Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Upright Speed

Here is a complete gallery of all the Upright Speed-type medals currently available in the Japanese version of KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross].

They are strong against Magic, but weak to Power.

Medals are organized from Newest --> Oldest. Click on the thumbnails to view the complete information page and full images!

Premium | Event | Special
Reverse: [POWER] [SPEED] [MAGIC]

<SB+> KHIII Anna SB++ Peter Pan SB++ KHIII Ventus SB++ TVA
<SB+> Gula <SB+> Key Art #21 <SB+> KHIII Xion B <SB++> Sora CoM
KHIII Pegasus <SB> KHIII Sora BF <SB> KHIII Terra <SB> KHIII Sora UF
KHIII Go Go KHIII Pascal Sora & Chip & Dale <SB> KHIII Sora GF
KHIII Pence KHIII Mike <SB> Lightning FFRK <SB> KHIII Lea
Seifer Illustrated <SB> KHIII Sora KHIII Woody KHIII Phil
<Pr> Anna Anna & Elsa <SB> Ventus HD Ver <SB> TVA
TWEWY Key Art #3 <Pr> Neku & Joshua Sora TR Illust Ver <Pr> Yuffie KHII Ver
The Incredibles 2 Riku KHIII [EX+]  Gula HD Ver [EX+] Stained Glass #9 [EX+]
Miguel & Dante Sora & Simba <Pr> Mrs. Incredible <Pr> Dash
Stained Glass #5 [EX+]  Kairi KHII Ver [EX+] Woody <Pr> Riku & King Mickey
Zack HD Ver Dr. Mog Judy & Nick B Key Art #16 [EX+]
Ventus HD Ver [EX] DiZ Illustrated Ver Huey, Dewey & Louie Armor of the Master HD
Sora FinalF HD Ver Key Art #14 Aladdin & Magic Carpet Roxas Santa Toon Ver
S&F 2nd Anniversary Gula HD Ver [EX] Jack Skellington LM Sora HT Ver C
Ventus Toon Ver Sora AT Illust Ver Sora&Riku KH2 Ill EX Sora 2nd Anniversary
Aqua Illustrated B Sora KHIII Ver [EX] Neku Illustrated Ver Tigger
Aqua & Stitch Sora MasterF HD Ver Sora AntiF HD Ver Hayner B
Lingering Will Sora & Beast Terra KH0.2 Ver Roxas Art Ver [EX]
Kairi KH0.2 Ver Mickey&Minnie Tsum Lumiere B Mrs. Potts & Chip
Key Art BOND Ventus HD Ver Ventus Armored Ver Sora & Roxas
Donald & Goofy SP Sora SP Ver Key Art #9 Necho Cat
Perdita 101 Dalmations Shiki Terra & Ventus KH0.2
Sora WoFF Ver Sora & Riku KH3D Ver Puppies Pongo
Jack Santa Ver Sora Santa Illust Ver Roxas Illustrated Ver Lightning WoFF Ver
Sora HT Ver B Cinderella & Jaq Aladdin & Abu Key Art #5
Chip & Dale Sora & Riku CoM Ver Sora HT Illust Ver Zero
Sora Illust Ver B King Mickey Training Era King&Donald&Goofy Sora&Donald&Goofy B
Mowgli & Baloo Mowgli & Friends Rai Roxas Casual Ver
Alice & Cheshire Cat Neku & Shiki & Joshua Sora AT Ver King Louie
Lea Experiment 626 Ventus Sora HD Ver
King Mickey CoM Ver Judy Hopps Sora Childhood Ver Terra & Ventus & Aqua
Riku Illustrated Ver Selphie Uniform Ver Ventus Illustrated Ver Flowbermeow
Mickey CM Ver Sora TR Ver Belle Owl
Snow White Mickey TR Ver Kairi KHII Ver Yuffie Illustrated Ver
Sora HT Ver Namine CoM Ver Aladdin Cinderella
Sora MasterF Ver Peter Pan Sora KH3D Ver Yuffie KHII Ver
Sora LimitF Ver Riku KHII Ver Aerith KHII Ver Tifa
White Rabbit Dr. Jumba Jookiba Abu Sora KHII Ver B
Stitch Mulan Sora KH Ver B Sora KHII Ver A
Tidus Sora KH Ver A Rikku Hayner

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