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Olympus Coliseum

Credit goes to Goldpanner for the translations!


Go to Olympus Coliseum.
Reward: Gold Ticket x 1 | Silver Ticket x 3 | Card Limit Plus x 1

Olympus Coliseum, a world where huge tournaments are held.
Let's head off on our adventure to gather the light and drive back the darkness.

(You arrive in Olympus Coliseum, and hear a voice calling from the entrance.)
Phil: You finally made it, huh…
  Sign-ups are closing soon.
(A satyr comes running out to meet you, but realizes he has actually mistaken you for someone else.)
Phil: Whoa, thought you were someone else.
  I got no time for children. Run along now.
(Phil jumps in surprise and you turn to see Hercules dash into the coliseum from behind you.)
Phil: Herc, you're late! What were you doing?!
Hercules: Sorry, Phil. Pegasus was giving me trouble again…
  Who's the kid?
Phil: Dunno, they probably wanted to sign up...
  The tournament is not some kid's game, though.
(Hercules looks you up and down and nods.)
Hercules: Yeah. I like the look in their eyes.
  Phil, how about you let the kid sign up?
Phil: What! What good can a kid like this do?!
  Beside, we already have loads of entrants.
Hercules: Aw, really…
  What if they participate on my behalf, then?
Phil: What's wrong with you, Herc!
  Didn't you want to become a hero!
(Hercules walks over to Phil and whispers into his ear.)
Hercules: There's something I wanna see.
  I'll be gone for a bit, but can I leave the rest to you?
Phil: Gotcha. Guess you got your reasons.
  I'll take care of that kid, then.
Hercules: Thanks, Phil.
Phil: Don't you worry. It's what I do.
Hercules: Hey, I took care of things with Phil for you, all right?
  Look sharp!
  I'm sure you can become a hero too.
(Hercules runs out of the coliseum.)
Phil: Now, I'll just sign you up.
  Give me a yell when you're ready.


Talk to Phil in the Coliseum. Defeat the Large Body.
Reward: Guard Up II x 1 | 100000 Munny

Let's go talk to Phil in Olympus Coliseum.

Phil: First, the Preliminaries. 
  Show me what you got.

Tournament Preliminaries: Round 1
Defeat the Large Body!


Defeat the Aerial Knocker.
Reward: Yen Sid R+ x 1 | 150000 Munny

Tournament Preliminaries: Round 2
Defeat the Aerial Knocker!


Defeat the Red Nocturne, Blue Rhapsody and Yellow Opera.
Reward: Potion x 3 | 200000 Munny

Tournament Preliminaries: Round 3
Defeat the group of Operas!


Defeat the Large Armor.
Reward: Fairy Godmother x 1 | 300000 Munny

Tournament Preliminaries: Round 4
Defeat the Large Armour!


Defeat the Darkball.
Reward: Olympia x 1 | 500000 Munny

Tournament Preliminaries: Final Round
Defeat the Darkball.


Report back to Chirithy in Daybreak Town.
Reward: 2000 Moogle Points

You gained a new Keyblade power in Olympus Coliseum. Let's report back to Chirithy in Daybreak Town!

Chirithy: Oh, that's great. You got that new power for me.

STORY 5-12

Talk to Phil in the Coliseum. Defeat the first round of Heartless.
Reward: Ether x 3 | 100000 Munny | Mythril Shard x 3

Phil has posted a notice regarding the tournament finals in the Olympus Coliseum. Let's go ask him about it!

Phil: I've been waiting for you! The tournament finals are here at last. Give it your all!

Tournament Finals: Round 1
Defeat the group of Heartless!

STORY 5-13

Defeat the Red Bandits!
Reward: Potion x 3 | 150000 Munny | Mythril Drop x 3

Tournament Finals: Round 2
Defeat the Red Bandits!

