• Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...



New Awards Special thanks to zenaki from Deviantart for creating the bases for some of the KH sprites.
Kingdom Hearts IV Announcement
It's happening! Celebrate the KH4 announcement with this nifty award.
Total awarded: 48
Sora is Finally Here!
Congrats, world, your excessive tweeting and hounding Nintendo must have paid off! Sora is finally coming to Smash! (Now, let's work on getting Mickey in)
Total awarded: 54
Marks of Mastery These awards are given out to our die-hard Kingdom Hearts fans for their constant support of the series.
Kingdom Hearts
If you own the one that started it all (re-releases and Final Mixes count too) just request this one. It's cool, we believe you.
Total awarded: 104
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
If you own any version of CoM (Re:CoM counts too) this is for you!
Total awarded: 63
They're Quick but I'm Much Faster
An Award for those who love Speedrunning the KH Series. Even if you're not good at it, that's okay.
Total awarded: 8
You're Fighting Too?
You love KH combat. You're all about combos and flashsteps and modifiers. Floatyness be damned.
Total awarded: 26
Kingdom Hearts II
If you own KH II or its rereleases (we know you've got like three copies by now) this is for you!
Total awarded: 66
Let's get Down to Business
This is for those who love a challenge. Critical Modes, pro codes, no damage secret boss fights, 0 XP runs. You rise to the occasion!
Total awarded: 23
Coliseum Brawler
An award for those who spend their time in the Coliseum, the mirage arena, and the vs battle modes. You're all about the glory and cups!
Total awarded: 11
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
An award for those who own Days, yes the remixes count.
Total awarded: 53
An award for those who master the magic elements of the series.
Total awarded: 11
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
BBS! If you got it, get this trophy. Original, Final Mix, Remixes, whatever!
Total awarded: 57
Kingdom Hearts coded
The mobile version, the DS Re:coded remake, or even the remix movie, you got it, you get the award.
Total awarded: 37
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Available July 31st, 2012, Sora and Riku continue the Kingdom Hearts saga together on the Nintendo 3DS. Sent to the Realm of Sleep, the boys befriend Dream Eaters and battle Nightmares in order to unravel the mysteries shrouding their new foe and fallen friends.
Total awarded: 193
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX
Released on September 10th, 2013 for PlayStation 3, this compilation piles on the nostalgia as players relive three games in one: Kingdom Hearts -Final Mix-, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days all in a crisp high-definition remastering.
Total awarded: 178
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX
Out December 2nd, 2014 for PlayStation 3, this compilation piles on even more nostalgia as players relive three games in one: Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix, and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded all in a crisp high-definition remastering. Prepare your hearts, because there is going to be a lot of feels in this collection!
Total awarded: 124
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
Released January 24th, 2017 for the PlayStaton 4. As the story finally begins to crescendo towards Kingdom Hearts III, get the chance to relive Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] in high-definition graphics. Enjoy a taste of what is to come with Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep -A fragmentary passage- as we travel the Realm of Darkness with Aqua. Learn about a time before the Keyblade War with Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] Back Cover to discover who the traitor is among the Foretellers...and what the heck is in that box!?
Total awarded: 80
Into The Grid
Kingdom Hearts is coming to PC! Celebrate with this freebie!
Total awarded: 38
Kingdom Hearts III
Released January 29th, 2019 for the PlayStaton 4 and XboxOne. The Dark Seeker Saga has reached its crescendo. Request this with proof of purchase and the long-awaited award is yours.
Total awarded: 57
Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory
Released November 11th for PS4, XboxOne, and Nintendo Switch. Kingdom Hearts makes its long-awaited debute in the music game genre, helmed by the Theatrhythm Team. Dive into memoris as Kairi sleeps in Ansem's study. Get the game, request the reward, dance water dance!
Total awarded: 36
Advanced Chain of Memories
You own the original 2004 GBA release of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. Remake-shm'emake.
Total awarded: 50
This rare award is for anyone who's played the original Kingdom Hearts coded for the NTT docomo
Total awarded: 1
Kingdom Hearts Collection
If you've got any of the massive compilations, this is for you. I'm talking I.5 + II.5, I'm talking Story So Far, I'm talking All-in-One and whatever pops up in the future.
