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  • Belated Happy New Year! Oh, and I see on the Birthday thread that you celebrate yours January 31st, so a belated Happy Birthday too!

    I have some free time again, so I'll be working on Damian Hataki shortly.
    Alrighty, I found the time to work on Kiara. The bow was very spur of the moment, and I find it very cute. Her hairclip on her older self is meant to resemble her old bow and invoke a feeling of even when things change, some things stay the same. The mark on her forehead is intended to resemble a flower.

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    Yeah, I'm alive. XD I've just been busy and forgot to mention it.

    Don't worry, I have all the info you've given. I might add a cape, but I like what I did too much to touch it. XD

    I've been working more on an animation I have in the works. Other than that, work stuff and life stuff as usual. How about you?
    Hello~ sorry for the lack of activity, I don't log in to KHI anymore, I plan to leave the forums
    Atm I don't have the time to work on free requests, sorry.
    Take care and goodbye~
    I'll give it a look and get back to you with either a VM or a template depending lol.
    Alrighty! Thanks for the info. :D

    The Michael sketch is finished. Young Michael basically turned out as Sasuke with bell-bottoms. XD His adult self's design might be a bit subdued as I couldn't come up with anything else that looked right to me. I invoked the fox in both designs by having his eyebrows a little fuzzy with a "whisker" mark by the eyes, and giving adult Michael's coat long coattails to kinda represent fox tails.

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    I actually wouldn't mind if we did team up some day. It'd be fun!

    Oh, thank goodness you like it! I can do a quick coloring on her late-wait, you didn't say anything about a sword before! That's kinda important information.

    I'm almost done with the sketches of Michael, and should have it done some time tomorrow.
    Lol yeah I can understand that one. I think it’s a similar thing.

    I’ll definitely try to get a post up by the weekend. :)
    It’s going alright, just getting ready for the upcoming holidays. Moved back home because of how bad things have been but I’m good. How about you?
    Thanks! It's a dream of mine to make my own anime.

    Hey, talent takes work. It took me my whole life just to the level I am now! And hey, I can't write for beans, so I guess we're even? XD

    I did up the sketch of Alex. I focused on the feel of Naruto and Sasuke without trying to be too literal, with the end result being younger Alex more young Naruto-like and her older self more adult Sasuke.

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    Yeah that would be awkward, and all I meant is that it’s cool it comes out two days before your birthday. :)
    Basically there’s a new type of heartless that has come into existence after Xehanort was defeated. They’re hybrids because they can possess a human host. Sora, Riku and Kairi haven’t been seen since the Islands fell and I think it’s been a year or two since then? The worlds are basically on the verge of falling apart. The player characters are currently split up between the Coliseum, Halloween Town (Krampus has made an appearance as a hybrid possessed Santa) and an original world called Willow’s Keep.

    Talk about an awesome birthday present!
    Yeah. :)

    That’s good to know, I’ll try to get a post up in the next couple of days. Hmm, would you be interested in joining Kingdom Hearts Apocalypse? I’ve taken over it because Magic quit.
    No, not the flu. I’ve just been struggling with my depression and anxiety recently, I’m starting to feel like posting again but I’m still a little rattled.

    Are you doing okay? Yeah I think it is my turn.
    *blinks sleepily* Yeah I’m still alive, just haven’t been feeling too well.

    Nope, I haven’t forgotten about Miracles. I’m anxious to see what happens next myself. :)
    I may be one of the biggest fluffballs here, but this fluff hides knives. XD

    The only thing would be if there's anything you know you DON'T want a character to have, like a specific type of clothing such as a skirt or something. Other than that I assume you're fine with just seeing what I come up with?
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