Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Upright Power

Here is a complete gallery of all the Upright Power-type medals currently available in the Japanese version of KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross].

They are strong against Speed, but weak to Magic.

Medals are organized from Newest --> Oldest. Click on the thumbnails to view the complete information page and full images!

Premium | Event | Special
Reverse: [POWER] [SPEED] [MAGIC]

SB++ Key Art #22 SB++ KHIII Terra    
<SB+> Ira <SB+> Aced <SB+> KH Cloud DFF <SB+> KHIII Namine
<SB> Boy in White <SB> Goofy Illust <SB> KHIII Roxas <SB> KHIII Terra
KHIII King Mickey  KHIII Baymax KHIII Rapunzel <SB> KHIII Zeus
Tidus Illustrated Ver Sora & Peter Pan KHIII Sulley Cloud FFRK Ver
KHIII Goofy KHIII Buzz KHIII Hercules KHIII Hayner
<SB> Kairi KHIII Kairi & Xion Toon Ver <Pr> Kristoff <SB> Sora Starlight
<SB> Kairi KHIII Kairi & Xion Toon Ver <Pr> Kristoff <SB> Sora Starlight
Stained Glass #7 [EX+] <Pr> Cloud KH Ver Namine Toon Ver <Pr> King Mickey HD
<Pr> Mr. Incredible Roxas & Friends Toon Ira HD Ver [EX+] Aced HD Ver [EX+]
Cloud & Leon Buzz Lightyear Miguel & Hector <Pr> Lea & Isa
Cloud KHII [EX+] Setzer King Mickey Training B Stained Glass #3 [EX+]
Key Art #15 King Mickey KHIII [EX] Tyro Warrior of Light FFRK
Sora & Kairi HD [EX] Terra HD Ver [EX] TWEWY Key Art #2 Launchpad McQuack
Sora&Donald&Goofy C Goofy HT Illustrated Leon KHII HD Ver Sora & Friends Toon
Aced HD Ver [EX] Hercules B Ira HD Ver [EX] Goofy HT Ver C
Auron Illustrated Ver Key Art #12 Riku 2nd Anniversary G 2nd Anniversary
Pooh & Tigger & Rabbit TWEWY Key Art King Mickey KHII Toon Sora Toon Ver
Sora ValorF HD Ver Pence B Riku Art Ver [EX] Pooh B
Goofy Illustrated Ver King Mickey KHBbS Illust Sora PL Illust Ver Roar of the Lion King
Beast HD Ver Belle & Beast Illust Lann Tifa & Aerith
Riku KH0.2 Ver Key Art #10 Pooh & Friends Tsum Wardrobe
Cloud KHII Ver [EX] Terra Illust Ver B Key Art AIR Maui
Cloud WoFF Ver Squall WoFF Ver Neku King Mickey KH0.2 Ver
Leon Illustrated Ver Mickey & Minnie Sora KHII Illust Ver Key Art #6
Goofy HT Ver B Riku KHII BC Ver B Meowjesty Cinderella SP Ver
Seifer Flash Riku Illust Ver B Minnie & Daisy
Goofy AT Ver Hercules & Phil Sebastian Pooh Honey Ver
Sora & Riku & Meow Terra Riku HD Ver Beat & Rhyme
Goofy ORG Ver Isa Kairi Illustrated Ver King Mickey BC Illust
Kairi Uniform Ver Nick Wilde Master Eraqus Riku Childhood Ver
Sora Illustrated Ver Beast WD Ver Prince & Belle WD Pooh
Cloud Illustrated Ver Goofy CM Ver Goofy TR Ver Lumiere
Megara 7 Dwarves Alice Cid Illustrated Ver
King Mickey Black Coat Goofy HT Ver Kairi KH Ver Zack
Cloud KHII Ver Leon KHII Ver B Sora ValorF Ver Beast
Riku KHII Black Coat Hercules DiZ Simba
Phil Bambi Cloud KH Ver Goofy B
Hercules Young Ver Riku KH Ver Goofy Knight Ver Mushu
Wakka Goofy A Paine Pence

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