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  • Oh Chapter 2 of GOETIA is up. It was edited the 1 page worth of... umm... lewds so that it's suitable for posting. Chapter 3 is coming up by December.
    You can give them outfits, and gear and stuff, and that is rather odd. Been working on FFCCROF the other day. Today was a long day, but tomorrow will be better.
    Forces is the new 3D Sonic game. You can make your own custom hero character, and you'll have to save the World form Eggman's dictatorship and his new creation Infinite.
    Oh yeah I forgot to notify you that my KH Fanfic is up. I was so immersed into Nobuki's design, I forgot that I wrote it. lel
    Heheh, no, they don't translate into "Shadows cutting deeper" ;']
    It's indeed a text in Wing Dings, it is meant to be a reference to Gaster, but you sure will recognize after you translate it on some online translator xD
    Fun fact: After putting in the Wing Dings text, I can't preview my signature. If I click Preview and then save the signature containing Wing Dings, the signature is completely blank and appears as plain nothing in threads and everywhere. Woooo~~~
    Can't wait to hear your response, you busy golden-hearted StrongFish91 <3 <3 <3
    I've been writing intensely after I had some free time. Similar to what I said in the Persona OOC i'm usually stacked with work and have almost no free time. So when I do get the time, when I'm not trying to craft a post, I'm exploding with something to write. I owe some heavy influences to the recent trump diss from Eminem that reached a pulled a lot out of me, many of the injustices that have been going on following the Trayvon Martin shooting in 2013 all the way to today, Boston bombing, the shootings I have lost track of the numbers and the many casualties brought about from them. The other half is a bunch of personal things I've actually never really put to words really anywhere, this songwriter and performer K.Flay hits a lot of influence in my personal points that I tended to write about as well, actually went to see a live performance by her, Grouplove and Imagine Dragons from the EVOLVE tour right here in Newark, NJ just last night.

    Definitely leave some feedback Kat!
    Lol, there's going to be an Ichigo vs Naruto Death Battle in the near future. Any bets on who wins that one? xD
    I'm hoping to get a gaming PC, eventually. XD And a PS4 for KH3, but the PC is currently my main priority.
    Lol I'm actually did neither of those things. I just went to look around for things I'd like to buy once I got more money. XD
    Well, playing Secret of Mana when I'm not feeling too bad, hopefully we get this straightened out real soon though. (Those meds are not any fun, believe me. So yeah, high blood pressure is not any fun.)

    Oh and I PM'ed you with the Discord info; there IS a KHI chat, but they haven't been advertising it very much, unlike the FF one. Prolly since the KHI one is not official, but since you're staff I thought you'd better know. ^^
    Yeah, I posted the finished avatars! Were you the one who stickied my thread? :OO
    I hope you like them!
    Ahhh sorry for the late reply! I had a gooooood time with a friend, she played Undertale at my place and, while not being a gamer herself at all, she ended up loving the game so much that she didn't want me to pass the Undyne pacifist battle, she ambitioned herself, got killed a buuuunch of times, raged, but then finally beat her on her own, from zero gaming skills to a great win! I was so freakin' happy and enjoyed everything about our experience xD we wanted to finish the pacifist run in one day but we ended up in the Core at 2 a.m. (after being up till like 4 a.m. the previous night, you know how girl's nights are lol) and we couldn't see clearly anymore xD so we'll continue another time. And about the Undyne battle... I allowed myself to secretly torture her (she doesn't know how games/rpgs work that much), so I said "let's not eat the Abandoned Quiche" her: "Yeah let's not abandon it a second time!" me: *lets friend play through the Undyne battles with only 4 healing items mwahhahahahaha
    then I told her that I intentionally raised the difficulty by giving her few items and not letting her equip the Temmie Armor ;') she was too satisfied after defeating Undyne to be mad at the little evil me xD (she managed to pass the battles, after everything, with 3/4 healing items left! If this isn't great haha)

