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  • Random Thought: Will Kingdom Hearts eventually come to an end? And if so, what will that look like going forward?
    It's crazy going back on YouTube and watching the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 opening. Reminds me of why I loved the games so much. Same with Birth by Sleep. I remember the hype. I hope sometime soon there'll be another trailer drop for KH4.
    If anyone else would like to catch up with me after all of these years, I'm on discord sometimes. So send me a message and I’ll send a friend request! ;) I'm not often online these days, but I'll try to pop in when I can!
    ↓ I agree with Dari down there. I quite want to catch up with you as well! To think we last talked fully was when Durarara!! was being broadcast on Adult Swim in 2011. Then those random snippets afterwards when I popped in. If and when you decide to open that time capsule that you mentioned is KHI, I hope we can chat it up again. Until then, I hope you are doing great in everything. : )
    I felt nostalgic and decided to hop on here for old times sake.

    Life update:

    I'm nearing my thirty's. It won't be till next year before I leave my twenties behind, but damn. I didn't expect myself to be concerned about household appliances this late in life. Or starting a new path/chapter in life in about a month and a half from now. Which I can't talk about yet because reasons. And I'm equal parts excited and nervous about. (Mostly nervous. Because I'm afraid of screwing things up. Even if nothing has quite happened yet.) I'm still with Mite after eight years and still going strong. I feel like if I had a chart about the person I am now versus back then, I'd say parts of me have grown, while other areas still have room for improvement. For example, I don't stay up nearly as late as I used to. Admittedly, I still struggle to wake up early. Unless there's coffee. My interests have changed a lot too. I listen to a lot of podcasts nowadays. I don't game or watch anime nearly as much as I used to. It's become a bit of a struggle to watch anime lately. However, I still read manga off of Shonen Jump. And I still like shows like Red vs Blue. Tons of hype for RvB Zero! Otherwise, my family is mostly in good health. And my folks acquired some fish to look after at the tail end of 2019. I didn't quite expect it to involve into four fish tanks for us to take care of though. Thankfully, we still have a dog. And any future plans I had, much like everyone else's has been thrown out the window because of the pandemic. Should the pandemic ever end, I'm hoping to revisit the beach or a movie theater or a fair. I'm keeping it small because, I don't like crowds or people.

    Edit: Actually, I want to make strawberry jam. I miss having that on toast.

    Not related at all, I keep misspelling stuff a lot lately. It's like I lost the ability to spell and use grammar correctly after leaving the forum for good in 2018. (Which means I wasn't on my laptop as much anymore.) I still love Kingdom Hearts, but I'm not picking up MoM this year. I'll wait until the next major title comes out before potentially picking up the series again. And I do... sometimes I really do miss the friendships I used to have on here or outside of here. Or the life I had on the forum, where it became my constant place to be. KHI was my whole world for a long, long time. Thinking back on it, I remember hounding the SE site and KHI for news updates for a year straight for future KH titles. Back when 358/2 Days and BBS and Coded were a thing. I definitely don't have that in me now. I miss the times I attempted to write fanfiction or roleplay. Or would hop into forum insanity to have that last post which involved into having the circle. And it was both time consuming and fun trying to contribute to the community on here too. Nowadays, it'll forever be a memory to hold onto now to look back fondly on.

    I'm not sure why I'm typing this all out. Perhaps as something to look back on. Similar to a time capsule. And as parting words, wash your hands, wear a mask, and respect other people's personal spaces.
    Feels like everything is changing lately. Here's hoping I can keep up with it all.
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    I wouldn't mind having more games with the Twilight Gang and the BBS Gang as well. Have you ever wondered about Roxas's role and how he could have helped Sora throughout the events of KH2 and further? Aww, that's sad; I think you would have enjoyed it! Actually, you must be talking about Shadowbreakers, the latest expansion for Final Fantasy XIV.

    Thinking about joining FFXIV and playing the last Telltalle game, The Walking Dead: The Definitive Edition. Just finished up Season One and 400 Days, tomorrow goes down the rest. I've been doing good, busy but good. How about you, Kat? Anything new with you?

