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  • Just droppin' by for nostalgia's sake can't believe it been 15 years. I was but a naive teenager when I started here, now here I am, a family man living by the countryside.
    Hope you found your true calling in writing somewhere more kind'
    Tyrant Raver
    Tyrant Raver
    Unfortunately either I'm still working on it or I'm at a dead end. Tried to get back to rp'ing, no one seemed interested nor want to take me in. The medium hasn't been kind to me for almost a decade now and I'm starting to bum out.
    Hi, how are you doing?
    Tyrant Raver
    Tyrant Raver
    Doing well. I hope you too, Kitty.
    Story Keeper
    Story Keeper
    I’m doing well, been busy with life…including recovering from covid and being in my last semester. How have you been the last couple weeks?
    So how ya want to do this Walt & Green Vs Spider Hybrid Sally fight? Or do you simply want to role the dice, and see where we go naturally XD?
    It’s okay, I can understand being busy. How’s your son going?

    Please feel free to give Andy some backup, he could use it since he’s running low on magic. Andy, Henry and Topsy are technically in the caverns beneath the town square so you’ll have to find a way down. Still I’m all for Andy getting backup, and I know Topsy and Henry are heading in that direction too.
    You're welcome! :D I'm super excited! I really can't wait for the last side story for Astonished/Amazed! Halloween is going to be awesome! It's going to be a really long wait for season 2 to start! Why can't it be October already. <3
    Okay. I also liked that the movie didn't touch upon the main protagonist and her relationship with the other two female leads like tricking one of them into marrying some playboy that she knew would die soon because she wanted Allen all to herself.
    Wasn't that the anime movie or something like that? I did like the 1990's version, although Dilandou did come off as too much at some times.
    Escaflowne is another title. I've seen some of the movie and anime, didn't make it far into either. The anime just got repetitive with no real development. What I know about the anime is pretty much spoiler. One of the main protagonists, Allan, he had his little sister kidnapped and he also fathered a son with a queen. The queen never told her husband that their son wasn't his and pretty much the kid ended up inheriting the king's kingdom.

    Allan's sister was revealed as the antagonist, apparently she got kidnapped, experimented on, and brainwashed. The sister became a boy named Dilandau and he is pretty much the 1990's version of Malfoy because he is pretty much bloodthirsty and always sending his goons to destroy cities and people. He mistreats his goons, but because they are his loyal followers they bend over backwards when his life is under attack. Dilandau Albatou | Visions of Escaflowne | FANDOM powered by Wikia

    I talked to someone about years back about Dilandau, she compared him to Malfoy due to how bloodthirsty and tyrannical he is. I told him that he was actually the long lost sister of Allan, which would probably send a lot of people falling out of their seats since it is an unexpected plot twist.
    Yup and it also has an English dub, though the English dub is probably weaker than the Japanese original. I should give it a go.
    Yeah, Kashimashi doesn't get much attention for some reason, despite it being kind of a yuri anime. It's yuri since those aliens that moved into Hazama's (I think that's the protagonist's name is) house after killing him and resurrecting him as a girl. She pretty much has a love triangle with her crush and her childhood friend who pretty much protected Hazama as a kid from bullies. Both the crush and friend have a hard time with Hazama's change, while Hazama's parents are pretty much happy about the change. Hazama's mom now has a daughter to dress up and her dad is pretty much happy about having a daughter to photograph, take a bath with and other stereotypical Japanese perverted dad things.
    Yeah, I did like the Rosario Vampire for its action pack scenario. I used to have all the books but I gave them away before Hasting's closed. I haven't gotten into Kashimashi despite always hearing about it. The first time that I heard about it was from Hack GU Forms from one user. I never got into it because the plot was weird. For example, would you let some aliens that pretty much killed you and resurrected you move in with you?
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