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↓ I agree with Dari down there. I quite want to catch up with you as well! To think we last talked fully was when Durarara!! was being broadcast on Adult Swim in 2011. Then those random snippets afterwards when I popped in. If and when you decide to open that time capsule that you mentioned is KHI, I hope we can chat it up again. Until then, I hope you are doing great in everything. : )
Looks like everyone I used to chat on here with is long gone. Years gone it looks like. I see you are still hanging in there. I hope you are doing well Mac! I think the last time we talked was on speaker on the PS4 like five years ago. I seen you on the PS5. I want to get mine in the coming month(s) hopefully. I think it's almost time. I want it for Spider Man 2 and Silent Hill 2.
I don't know if you'll ever see this, but if you do, I hope you are doing great Zaria! I know I disappeared years ago and now you have as well, but I just wanted to leave you a message if and whenever you came back and saw this. Random message I know, but I must have felt nostalgic or something haha... Let us see if we ever reply back. Like that one time randomly on Tumblr when I encountered you not even knowing it was you lol. Small world huh?
If you ever decide to look at your old profile, this is a reminder that we still need to organise a karaoke night.