STORY 5-14

Defeat the Fat Bandit!
Reward: Fairy Godmother R+ x 1 | 200000 Munny | Mythril Stone x 3

Tournament Finals: Round 3
Defeat the Fat Bandit!

STORY 5-15

Defeat the Armored Knight and Armored Archer!
Reward: Guard Up III x 1 | 300000 Munny | Mythril Crystal x 3

Tournament Finals: Round 4
Defeat the Armored Knight and Armored Archer!

STORY 5-16

Defeat the Defender!
Reward: Attack Up III x 1 | 600000 Munny | Card Limit Increase x 1

Olympus Coliseum Finals: Round 5
Defeat the Defender!

(You walk out of the coliseum to meet Phil.)
Phil: Good job!
  I honestly didn't think you would make it this far.
(You're happy to receive the praise, but Phil laughs at you.)
Phil: Wahaha, don't get cocky now!
  Then again, with spirit like yours, maybe becoming champion is more than a pipe dream.
(Phil keeps laughing, but stops as you hear a voice call out from the coliseum.)
Cloud: If this is just a game to you, stop now.
(Cloud walks out. The two of your are surprised to see him. He walks past you and stops.)
Cloud: You don't need to be the champion of this tournament.
  You just took up this challenge without a care in the world. That's what that means.
Phil: What! What on earth are you talking about?
(Phil argues with Cloud, and becomes angry.)
Cloud: Exactly what I just said.
  I'll be the champion of this tournament.
  I have to win, no matter what...
Phil: Pull your head in! You won't know until it's done.
  Besides, this one here has their sights set on being a hero…
(Cloud's attention is peaked as he hears you want to become a hero. He turns to face you.)
Cloud: A hero...
(Phil loses confidence in his claims under Cloud's gaze.)
Phil: Uh, yeah...
(Cloud gives you a quick look and turns back around.)
Cloud: Who cares...


Talk to Phil. Defeat the Neoshadow.
Reward: 500,000 Munny | Moogle SR+ x 1 | HP Up II x 1

We've received notification from Phil in Olympus Coliseum that the tournament is to resume. Let's go talk to Phil!

Phil: Whoa, have you beefed up since I saw you last?
  Finally, the tournament's gonna begin! Go get em!

Tournament Finals: Round 6
Defeat the Neoshadows!


Defeat the Gargoyle.
Reward: Mythril Drop x 5 | Mythril Shard x 5 | Guard Up III x 1

Tournament Finals: Round 7
Defeat the Gargoyle!


Defeat the Morning Star.
Reward: Mythril Crystal x 5 | Mythril Gem x 5 | Guard Up III x 1

Tournament Finals: Quarterfinals
Defeat the Morning Star!


Defeat the Fire Plant.
Reward: Attack Up III x 1 | Raise Ticket x 1 | Mythril Crystal x 5

Tournament Finals: Semifinals
Defeat the Fire Plant!

(You meet Phil outside the coliseum. He's thrilled by your progress.)
Phil: You did it!
  Keep it up and you'll walk away with the championship!
  It wouldn't be so easy if Herc were here, though.
  That means this is your chance!
(You hear loud noises coming from the coliseum and turn towards it.)
Phil: Alright, looks like your opponent has been decided.
(Cloud walks out and goes right past you.)
Phil: Figured it'd be this guy.
  I can't work out what he's really like… But…
(Phil's confidence becomes shaken, but you walk over and reassure him.)
Phil: Ah, yeah…
  Look sharp.
  He's tough. Guys carrying that much baggage get quite the workout, you know.
  Don't let that guard down until it's absolutely done and dusted.


Defeat Cloud.
Reward: Mythril Crystal x 5 | Card Medal SR x 1 | Cloud SR+ x 1

Tournament Finals: Championship
Defeat Cloud!

