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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! The holiday season is ready to begin.
I wonder what the cast of Kh (characters not the VA’s) would be thankful for hmm for the Scala and Wayfinder gang it would probably be this…
I have a huge announcement! I’m making a Fanzine for the keykids and the Foretellers. I made a cut down version of it for a school project and decided to reuse and refurbish it as a part of the Gaurdian Gaidens and Gaurdian Chronicles. It still needs a few edits and a few more pieces of artwork so it’s still in the works. But I’ll be cross posting it here and on a03. It’ll contain character summaries for all the union leaders, Player and their Chirithy, Ven’s Chirithy, Strelitzia’s Chirithy and Brain’s Chirithy, The foretellers, Luxu, Vanitas and perhaps even the master of masters, a mixture of both fanart and official renders and maybe a few extra bits of backstory only canon to the Gaurdian Chronicles as well. Please look forward to it around the spring of next year. My ideas for new outfits for Skuld, Lauriam and Elrena will show up too. Question though I don’t have a twitter but I do have an instagram should I show off the printed version there as well or just leave it here and on Ao3?
Oracle Spockanort
Oracle Spockanort
I mean, do you want maximum exposure? I recommend Insta as well if so.
Alexxio M.
Alexxio M.
Sometimes different places are better suited for different types of fan work but thanks for the recommendation
missed last week's fun fact due to technical issues here it is
Harriette having a sword inside of her gummi scepter is an homage to Brook from one piece who hides his sword within his cane and the name she gives it Mizues references the type of sword that it is a Shikomizue. Similarly, Timothe’s weapon was chosen to be an homage to Usopp also from one piece referencing Xigbar's arrowguns was just a happy accident can’t say the same for Nyxene though she definitely got the idea from reading Larxene’s entry in Jiminy's journal.