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Hey, You have a wealth of knowledge regarding Versus XIII. Any chance you could make a dedicated topic about it?
If i was to do it, i'd like to do it right and include everything i know with sources, links, images etc.
Because of this, it would be a tremendous amount of work and i don't have the will or the time to do it at the moment.
Also, while Versus XIII's development history is interesting and all, i doubt that a lot of people care that deeply about it anymore.
So even if i was to make a dedicated topic about it, not many people would read it and it would eventually get buried in this small corner of the internet.
In short it's too much time and effort spend on something i believe not many people would care for.
This other person called "The Dead Skin" told me they were inspired by my research and decided to do their own research, archive their findings and maybe make a video about it, so it might happen by them instead of me.
Alpha Baymax
Alpha Baymax
Honestly, you have a lot of information that most other people are unaware of. You could always make a Reddit account and post it in the Final Fantasy subreddit. Don't be deterred by the fact that there's so much information to type, talk about and compile, so many people would love to know the information that you know. We can even collaborate to help compile the various information to a more digestible level because it's honestly very fascinating stuff that you are privy to.
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