(You seem to have managed to defeat Cloud in the tournament. Phil comes over to congratulate you and you walk over to him. Cloud moves to attack you while your back is turned, but Hercules rushes over to stop the blow. Cloud backs off.)
Hercules: Oh wow!
  Looks like I made it just in time.
Phil: Herc!
Hercules: Phil, you really should have noticed already.
  This tournament is a set up.
Phil: What do you mean by that?
Hercules: Look carefully at this entry form.
(Phil takes out the form and studies it.)
Phil: Lemme see…
  Huh!? There's something tiny written here.
  The victor will be awarded… An invitation to the Underworld!?
  Which means…
Hercules: That this is his doing.
(You all turn to see Hades make his appearance.)
Hades: Hahaa, correct! The guy backing this tournament was my hot self.
  I wasn't expecting you to sit this tournament out, but whatever.
  Everything going according to plan? Please, what a snore. My strategy has been updated.
  So, who won?
Hercules: It's too bad, Hades.
  The winner of the tournament hasn't been settled.
  There is no victor, so your contract is null and void.
(Hercules triumphantly makes the announcement, happy that Hades's plan has been foiled.)
Hades: What!
(Hades becomes enraged and bursts into flames. Cloud suddenly speaks up.)
Cloud: Take me with you.
(Everyone is shocked. Hades walks over and peers down at Cloud.)
Hades: Uh, and who might you be?
Cloud: I'm Cloud.
  I don't do contracts. Too much hassle.
  I'll go to the Underworld with you.
(Hercules and Phil try to stop him.)
Hercules: What are you doing!
  Do you realise what you're saying!
Phil: The Underworld is even deeper than the very deepest darkness! The land of the dead!
Cloud: Yeah, I'm aware of that.
  Something deeper than the deepest darkness…
  Heh. Sounds like it'd be right up his alley.
(Hades is thrilled by the turn of events.) 
Hades: Ooh…
  You've got quite a bit of darkness there.
  Okay, sounds good to me. Your wish is my command.
(Hercules tries to stop Hades but he quickly disappears with Cloud.)
Hercules: No!
  I have to get him back.
Phil: Herc!
Hercules: Phil, you can't stop me…
Phil: I know! I'm not stopping you.
  I got two words for you!
  Show! Hades! The power of a hero!
(Hercules runs off. Phil turns his attention to you.)
Phil: Now that Hades has popped up, there's nothing for you to do here.
  The tournament is on hold, too.
  I better get on home before I get dragged into this.
(Phil leaves, and Chirithy appears.) 
Chirithy: I agree.
  I don't think your heart has what it takes to face the darkness yet.
(You insist on going into the Underworld regardlesss.)
Chirithy: *Sighs* I had a feeling it'd come to this…
  Guess we have no choice.
  I asked that gentleman there to make a gate for you.
(Chirithy jumps and a portal appears.)
Chirithy: But be careful.
  On the other side of that gate is the Underworld, where the darkness reigns.
  Make sure you're absolutely prepared.
  And in particular, make sure your heart is steady!
  Okay then, take care!


Head deep into the Underworld to the inner gate.
Reward: Orichalcum x 1

Follow Hades and Cloud, who disappeared from the Coliseum, and search the Underworld!


Talk to Phil.
Reward500,000 Munny | 2000 Moogle Points

Let's go talk to Phil in the Coliseum.

Phil: You can't find Cloud?
  I thought I told you to let Hercules handle that.
  It's not in our best interests to let Hades get involved.



Head deep into the Underworld. Defeat Cerberus.
RewardAttack Up III x 1 | Raise Ticket x 1 | Cerberus SR+ x 1

Let's check out the Underworld one more time in case there's a clue.

