Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Event Medals



Here is a complete gallery of all the Event medals currently available in the Japanese version of KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross].

They can be acquired by participating in events, redeeming with coins or completing quests, and are generally exclusive within a specific time period but may return for special occasions.

Medals are organized from Newest --> Oldest. Click on the thumbnails to view the complete information page and full images!

Premium | Event | Special
Reverse: [POWER] [SPEED] [MAGIC]

Moogle & Riku Moogle & Riku KHII KHIII Moogle  
Moogle Illustrated Moogle & Sora Moogle Toon Ver Moogle & Sora KHII

<SB> Graveyard <SB+> KHIII Anna    
Sora & Peter Pan Kefka FFRK Ver Sora & Chip & Dale Sora & Stitch
Xemnas Boss Ver Zack B Sora TR Illust Ver Vivi B
Miguel  Miguel & Hector Sora & Simba Bob & Jack Jack
Pete CM Ver Shan Yu Cloud & Leon Jessie
Warrior of Light FFRK Setzer Judy & Nick B Mickey Training Era B
DiZ Illustrated Ver Scar Valentine Chocolate King Mickey KHIII [EX]
Donald HT Illustrated Goofy HT Illustrated Aladdin & Magic Carpet King Triton
Goofy HT Ver C Sora HT Ver C Donald HT Ver C Sora&Donald&Goofy C
Valor Genie Hercules B Roxas B Xion B
Kairi 2nd Anniversary D 2nd Anniversary S&F 2nd Anniversary Destroyed Behemoth
Axel B Riku 2nd Anniversary G 2nd Anniversary Sora 2nd Anniversary
Pooh&Tigger&Rabbit Sora & Neku Twilight Thorn Sora AT Illust Ver
Saix B Pooh B Tigger Rabbit
Olette B Sea Salt Ice Hayner&Pence&Olette Sora KHIII Ver [EX]
Trickmaster Ariel Pence B Hayner B
Lexaeus B Goofy Illustrated Ver Donald Illustrated B Zexion B
Sora & Roxas Donald & Goofy KH0.2 Vexen B Sora & Beast
Ventus Armored Ver Sora Orchestra Ver Xaldin B Chernabog
Man in Black Xigbar B Necho Cat Vanitas Remnant
Terra & Ventus KH0.2 Xemnas B Donald & Goofy SP Sora SP Ver
Donald & Daisy Donald Illustrated Ver Sora & Riku KH3D Ver Devil's Wave
Larxene B Santa Claus Jack Santa Ver Donald CT Ver
Pluto B Mickey & Minnie Aladdin & Abu Aladdin & Genie
Meow Wow NM Ver Cinderella & Jaq Cinderella SP Ver Marluxia B
Jack & Sally Sora HT Ver B Meowjesty Flowbermeow NM Ver
Lock&Shock&Barrel Boogie Luxord B Zero
Sora&Donald&Goofy Chip & Dale Minnie & Daisy Maleficent B
Jafar Genie Ver King Mickey Training King&Donald&Goofy Demyx B
Mowgli & Friends Judy & Nick Flash Jafar
Ariel & Flounder Pooh Honey Ver King Louie Mowgli & Baloo
Neku&Shiki&Joshua Behemoth Hercules & Pete Sebastian
Alice & Cheshire Cat Pete Maleficent Beat & Rhyme
Donald ORG Ver Aqua HD Ver Sora & Riku & Meow Experiment 626
Sora Childhood Ver Riku Childhood Ver Kairi Childhood Ver Darkside
Sora & Friends Illust Flowbermeow Judy Hopps Nick Wilde
Minnie VD Ver Shadow Beast WD Ver Prince & Belle
Sora Santa Ver Trump Soldiers Queen of Hearts Mickey & Minnie VD
Mickey TR Ver Cid Illustrated Ver Yuffie Illustrated Ver Aerith Illustrated Ver
Sora HT Ver Donald HT Ver 7 Dwarves Snow White
Riku KH3D Ver Sora KH3D Ver Meow Wow Goofy HT Ver

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