Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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《SB》KHIII ロクサス

Sora's Nobody and the thirteenth member of the previous Organization XIII.

[JP Date Added] KHIII Special Draw: 6/1/2019
[ENG Date Added] KHIII Roxas Deal: 6/1/2019

Base ATK/DEF: 15848 / 8765
Max ATK/DEF: 21000 / 11995
SB+ Base ATK/DEF23614 / 13074
SB+ Max ATK/DEF: 27000 / 15744
All Targets / 3 SP cost

Ability: Sonic Creep+6
15% chance of nullifying Guard Up skills and reflects 15% of Power-type attacks. Inflicts 5 hits that deal more damage when set later in the deck

Base Multiplier: x 12.44 - 14.51
Max Multiplier: x 12.44 - 14.51
GUILT Max: x 47.27 - 55.13

Guilt: 200 - 280%

Special: Players can activate AOE "Super Burst" function to inflict Upright Power damage that's more effective against standalone targets. While defending in PVP, Super Burst will activate before the 3rd slot. 

For 1 turn: Decreases enemy Upright DEF-10 and Power DEF-10. Increases Guilt+200% (250% if SB+).

JP voice: “親友に触るな”
ENG dialogue: "Hands off my friends."

SB Multiplier: x 170.00 SB+ Multiplier: x 210.00

[Trait Medal #115]
Fuse with 《SB》KHIII Roxas to roll 1 trait and fill 1 ability slot. 

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