(You enter the Underworld and see Hades walking around talking to himself.)
Hades: Good grief. That cheeky young thing, Cloud or whatever…
  Not only did he pooh-pooh my amazing invitation, he went and bullied my cute little watchdog!
  If I catch him again, he's gonna pay for that.
(Hades proceeds to walk away but stops in realization.)
Hades: Wait a minute, this is the Underworld, my garden.
  Someone's trespassing in my garden.
(Hades notices your presence and confronts you.)
Hades: Oi, you, what are you doing here?
(You start to explain but Hades stops you.)
Hades: Oh, no, I don't care about that. He and I are just in a bad mood, see.
(Hades calls Cerberus to attack you.)
Hades: It's refreshing to let it out on somebody once in a while.
  Don't take it personally.
  Go! Cerberus!
(Hades vanishes.)
Hades: I'll be watching from up here.

Hades has sent Cerberus at you! Let's defeat him!


(Cerberus collapses and runs off. Hades watches in shock.)
Hades: Oi, wait just one second!
  Is everybody out to enrage me today, or what!
(Hades becomes infuriated and ignites.)
Hades: No, stop Hades, calm down, calm down.
  You have to think, think.
  That's right, all I have to do is turn the tables on this situation.
  I'll use this guy…
(Hades smirks and moves towards you.)
Hades: Oh nooo, I'm shocked.
  I can't believe you defeated Cerberus.
  You're pretty good.
  I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.
  I do apologise.
  But, don't you want even more power?
  I could teach you. I'm an amazing lecturer, see.
  Do you wanna know?
  Sure you do!
  Don't be difficult, now.
  Come on, call in now and you get the whole thing free, that's right, free!
(You accept Hades's deal.)
Hades: Hey, now we're talking.
  The way to get strong power is…
  Once and for all, controlling the darkness.
  The source of power is darkness itself.
  If you can control the source of power, then of course you can manipulate power however you like.
  I'm the expert on darkness, so you know what I'm saying is right.
  But, well…
  If the darkness of this here Underworld is too much for you, then you're screwed from the start.
(Hades thinks for a moment and turns to you, gesturing deeper into the Underworld.)
Hades: Okay, here's what we'll do!
  My room is down the way from here.
  If you can make it that far, how about we talk again?
(Hades vanishes.)
Hades: I'll be waiting.
(You begin to head towards Hades's lair, but stop as Chirithy appears.)
Chirithy: Are you going?
  You're in the depths of darkness right now.
  It's true that the darkness is a shortcut to gaining power.
  But, if you fall any deeper than this, well…
  You might not be able to come back…
(You remain silent. Chirithy accepts your decision.)
Chirithy: That's all I can say.
  Your path is something you must choose for yourself.
(Chirithy turns away from you, and disappears.)
Chirithy: My job is only to guide you, you see.
  That's all.



Talk to Hades in his lair.
Reward: Mythril Shard x 5 | Card Medal SR x 1

Let's cross the Valley of the Dead and go see Hades' Lair.

(You arrive at Hades's lair and confront him.) 
Hades: Oh, so the darkness of this here Underworld didn't swallow you up? Good job coming this far.
  I'll give you a lesson on how to obtain the power of darkness, as promised.
(You explain that you're really just here for Cloud.)
Hades: What?
  You mean you'd rather know where Cloud went?
  I don't care about that piece of work!
  You didn't really think humans could last that long in the Underworld, did you?
  He's probably kicked it somewhere by now.
  But, you didn't cave under the darkness of the Underworld.
  It seems you have a natural aptitude for the power of darkness.
  How about I help you develop that aptitude?
(You hesitate at his offer.)
Hades: Whaaat, you have it in you.
  All you gotta do is carry out the jobs I ask of you.
  If you do, then the power of darkness will naturally come to you.
(You accept.)



Talk to Hades. Defeat the Neoshadows and report back.
RewardAttack Up III x 1 | Raise Ticket x 1 | Mythril Crystal x 5

It seems as though Hades wants to issue you a test in order for you to obtain the power of darkness. Let's go talk to Hades.


Hades: Well then, this is your first job.
  Some monsters suddenly appeared deep in the Cave of the Dead.
  I won't tolerate anything using my garden as it pleases.
  Show me your power. Defeat all of them.