    I think that Flowey and Omega Flowey are amazing! But let's agree that the Omega Flowey battle is designed to make you want to rage-quit soooooo badly xD and I, not having experience with bullet hell mechanics that much, and hating purely chaotic battles, was SO MAD I wanted to simply quit it all xD but the battle itself is like a perfect theater piece, I was disturbed by the battle theme "Your Best Nightmare" but now I love it so much in a... messed-up way! I love how the chaotic attacks are made to be infuriating and close to some kind of nonsensical unpassable hell. I love how Omega Flowey looks like, I must say, shit that 10 years-old kids make when they discover Photoshop and that "graphic design is my passion", because it was meant to be like this. So I hated my Omega Flowey battle, like just according to keikaku lol but after a look from afar and then close analysis, the battle is genius! All my exclamation points are necessary because I am still simply amazed by how well this hell goes within the logic and course of the game.
    I gotta say I am really surprised to hear that you played Genocide before True Pacifist o A o not that I am one of those fans who are childishly offended by something like this, but knowing you as much as I do from our conversations around here, it almost makes no sense to me how exactly you were willing to initiate the tedious Genocide run before going Pacifist xD Genocide takes effort to cause all those unpleasant events and I found no amount of actual gaming fun in it, you know, the usual fun and enjoyment you feel when playing games. There's nothing like that intended in a Genocide run, even killing enemies didn't feel satisfying... unless you are pretty much of um.. that type of person to enjoy such stuff. Oh well

    I am willing to fight Sans till I get to the phase of him falling asleep. The farthest I managed to progress the battle was till no.20 out of his 24 total individual attacks. Pretty close, huh! But the tension and rush is incredible near the end and I have no items by that time... I want to get to his last attack and pass it, take a screenshot that I did it, then quit... I will never willingly let Chara do that last attack on him... He's the first boss whom I don't ever want to beat. You know I like villainous characters and would kill Vanitas infinite times because I enjoy his battles and want to beat him and see him losing consciousness like at the end of Ven's story. Pretty bizarre desire if you think about it, if I say he's my fav character and then killing him over and over - but with Sans and Undertale it's a completely different thing. I never want to lay a deadly hit on him and see him die, or not even the offscreen hints that he dies
    Aside from him, I love Papyrus a whole bunch~~ he was the first monster to make me question my feelings! I wasn't necessarily fond of him and Sans at the beginning, but during Papy's date I had so many moments of "Awww you are so preciou--- wait what is this feeling in my heart. Wait wait, no, he's a skeleton! He isn't even my type! ............. is he??????????? I am confused????????" and then an INTENSE feeling of "w-w-whatNOOOO I! Y-yo!! Don't friendzone me!!! OH CMOOON". Therefore I named my Undertale fanart and screencaps folder "Papyrus is friendzoning me" because I may never completely get over it... Then there's Mettaton, the most entertaining robot lol - I still find all the Mettaton battles to be the most fun battles in all runs xD Everything about Undyne makes me love her so much, combined with feeling of respect and admiration. I also deeply love Asriel, though I understand the rationality and heart behind all his choices and admire a lot how maturely he took responsibility in the ending.

    When I set things up completely, I will share the blog and dA account with you, and create the thread here as well xD I'll share my stuff gladly~~ ^^
    Also, well, the first Undertale lore analysis and theories place that comes to my mind is this brilliantly clear and organized tumblr blog nochoco, it's my favourite place for lore analysis and speculations. The Underlab series on youtube also expose many things well, and I still gotta search up actual account or places dedicated to these things, instead of just fish a discussion or two from all over the internet xD

    I hope everything goes smoothly in your life, and I can relate to the catching up part! Only two days of hanging out with a friend and I already have so many things to check, read, get done x w x I hope I don't forget anything ^^;;

    Welcome to the Ardyn hell --- I mean fanclub! lol, on Tumblr the Ardyn fangirls can get pretty wild with their fantasies and thus you see tags and lines like "once you enter Ardyn hell you can't get out" xD
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