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  • Feels like everything is changing lately. Here's hoping I can keep up with it all.
    I bet it would have everything that KH has all rolled into one. And don't forget, BBS and Days had multiplayer online as well, so there's the basis for it. Yeah, someone like Earl Haliday from Ready Player One or someone like Steve Job was to us for phones or computers that could jumpstart it. I do remember seeing them as well. Decent ideas, but some felt way out of the realm of possibility until it popped up in stores.

    Sounds like they like Tides way too much, lol. But it's cool they're into it, though you might like it more if you watch some bit of it from time to time.

    Well, you didn't have to pop my bubble! 🤷 But I'm still going to watch it, though. So do you know of any anime that has a female lead?
    Speaking of multiplayer games, do you plan on playing more Kingdom Hearts game in the future? I won't deny it'd be awesome to see multiplayer expanded upon in Kingdom Hearts, but I probably play it. Mostly because Kingdom Hearts 3 was it for me. lol. Did you ever watch the Spy Kids movies? I remember back when they showed a watch that could do all of these fancy gadgets, and nowadays, we have exactly that. Except without the spy gear attached to it. True. Some ideas can be out of the realm of possibility, but some can make the possible happen if they dream/believe/try hard enough.

    I would've said so myself, but they were rooting for South Carolina the other day against the Tides. I don't think they're loyal to one team. 😆 Perhaps!

    Well on the bright side, Lucy is with Natsu all of the time. So it should hold up to your expectations as far as Fairy Tail goes with a sort of female lead character. Lucy is important! And I'm sorry for popping your bubble. I don't hold Fairy Tail in the highest opinion, even though, I read all of it a year ago. Well there is Kill La Kill. If you can handle some exposed skin. It was probably one of my favorite female lead anime's with plenty of fighting mixed in and awesome dialog. Or there's A Place Further than the Universe, which is a more wholesome anime with four female characters trying to get to Antarctica. Or maybe Promised Neverland, there's three main characters, but one of the major ones is Emma, and they're trying to escape the situation they find themselves in. (It has demons, but they learn to fight them, and etc.) Otherwise, your kind of stuck with the usual high school romance trope with female characters. Or the ones to do with playing musical instruments and etc.

    ^ All of these animes can be found on Crunchyroll btw.
    Yeah, of course! It's my entire childhood and made me into a better person in general, so the only thing that would make me stop would be of old age! 🤣 You ever play Final fantasy online? It would be neat to have that turned into an VRMMO with the whole expansion from Realm Reborn to Stormblood that for us would take months to complete, but inside the whole world would be years!

    Actually, I did see the original trilogy of Spy Kids and even have the third on DVD, so I know what you're talking about. So probably not too far off from what we need.

    Lol, that's funny. But I suppose I do the same with Alabama, LSU, Auburn, seeing we usually have a great rivalry that pushes us to be better.

    Ah, it's okay; I just feel like having male leads is so over done with and female characters when well written are just amazing as well. I think I have seen those shows on my On Demand, so I may check those out. I actually used the site to check out The Rising of the Shield Hero that you recommended to me and so far it rocks! The only thing I absolutely hate is the ads!! And I don't want to pay that, just to get rid of it. Meanwhile on, there's no ads but they have buffer problems after a few episodes in.. There's no happiness for me!! 😭😭
    Hello there!!

    Um, do you know how to fix the template for Miracles RP? It got messed up when the site changed to this. Could you please fix it?
    Aaaaand critical mode is live.

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    I've seen that meme going around a lot. It's quite fitting. lmao. Are you going to play Critical Mode?

    I'm extremely tempted to play KH3 Critical Mode myself, but I don't have it in me to play it right now; since the story is still pretty fresh to me. Plus there'll be DLC releasing sometime in the near future. So I might wait till then to give it a go. :LOL:
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    Yo, Princess Sugar Cookie, I tried sending you a "conversation" the other day (I don't know if that's our new equivalent of pm or what), but couldn't find a way to view sent conversations or anything like that.

    Anyway, if you didn't get it, just lettin' you know CD and I are thinkin' of you and miss our buddy. If you did get it, haha well sorry for sending you the same thing twice 😂
    Can we like, get an official thread where the players can post funny in-game pictures they took from their gameplay and someone like Fudgemint memes the living hell out of them lmao.

    Hope the cookies were top notch!
    I'm just happy no one has thrown a chair at me...YET lmao.

    I'm coming off a 6 day work sweep feeling pretty good, you?
    Ok, I'll be the first to admit it. Kingdom Hearts 3 broke my streak of not posting in the kingdom hearts section in well over 12 years, and I gotta say, it's like a wild goose chase in the section now with how convoluted the story got over the years. Everyone's kingdom hearts tin-foil hat level is: ACADEMIA now lol.
    For those whom it may concern,

    It's been a long time coming for me to say this. I won't be on KHI any more. Or be around as much, I guess. (Except maybe to post around the forum occasionally, if I have something to say.) I do appreciate those of you who've reached out to me; wanting to know how I was, or simply wanted to catch up with me about your lives. But I'm at this point in my life where I'm pursuing my own goals, dealing with real life problems (like everyone else does,) and simply putting time in to better myself. I am grateful to all of you for being my friends. I had a blast with a lot of you and I'll never forget that. I'm just too busy and unable to maintain my friendships like I used to back when I first joined KHI in 2010. And honestly, KHI stopped being my home. I grew up. I've become like everyone else who's left this site years before me. (Of course, I still plan on playing KHIII.) Therefore, I'm sorry for leaving a good number of you hanging, or worrying that I was mad at you. I'm really not mad at any of you or anything.I'm just not good at keeping up with messages any more. And I know I could've posted this in the Foyer, but I don't really need that much attention. I'm sure at some point, I'll come back in the future. Therefore, this is my way of letting you guys know I won't be around for the foreseeable future, and you don't have to keep leaving me messages unless you 100% want to. Who knows, maybe I'll message you guys someday to see how things have been.

    In the words of the great Leon, "We may never meet again, but we'll never forget each other."

    See ya! :D
    Well today is my first day. I’m nervous as heck, but I’m going to do my best. Oh I’ve a been reading a book series called the Dresden Files. It’s about a wizard in Chicago who acts as a PI. If your interested it’s written by Jim Butcher. Been also playing Persona 5 and I love it. Also can’t wait for the new Smash even if I don’t have a Switch.
    Hey Partner, I'm gonna be going back to college starting with an english class. Hope you have a great day.
    I'll try and keep it just one side-chapter. I just got into Vee's Letter Sidechapter that I ended up with 20 pages of it XD. To be honest, Vee's story could already qualify as a spin-off. Probs she is my most favorite character to write, just next to Kurome and Thea and Xiu; wanting to have the strength to protect her loved ones but ended up backfiring because the strength she sought ended up hurting the man she loved the most. Hence why Walter's hostile wake up call to her in the earlier chapters.

    Oh and I also have her updated look in my art thread, along with Kurszt's character design.
    Not sure if your reading this but I hope your well, and miss you. I'd like to talk to you about well anything really.
    Thanks for the feedbacks on my stories! :D Really appreciate it. Currently writing the last side story for Astonished / Amazed. Hopefully it comes out in Halloween with the Season 2 prologue a month after.
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