Total awarded: 75
Just Short of the Mark
You've 100%'d at least one of the KH games with trophies, and submitted the proof here! You're on your way to mastery
Total awarded: 37
You've gotten every single KH in-game trophy. Show us proof, and this premium award is yours.
Total awarded: 10
Keyblade Master
Your ability to memorize every character's lines and theorize about how string theory is responsible for all the events of Kingdom Hearts is borderline psychotic, but here we think that's worthy of praise! For those who dedicate themselves to the Kingdom Hearts franchise unwittingly, here's a keyblade... trophy!
Total awarded: 55
Red Travels the Farthest
You've traveled to one of the conventions or events where KH had a presence! Whether you played a demo, or stood in line for a poster - this premium award is for you!
Total awarded: 31
No Name
You must have inherited the Master's Eye, because you predicted something that was shown off at the last game conference! (E3, TGS, d23, etc) And, you predicted it exactly as it happened - link us to the post and this is yours!
Total awarded: 10
The Foreteller
This award is for those of you who foresaw the future of the series! If one of your theories has come true, this is the proof of your wisdom.
Total awarded: 29
Look at This Stuff!
You've traveled the worlds, acquired rare (Kingdom Hearts) items and shown your stuff as proof. A prestigious award for only the most fervent of Kingdom Hearts collectors.
Total awarded: 34
Pixel Arts Alpha Awards for the anniversary of Kingdom Hearts! You must have at least 1,000 messages to request these awards.
All For One
Total awarded: 7
Villains of a Sort
Total awarded: 6
Puppy Love
Total awarded: 4
Showdown of Fate 1
Total awarded: 6
You Were Just the Delivery Boy
Total awarded: 4
There Will Always Be a Door to the Light!
Total awarded: 7
I'm Always With You Too
Total awarded: 7
Another Side
Total awarded: 7
Another Story
Total awarded: 6
Video Game Collection These awards are given out by proof of purchase of various Square Enix products.
The big one. You waited for it, here's a treat.
Total awarded: 28
Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy
Released July 3rd, 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS, this rhythym-based RPG celebrates 25 years of Final Fantasy music. Play as stylized characters from the series and battle your way through a myriad of songs set to locales and events of nostalgic repute.
Total awarded: 34
Neo: The World Ends With You
The long awaited sequel is here! (I designed this before the boxart came out, so, it's not the same but here!)
Total awarded: 19
Sleeping Dogs
Available August 14th, 2012. You are Wei Shen, an undercover cop tasked with taking down the Triad operating within the exotic bustling city of Hong Kong. However, as you infiltrate the criminal underworld, your loyalty to the badge or or the Triad code will be put to the test.
Total awarded: 22
Final Fantasy VII PC
Available August 14th, 2012 through the Square Enix eStore, re-live the original PC version of Final Fantasy VII. You play as Cloud Strife, a brusque ex-SOLDIER who joins up with AVALANCHE to end ShinRa's lust for power, and ends up on a quest to save the world from a former colleague turned madman.
Total awarded: 27
The World Ends with You: Solo Remix
Available August 27th, 2012 for iOS devices. In the beating heart of Shibuya, a boy named Neku Sakuraba wakes up in a world that unlike his own. A new Player in the Game, Neku must use magical pins, telepathy, and the bonds of his friends. This trial lasts seven days. Fail and face erasure.
Total awarded: 33
Final Fantasy Dimensions
Available August 31st, 2012 for iOS/Android devices, command the Warriors of Light and Darkness in a quest to reunite a world that has been split by a sundered crystal. A throwback to classic Final Fantasy, make use of a diverse job system to survive the battles ahead.
Total awarded: 17
Final Fantasy III
Available September 20th, 2012 for the PlayStation Portable (and now on Kindle Fire), put on the Onion Helms of four orphaned youths destined to deliver the world from being swallowed in darkness. Employ the classic job system to aid you in turn-based combat and explore a massive world -- and fulfill the prophecy of the Gulgans!
Total awarded: 22
Hitman: Absolution
Available November 20th for PS3/360/PC, step into the shoes of Agent 47, the original assassin. Take out your targets at your own discretion, be they lethal or non-lethal. A myriad of creative executions await through use of stealth or clever gunplay. Just be mindful that the agency is always watching...
