man-made, created in imitation of the legendary χ-blade that exists alongside Kingdom Hearts. Ephemer, Skuld and Strelitzia's Keyblades appear in this form.

[Material Upgrade Guide]

Treasure Trove

ロックスプレンダー (Rock Splendor)

Obtained in Dwarf Woodlands, Quest 14.

[Material Upgrade Guide]

Lady Luck

ラストリゾート (Last Resort)

Obtained in Wonderland, Quest 24.

[Material Upgrade Guide]

Three Wishes

デザイアーランプ (Desire Lamp)

Obtained in Agrabah, Quest 34.

[Material Upgrade Guide]


パワーオブヒーロー (Power of Hero)

Obtained in Olympus Coliseum, Quest 130.

[Material Upgrade Guide]

Divine Rose

ラヴィアンローズ  (La Vie en Rose)

Obtained in Beast's Castle, Quest 433. Lauriam's Keyblade appears in this form.

[Material Upgrade Guide]

Stroke of Midnight

クリスタルワークス (Crystal Works)

Obtained from Castle of Dreams, Quest 595.

[Material Upgrade Guide]

Fairy Stars

フェアリースター (Fairy Star)

Obtained from Enchanted Dominion, Quest 683.

[Material Upgrade Guide]

Bad Guy Breaker


Obtained from Niceland, Quest 880.

[Material Upgrade Guide]

Moogle of Glory


Obtained from weekend Daily Event.

[Material Upgrade Guide]

Sleeping Lion


Obtained from Proud Quest 3.

[Material Upgrade Guide]


ファンタジーノーツ (Fantasy Notes)

Obtained from Proud Quest 103.

[Material Upgrade Guide]



Obtained from Proud Quest 203.

[Material Upgrade Guide]


ダークバイター (Dark Biter)

Obtained from Proud Quest 328.

[Material Upgrade Guide]

Missing Ache


Obtained from Proud Quest 378. Ventus's Keyblade appears in this form.

[Material Upgrade Guide]

Diamond Dust


Obtained from Proud Quest 428.

[Material Upgrade Guide]

The Keyblade belonging to Ira, Foreteller of the Unicornis Union. 

The Keyblade belonging to Invi, Foreteller of the Anguis Union. 

The Keyblade belonging to Aced, Foreteller of the Ursus Union. 

The Keyblade belonging to Gula, Foreteller of the Leopardus Union. 

The Keyblade belonging to Ava, Foreteller of the Vulpes Union. 

No Name

The Keyblade originally belonging to the Master of Masters, passed down to Luxu. It has been embedded with the Master's eye, allowing him to witness events wherever the Keyblade may be.

A Keyblade handcrafted by the Moogle. Its keychain attached itself to Player's Keyblade, allowing it to take on the form of the Moogle of Glory.

Star Seeker

The Keyblade belonging to King Mickey. 

A Keyblade used by aspiring Keyblade wielders in Scala ad Caelum.

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