Hades has issued you a test.
Let's defeat all the Neoshadows in the Cave of the Dead - Deepest Depths!

You have defeated all the Neoshadows.
Let's report to Hades.

Hades: Well done.
  You can work it, can't you.



Talk to Hades. Collect 10 glass balls and report back.
RewardMythril Crystal x 5 | Mythril Drop x 5 | Mythril Gem x 5

It seems like there's another test.
Let's talk to Hades and see.

Hades: Here's your next job.
  I've hidden ten glass balls in the Valley of the Dead.
  Go find all of them. I hid them in some pretty tough spots, you know…
  You'll be getting the hang of the power of darkness if you do manage to find all of them.

Hades has issued you a new test.
Let's find 10 glass balls in the Underworld.

You found 10 glass balls in the Underworld.
Let's report to Hades.

Hades: So you found all the glass balls.
  Huh, you're doing pretty well.


Talk to Hades. Defeat the Fire Plant and report back.
Reward500,000 Munny | Mog Medal x 50 | Orichalcum x 1

It seems like there's another test.
Let's talk to Hades and see.

Hades: Okay, here's your next job.
  This one's gonna be a doozy.
  There's a monster at the Underworld Entrance. Go defeat it.

Hades has issued you a new test.
Let's defeat the Fire Plant at Underworld - Entrance!

You defeated the Fire Plant.
Let's report to Hades.

Hades: Good job. But, it seems like you still haven't acquired the power of darkness.
  I'll prepare a new job for you, so hang tight for a bit.



Talk to Hades. Head back to Underworld Entrance, go to the left map. Go all the way down to the next map, and another map.
RewardSR Card Medal x 2, 4000 Moogle Points, SR+ Cloud x 1

It seems as though Hades has prepared the next test.
Let's go talk to Hades.

Hades: In order for you to acquire the power of darkness, you have to know the very depths of the dark abyss.
  I opened a door in the Underworld Entrance. Go look at the dark abyss in there.

Hades has issued you a new test.
Let's go through the open door in the Underworld Entrance and check out the Underworld Great Cavern - Deepest Depths.

(You find Cloud in the Great Cavern, watching a black feather fall from above. He catches the feather before it falls into the depths and pockets it. You approach Cloud to get his attention.) 
Cloud: You, huh?
(Cloud turns to leave.)
Cloud: I've got no further business here.
  The air here is awful.
  You'd better leave soon, too.
(Hercules finally catches up. He is surprised to see you.)
Hercules: I finally found you! And you too!?
  Okay then, let's hurry up and get out of here.
Cloud: I was going to do that without you telling me.
(Hades appears.)
Hercules: Hades!
Hades: I come to check on you since you were taking your sweet time, and I find you in the middle of a party.
  You didn't invite me? And here I thought we were friends.
Hercules: Sorry, but the party's over.
  We'll be taking our leave.
Hades: Hey now, don't bring the mood down.
  The party's just begun.
(Hades gestures towards you.)
Hades: Oi, it's your turn!
  Let's see the power of darkness you've acquired.
Hercules: What?!
(Everyone turns to look at you. You hesitate for a moment and then move in front of Hercules and Cloud, raising your Keyblade up against Hades.) 
Hades: Jeez, am I that unpopular?
  Everyone's a traitor.
Hercules: I'm sure this child never meant to do that from the start.
  I can tell by the look in their eyes.
Hades: Humph, whatever.
  I did prepare a plan B.
Hercules: What are you mumbling about?
  You know the score, so let us leave.
Hades: You sure are in a rush. Take it easy now.
  Especially you, Hercules.
(Hercules takes his battle stance.)
Hercules: If you don't give us a choice, I'll make you let us leave by force.
(Hercules leaps to attack Hades but collapses instead.)
Hercules: What, what? Why… is my strength gone…
Hades: Haaahahaha!
  Clearly you've been in here too long. It's only natural.
  Being a god means you're particularly open to the effect of darkness.
  I knew if I led these guys to the Underworld, you'd of course come looking…
  You fell so nicely into my trap.
Cloud: So I've been used…
Hades: Well, let's keep the party moving!
  I've prepared a VIP room for you and everything.
(Hades captures Hercules and transports him away in a dark portal.)
Hades: Now, it wouldn't be a party without some entertainment.
  First of all, how about I go destroy the Coliseum.
(Hades disappears.)
Cloud: Hey, you can't afford to be zoning out.
  I'll buy you some time.
  Go find Hercules and help him.
(You're surprised by Cloud's actions.)
Cloud: I'm not saying we're buddies or anything.
  I just don't like being used.
  That's all.
(You nod and leave with Cloud.)