Total awarded: 13
Tomb Raider
Available March 5th, 2013 for PS3/360/PC and January 28th, 2014 for PS4/XB1, a young Lara returns in this all-new origin story. Shipwrecked on the island of Yamatai, the Croft prodigy quickly learns that she'll need survival instintcts and all of her courage to survive. In order to save her friends and herself, it's kill or be killed.
Total awarded: 45
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Released on August 27th, 2013 for Windows PC and PlayStation 3, bear witness to a realm reborn five years after the Calamity changed the face of Eorzea forever. In this MMORPG, you'll chose one of many Final Fantasy-themed classes and work together to come to the realm's aid once again.
Total awarded: 44
Final Fantasy VIII PC
Released December 5th, 2013, re-live the original PC version of this classic Final Fantasy title. In a time of war and magic, young teenagers are trained to fight and become mercenaries for the world's nations. SeeD Squall Leonhart must stand up with his friends to stand up against the Sorceress Ultimecia from compressing time and ending reality as they know it.
Total awarded: 16
Bravely Default
Available February 7th, 2014, for the 3DS. Bravely Default is a new IP from Square Enix which brings back the classic turn-based combat system and job system. Prepare to go on a journey with an unlikely group of heroes to save the four crystals of the world!
Total awarded: 38
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy
Available February 11th, 2014 on the PS3/360. Lightning returns for the conclusion to the XIII trilogy. Set 500 years after XIII-2 during the final 13 days of the world, the newly awakened Lightning must realize her destiny as savior to free the souls of humanity. But can she do it before the clock reaches 0?
Total awarded: 32
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
Available March 18, 2014 for the PS3/Vita and May 12th, 2015 for the PS4, relive the magic of exploring Spira, this time with a remastered soundtrack and visuals. With the international versions of Final Fantasy X and X-2, as well as some extra goodies, there's enough content to kick a blitzball at!
Total awarded: 66
Drakengard 3
Released May 20, 2014 on the PS3. This game chronicles the journey of our heroine (if you could call her that) Zero on her quest to...well...kill her sisters! She is joined by four sex slav--Apostles she stole from said sisters and oh there is a really cute dragon, too. This is the proof that you made the silence your bitch...maybe or maybe not have made it to Ending D. This is a Yoko Taro game. You know you rage-quit around the end of Route B.
Total awarded: 8
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call
Released September 26th, 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS, this rhythym-based RPG makes its final curtain call to allow fans to relive the beauty of Final Fantasy's great wealth of music. Play as stylized characters from the series and battle your way through a myriad of songs set to locales and events of nostalgic repute.
Total awarded: 11
Final Fantasy Type-0
Released on March 17th 2015 on PS4/XB1. Class Zero, a group of fourteen students from the Minion of Rubrum, were trained to be the ultimate soldiers and magic wielders in all of Orience. They must face off against the Militesi Empire who seek to rule the world, and discover the secret behind this senseless war and the four crystals that give each of the four Crystal States their power.
Total awarded: 29
Life is Strange
Max thinks her photography skills are the most special thing about her l until she returns to her small hometown and realizes she has the gift of rewinding time - but will it come with a price?
Total awarded: 21
Bravely Second
Released April 15th, 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS. Return to the world of Luxendarc and set out on a quest to rescue Pope Agnes Oblige from the Glanz Empire. As Yew, Magnolia, Edea, and Tiz travel to bust some Ba'als, discover a deeper mystery going on in Luxendarc. Wait. More mysteries? Mrgrgr!
Total awarded: 5
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Released on November 10th on XBox Consoles, January 28 2016 on on PC, and October 11th, 2016 on PS4. Follow Lara Croft as she seeks an artifact called the Divine Source that lead to her father's undoing, and may lead to hers.
Total awarded: 14
World of Final Fantasy
Released October 25th, 2016 on the PS4 and Vita. This turn-based RPG, in the tradition of classic Final Fantasies, features stackable chibi-fied characters from all over the series. Can you build the ultimate league of champions and save Grymoire from the Bahamutian Army?
Total awarded: 17
Final Fantasy XV
Released November 29th, 2016, on the PS4 and Xbox One. The ten-year wait is over, and now celebrate the coming of the 15th with this new award. Can Prince Noctis lead Lucis in a last stand against the empire of Niflheim?
