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Hey I just wanted to let you know that I am working on a post. I’ve just been super busy recently getting ready to move in a couple of days. So for the delay.
No worries! I bet you'll be glad to finish all of this, huh?
Story Keeper
Story Keeper
Yeah I am going to be happy, I'm looking forward to this. Finished organize temporarily for the night, waiting for Dream to arrive with more stuff (like the remainder of my bed lol).

A heads up, Adam adores Livvy (one of his canine companions) so there's a bit of a touching scene in the next post on Livvy calming him down. Also if I mention Oblivion in one of the posts, it's Livvy. He just typically calls her by a nickname and she knows that if she gets the full thing she's in trouble.
Corona had that horse cart heartless as a midboss before you reach the kingdom
It still was a recurring enemy afterward compared to the Rock Troll Heartless fought in Olympus and Arendelle and the Metal Troll in San Fransokyo. In fact I say the carriage Horse heartless is very reminiscent to the Skeleton Ice Dragons that SDG fought in Arendelle.

Frankly, both Corona and Monstropolis are the ONLY ones with one boss respectively with the rest of the world mostly being Mob fights against Heartless and/or Nobodies/Unversed before culminating with a final boss at the end of their respective worlds.
Woah and phew. I think Hercules would of been a better fit for what I just did than me.

See, we have a chest freezer downstairs. It wasn't shutting all the way anymore. That means..time to defrost it. And clean out some old stuff that we didn't use/forgot about.

Been at it since 4 PM EST this morning and it's finally done. The freezer burned stuff is out for the trash man, (that was a Labor of Hercules right there!) the frost/ice is in the kitchen sink downstairs, and the food that we could save is in coolers with dry ice, said dry ice is going to be thrown outside once the freezer chills a bit.

I also cleaned out some sticky crud out of there; I swear. Clean out a freezer or fridge, and there's always some sticky crud.