STORY 10-1

Head to Hades' Chamber and rescue Hercules!
RewardHybrid Up IV x 1, Raise Ticket x 1, SR+ Hercules x 1

Let's leave Hades to Cloud for now and go free Hercules from wherever he's been trapped!

(You find Hercules in Hades's lair and use your Keyblade to free him.)
Hercules: Thank you. You saved me.
  I can't stay here. I have to go back to the Coliseum.
  You'll come too, right? I need your strength.
(The two of you rush out of the Underworld.)


STORY 10-2

Head to the Coliseum. Defeat Hades.
RewardSR+ Card Medal x 1, SR Card Medal x 2, SR+ Hades x 1

Let's head to the Coliseum, where Cloud and Hades are!

(You and Hercules return to the Coliseum, now destroyed by Hades and Cerberus. Cloud has managed to defeat Cerberus but is struggling against Hades.) 
Hades: Hercules! How?!
(Cloud is pushed back by Hades's attacks. You and Hercules hasten to his side.)
Hercules: You! Are you okay?
Cloud: Yeah, but he's tough.
Hercules: I know.
  But I have a friend who will fight by my side, so it's okay.
(Hercules looks towards you with a smile. You nod.)
Cloud: I guess that's… reassuring.
Hercules: Leave the rest to us.
(Hercules calls out to Phil, who has been hiding behind the rubble.)
Hercules: Phil, please take care of him!
Phil: Herc! What took ya!
  Look, the Coliseum is a mess!
Hercules: Sorry! I'll do something about that after.
  First I have to take out the trash.
(You and Hercules take up your battle stances against Hades.)
Hades: You sure are confident.
  But I'm on a roll right now.
  As if I'd lose to an invalid like you!
Hercules: I'm not alone.
  This child and I will defeat you together!
(Hades is enraged and bursts into flames.)
Hades: Just you try!

Join forces with Hercules and defeat Hades!

(You and Hercules combine your strength and push Hades back.)
Hades: You… fools…
Hercules: How's that!
Hades: Humph. I'll think I've given you enough for today.
  Don't let it get to your heads!
  It was a mistake to have trained up that little brat…
(Hades leaves the Coliseum.)
Phil: You did it, Herc!
  You too, you proved quite a match for Hades.
(Phil walks around and gives you and Hercules a long, hard look.)
  The bond between your hearts - your friendship - shone through loud and clear.
Hercules: Yeah. That must be our power.
(Hercules shakes your hand. Cloud mutters to himself.)
Cloud: Your friends... are your power…
(Cloud moves to leave.)
Hercules: Are you going?
Cloud: Yeah, I have no further business here.
(Phil dashes forward to stop him.)
Phil: Wait a hot second!
Cloud: Don't make me say it again. I don't…
Phil: You do have business here!
  Two words!
(Cloud smacks his head as Phil laughs at him.)
Cloud: Why do I…
(You leave the Coliseum. Chirithy meets you outside the gates.)
Chirithy: Are your eyes really that different?
(Chirithy takes a step back and studies you.)
  Huh, I wouldn't know.


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