Total awarded: 49
Keyblade Champion
You've downloaded Sora as a Champion Summon DLC in World of Final Fantasy.
Total awarded: 12
NieR: Automata
Released March 2017 for PS4 and PC. Thousands of years after the original NieR, Androids seek to rid the earth of leftover robots from a malicious Alien invasion of centuries past, in order to make it safe for the humans to return. YoRHa Android units 2B and 9S seek to eradicate the last of earth's threats so that humanity can thrive once more.
Total awarded: 22
Community Endeavors These awards are given out to community members, nominated by their fellow members.
Welcome to KHI! You've taken your first steps and posted your first post.
Total awarded: 2,983
Alter Ego
You could say the people who frequent the Roleplaying section are a bit... eccentric. But this award dignifies those who've been committed to the section for eons. We also understand the process of automatically giving an award to these individuals constitutes a "powerplay", so stop yelling at us already.
Total awarded: 16
Welcome Comittee
You're always in the introduction threads, welcoming new members! We see you!
Total awarded: 7
You set a profile picture! Now it's less likely you're a bot!
Total awarded: 2,891
Master Defender
Some people spend hundreds of hours on KHI and have never even left the Fanclubs section. They are the stewards of fanclubs dedicated to everything from fictional characters to forum personalities. Dare to utter anything negative about their idols and face the wrath of a billion burning suns.
Total awarded: 7
This award is for you and your best forum friend. Request the award and then nominate your friend!
Total awarded: 6
Lost Master
A long time ago, you were here. Then you vanished. Now you're back. Not sure how or why or what it means but this is for you, Lost Master
Total awarded: 15
You revived a dead thread. A long-dead thread. Like, no one's posting there, why would you do that? It's not Halloween (probably) cut that out.
Total awarded: 4
Lost Boy/Girl/Person
It seems you've posted in the wrong section/topic/board. It's okay. Have a badge.
Total awarded: 5
A trophy for advocates of the written word; they compose original works of fiction and non-fiction (and fanfiction!) purely from their own inspiration and talent. Give them a book deal a.s.a.p.
Total awarded: 36
Security Team
You're a real bot-buster! Awarded by the site staff to those who regularly report any spambots they see!
Total awarded: 16
Mog Boss
Your grasp on the universe of Final Fantasy is scholarly, and others benefit from your insights and information about the series. Perhaps you can also explain to us why guns don't do as much damage as swords... kupo...
Total awarded: 22
Master of Monologues
These members will definitely let you know what they think about an issue - whether you want to hear it or not! They should really get a gig shouting social commentary on your nearest cable news channel. This medal is awarded to members who have significantly contributed to the community with consistent activity. (You talk a lot)
Total awarded: 25
You've Got A Friend In Me
This award goes to the friendliest of friendlies, members who go out of their way to help others when they ask for it, vets and newbs alike. They also have a sense of modesty, maturity, and selflessness.
Total awarded: 70
Plum Goofy
It takes a special breed to make a name for yourself in Forum Insanity, and you never fail to get an "uh-hyuck" from us. For achievement in subtle or insane effort in comedic excellence.
Total awarded: 16
East Meets West
Whether it's your love of JRPGs, manga, anime, or of all things Japanese, the land of the rising sun has become part of your life and your reverence for its culture has won you this award!
Total awarded: 21
That's a stick.
Your thread was so good we decided to stick it! Congratulations on your sticky.
Total awarded: 8
Quack Attack
This medal is awarded to members who just cannot seem to control their temper when it comes to debates and arguments. They will do anything in their power to shout what they think to any big palooka.
Total awarded: 25
This award is for members who display excellence in providing us with their own musical creations. Not only is their taste sublime, but also their ability to express themselves through music is worthy of commendation.
Total awarded: 8
News Hound
This prestigious medal is granted to the extremely dedicated few whose contributions to the forums have made front page news on KHI or FFN! Their keen noses know where to sniff out a good story!
Total awarded: 49
Retired Staff
This prestigious award is given to every former staff member in service to Kingdom Hearts Insider and Final Fantasy Network including past site staff and moderators who now sit at a desk and don't help much at all.
Sure, the lime green user name is gone, but -- hey, there's green in the award!
