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  • I had an okay day. We're gonna have a good cook out tomorrow. And hopefully TV will have the Captan America movies will play to show our patriotism.
    I'm almost not daring to say it, but I finally managed to put up the next chapter of Hearts in Unison, so the thread title needs an update to chapter 68 please.

    The current chapter and the two that will follow it cost me quite some sweat and quite some rewrites, often interrupted by real life shenanigans which further disrupted my thought processes on the scenario depicted.
    I just hope it is still up to the usual quality...<__<
    Hey, saw Michigan has a Severe Thunderstorm Warning. Hope you're not getting it.
    I'm at Virginia Beach so I don't know specifically where the storm is located, either way stay safe Cinder!
    Hello, friend! :D

    How are you doing today? Got anything going on like clearing up your backlog of video games that hasn't been even completed? x3

    Starting tomorrow, I am going to get myself to finish up Persona 5 with Ann being my romantic partner. It makes sense to me. xD
    Hey KitKat! My last contest entry is up, I decided that the next Side Chapter after this won't be a contest entry. But rather a Character Spotlight chapter, like the Christmas special last year with Xiu. This time, it's Ailana.
    Thanks! I made an art thread but it's currently in the process of being approved. I'll link it here when it's done!

    And woohoo, looks like we did get some good news, haha! The new trailer looks great!

    Right now I'm on KH2, I've never had enough cash to even get a PS3 so I've gotta deal with all of my older, non-final mix versions with a supplement of youtube cutscenes for the ones I don't own, lol :p

    Also when it comes to other games, I love Final Fantasy of course, and most classic PS2 games like Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, etc. I always try to keep up with newer indie games, those are always good. Battlefront 2 looks REALLY nice if the E3 trailer is any indication. My top 3 all time favorite games would probably be Diablo 2, KH, and Paper Mario in no particular order. My goodness if someone would combine those three things somehow, I don't think I could ever get tired of playing it.
    Yep and Herc, and there might be a hint to saving Roxas..and maybe later Xion too. Still Pete and Melifsent are looking for Tim's (My name for the Master of Master's cause that name is a mouth full. Lol.)

    Oh well On deviant art I know an artist that would draw me a picture and in exchange I wrote a three part story with her Sonic OC on it.

    Oh wow. Well hopefully you'll be able to go to a beach and enjoy it same with me.
    Hey there C, nice to hear from you.

    Wrapping up KttKII is honestly one of the greatest feelings I've ever known. Like, the idea that all the thoughts I had in mind in adapting KHII, and everything I planned for Az and Tel in the story, are now out in the open and people can see them is amazing. Adding to that is the fact that I have comments on AO3 and FFNet actually thanking me for the Keys to the Kingdom series is mindblowing. Just amazing. Also, moving on to my own storyline ideas for the rest of the series is proving equal parts exciting and daunting.

    Heh, the Cri part actually used to be Telary's last name. See, he first came to life on a roleplaying forum I was apart of quite a while ago. Just added that on my username here as a tribute, and to differentiate from the character himself.

    Keys to the Kingdom is really my only serious writing project. Actually, my first love in writing is TV shows and movies (which you can probably tell by the importance I place on dialogue). So yeah, my file folder is actually just filled to the brim with half-written concepts for TV shows!

    No problem about the questions. It' kinda fun actually!
    I loved P5! Though, I might be spoiled by the mechanics if I'm gonna play the older titles lol. And thanks! I love your Makoto avatar as well. My favorite Social Link is probably Kawakami's for sure, but I also enjoyed Yusuke's a lot.

    I agree! She could be. And I didn't catch up on RWBY Chibi yet lol. I'm also good, I'm just waiting to play NieR Automata next.

    Yeah, P3 and P4 are only on PS3, but I have P4G and I'll probably get Persona 3: Portable, too. Is FES or P3P better btw? And that's good to hear! Glad he liked it.
    I beat Chrono Trigger. It's a really good game. It's veeeeery optional, though.
    You should also check out the [ AstonisheD / AmazeD ] character roster mock-up I did on my art thread :D
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