    For sure, Shield Hero is the hype for me right now. I'm close to the end and I cannot wait to see Season Two and beyond! I'm surprised to see some dark themes and yet it resonates so well, seeing it kinda reflects on the world we live in now. Yeah, Ads suck donkey balls! Like, really? In the middle of a show! 🙄 But one way or the other, I will finish it up! Have you read the light novels or the manga?
    Honestly, no. I really do like Roxas. However, I haven't ever really thought about what he could, or was doing to help Sora through out the series. I've actually been thinking about Verum Rex recently, and if that could become a real game. Even if it's based off FF13 Versus. I know Nomura says it's not, but the evidence strongly points to it. And if Sora will always have to be the main protagonist after the next series. Your probably right, I would've enjoyed it. But that's okay. Yeah, that's likely I'm referring to Shadowbreakers. xD

    If you do, I hope you have fun in FFXIV, and playing the last Telltalle game. What's 400 Days? That's good to hear your doing good! I too am doing okay! Mostly been removing clutter from the basement each week. And recently finished playing Super Mario World. Now, I'm waiting to watch the new season of Flash and Riverdale on the CW. Otherwise, it's getting colder, and I have some muddy buddies to eat. And a lot of people around the neighborhood are getting their decorations out for October. Oh and I've been listening to a podcast called CrimeJunkies. (I wouldn't recommend it if you don't like gruesome details, or get jumpy at night.)

    I'm not sure if Shield Hero truly needs a second season. However, I'm really happy to hear you have as much hype as I do about it! I absolute love the heck out of it. I feel torn about wanting a second season or not. I was personally good with how it came to an end. I won't spoil anything but I would love to hear your thoughts about it when you see the finale! Yeah, the dark themes were a bit hard to swallow at times but, it really did an amazing job on character development for the main character.Yup, Crunchyroll has to get some money in somehow. Nope, I don't plan on reading the light novels because I rather stay blind going into the show; should it get a second season. And I learned the hard way, I don't enjoy anime as much if I know what's going to happen after reading the light novels. So Durarara!! final season didn't leave me with wonder. And same kind of goes for popular anime such as My Hero Academia, One Piece, Promised Neverland, Food Wars (which sadly had the worst ending imaginable,) and Demon Slayer. I can't watch the anime after reading the manga because it's always ahead.
    Yeah. See, the reason I also wondered was from the past stuff and info on KH2 made it look like he had a huge role and the picture had Roxas vs Axel and the caption on it said, "I won't let you see Sora!" But it made me wonder, though. And yeah, I have heard about that but, too. I wouldn't be surprised if that game will be the new world to explore in whatever capacity for the new KH game.

    Still thinking on it, but I might end up having my avatar as a Mi'quto. Basically, they're cat people and I cannot resist them! 😻 Plus it doesn't help to see Raphi from Shield Hero in action. Oh, 400 Days takes place after Season One and before Season Two with characters that could or could not shape the story going forward. Honestly, only two of them actually contribute to the series overall. 🤔

    Oh, you're still watching the Arrowverse? I am too! I cannot wait for Crisis on Infinite Earths! The TV's answer to Marvel' Endgame and it's almost here!! It has everything from Smallville, the continuation of Superman Returns in the style of Kingdom Come, Burt Ward as either Robin or Nightwing, Kevin Conroy as a future version of Bruce Wayne/Batman, Birds of Prey, Black Lightning, and of course, the entire crew of Team Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and the Legends, plus Batwoman.. And there's still more to come! Honestly, just when I thought they couldn't top the previous crossover, they show this. If you haven't seen Elseworlds, you better do it as that is the introduction to this because of Dr. Destiny and Psycho Pirate' involvement in the Crisis. "Worlds will live, worlds will die, and the universe will never be the same again!" That is the word of Psycho Pirate at the ending of Elseworlds.

    Well, I think you could stick it out watching Season Two and three as well. I may as well since it was you that introduced me to it. 😜 And I will give you my thoughts on it as soon as I am able to. And okay, I can see that. How long will it be before they make a game out of the series? 😂
    Hello there!!

    Um, do you know how to fix the template for Miracles RP? It got messed up when the site changed to this. Could you please fix it?
    Aaaaand critical mode is live.

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    I've seen that meme going around a lot. It's quite fitting. lmao. Are you going to play Critical Mode?

    I'm extremely tempted to play KH3 Critical Mode myself, but I don't have it in me to play it right now; since the story is still pretty fresh to me. Plus there'll be DLC releasing sometime in the near future. So I might wait till then to give it a go. :LOL:
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    Yo, Princess Sugar Cookie, I tried sending you a "conversation" the other day (I don't know if that's our new equivalent of pm or what), but couldn't find a way to view sent conversations or anything like that.

    Anyway, if you didn't get it, just lettin' you know CD and I are thinkin' of you and miss our buddy. If you did get it, haha well sorry for sending you the same thing twice 😂
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