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  • Working on it slowly; I had a train wreck hit me. The family curse got me (high blood pressure) so I ain't a happy kitty at the moment.
    mrraw meow meow?

    Haven't heard from you in a while. I know I'm on Discord more than IRC lately..
    I’m fine as well, thank you for asking! Exams have been stressing me out a bit lately, but it’s nothing too extremely luckily.
    Aw, sure, go ahead and request!! :3 Yeah, I hope I can revive the graphics-scene woth my thread :3
    Hello!! I'm glad to see you here heh~~ <3

    I played the game this summer and I gotta say, I had it in my PC since the end of 2015, but never got the time to play it. 2016 wasn't exactly the best year for me, and now I am soooo glad I got to play it when I defeated all the boss enemies in my life through end 2016-beginning 2017! This way I could enjoy everything I played and drew to the maximum ; w ; and I never thought I would get so much into Undertale. I even thought of giving it up because Omega Flowey was INSANE and I don't really like the bullet hell CRAZINESS. ... I was encouraged by a friend to finish the fight and she suggested playing again, at first I refused... after like... one week or two... in which I couldn't stop thinking about who and how this Asriel character is (!!!)... I ended up taking Flowey's advise and doing a Pacifist run. And then a Genocide one for all the story in it. Luckily I backed up me data so I never had to sell my soul to Chara. I never want that to happen, not even virtually.
    and so, I am one of those fans who loooove the lore and all kinds of well-developed analysis and theories, Undertale lore analysis is my favourite dish as for this summer lol

    About the fanfic - I was reading it all, yes! And I really did enjoy it, loved the humour as well, it's one freaky fanfic! At first I didn't think I could make any sense out of Slender being there but later on he fit perfectly in the context! I was surprised to change my impression xD so I can say that until now, I like your collab fanfic a lot :'3 a fun read with enough seriousness as well, overall a light one I can say. Like, it's nothing heavy with horror and traumatizing stuff o 7 o;;

    And well aaaaaaaa welllll uuuummmm

    It took me 87 deaths to realize my favourite character is Sans. My fav character was Mettaton before. But I found much more and much deeper things in Sans, to be honest... while dying so many times for so many hours, I took the time to analyse his character in the tiniest details and was fascinated to find out how similar his true nature is to my true nature... I guess I might say I am one of the rare Sans fangirls there who have serious arguments for their subjective choice of best character ^^;;

    Irl, university year started, it's my final year in Arts and second in philosophy. I am excited for everything challenging that may come >:'] also, I am preparing some scans because I want to start my new tumblr fanart blog and dA account this weekend ^^ may also open my new art thread, the old one was a chaotic mess ; ^ ;
    and how are ya? I am glad the award request got approved, you deserve this little humble but heart-felt gift from me > o <

    Come join my Ardyn fanclub!!! I invite you dearly!!! ; w ; shall I add you directly if you're lazy to write a reply lol ? xD
    Hi, Cinder! :3
    How have you been? Hope everything’s fine! Just wanted to inform you that I posted some new chapters :3
    thanks! its mr peanutbutter from bojack horseman, my favorite new show. ovafaze cropped the avatar and made it transparent so i could use it
    mrraw meow? Everything okay? I haven't been on irc much, and been working on the latest chapter of the fic.
    Season 2. Yeah but mostly thinking of stuff with OPF has been what's been keeping me from thinking about it. And wondering how I can keep saying it's a slice of life/comedy story when I keep thinking of dark, and action stuff.
    Im watching the anime, in english. Im slowly working on Pokemon and One Punch Frisk, and it's been hot for days! Burbank even has a fire. Friday is pay day Woot Woot!
    I'm good, been catching up on my hero academia, Sonic Mania came out today. Hopefully next weekend my buddy Holden will spend the night. Gonna get back in the swing of things with my stories.
    Hey Cindy, how are you doing girl? I just got paid today, and a friend of mine, loved a birthday gift I wrote for her.
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