Total awarded: 88
Rising Star
This prestigious award goes to individuals who contribute their craft to be featured on either KHI or FFN. This includes images, audio, and other crafts involving either fandom. With all that publicity, you'll make a name for yourself in no time flat. Cheers!
Total awarded: 93
Crafty Soul
This is a blanket award is given to those who participate and have an impact in the Creative Media, Creative Writing, and Roleplaying sections. These artists spend so much time in our Creative Corner section with their painting, pottery, ventriloquy and candle making. Well, maybe not those things exactly.
Total awarded: 30
Le Artiste
Here's to KHI's creative community leaders who constantly leave us awestruck with their creations. Bravo!
Total awarded: 24
Game Master
As a devotee to all things video game, most of your waking life is spent playing games. You play through speed runs, challenge runs, and felling bosses on the highest difficulty mode. In the ample time you've spent at KHI and FFN, you've made a name for yourself with the controller.
Total awarded: 31
Disney Royalty
Do you go to bed at night and dream of Hidden Mickeys? Have you seen all 54 animated feature films? Are Disney quotes and lyrics a normal part of your everyday conversation? Have an endless collection of Disney Pins? Go to Disney parks frequently? Can you even Disney?

Well, we've got just the award for you!
Total awarded: 16
Dinner and a Movie
Whether it's binging your favorite show, or waiting in line for midnight premieres at the cinema: you are a media consumer. Popcorn and snacks aside, you get your fill from watching the silver screen and we give you two thumbs up...and this trophy!
Total awarded: 14
Nose Stuck in a Book
Oh, isn't it amazing! You spend your time devouring the written word and love to share your experiences on the forum! Whether it's a book, a comic, a manga, or an audio book; you are definitely one of KHI's best read users.
Total awarded: 12
Perhaps a badge of honor, perhaps a mark of shame. This award goes to someone who write out a long and thoughtful post, only to be beaten - by mere minutes - by someone else posting the exact same thing. You will survive, may this soothe your wounds.
Total awarded: 14
Nothing's Like Before
You've been on KHI for at least five years!
Total awarded: 781
Old Timer
You've been on KHI for 10+ years!
Total awarded: 464
Farewell to UX/ Dark Road Farewell Awards celebrating Union X (Cross) and Dark Road as service slow terminates. Once the app is offline, so are these awards.
Let's Go Together
Farewell to the KHUX series!
Total awarded: 36
An Ephemeral Friendship
Total awarded: 18
A Secret Admirer
Total awarded: 15
Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]
First launched July 18th, 2013 on Yahoo! Games JP for PC browsers, Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] allows players to relive the fairytale of the events leading to the Keyblade War as five factions compete against each other to gather fragments of light to defend against enemies who threaten to send the worlds into ruin. Only those who have forged a weapon in the image of the χblade to face off against the darkness are deemed worthy to obtain this award.
Total awarded: 140
Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ
Finally launched April 7th 2016 on iOS and Android devices, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ allows players to experience the era of the Lost Masters. As five factions compete against each other to gather fragments of light to defend the worlds against the Darkness, players will uncover a deeper mystery that brings to question everything the five Unions are trying to accomplish. Will you prove yourself worthy and become a chosen Dandelion?
Total awarded: 82
Kingdom Hearts Union χ
Union X (Cross) the final chapter of the X (chi) series. Following the war, the chosen Dandelions rebuild their unions with Ava's chosen new leaders...however, one of the leaders is not who they seem.
Total awarded: 31
Kingdom Hearts Dark Road
A companion game added to Union X (Cross) in 2020 telling the tale of Xehanort's apprenticeship days and his infatuation with Darkness and the Keyblade War.
Total awarded: 27
You rode the wind to the outside world and circumvented the Keyblade War! This premium award is only for those who can prove they made the exodus from X to Unchained X, or from Unchained X to Union X (Cross).
Total awarded: 30
Anguis Union
Proof of your Union pride!
Total awarded: 15
Vulpes Union
Proof of your Union pride!
Total awarded: 42
Ursus Union
Proof of your Union pride!
Total awarded: 13
Unicornis Union
Proof of your Union pride!
Total awarded: 35
Leopardos Union
Proof of your Union pride!
Total awarded: 15
Contest Winners These awards are given out to winners of our various community contests.
The Shippers Award is for those who've proven their favorite couple is the ultimate couple in the universe.There is no in-between for these people. They'll chew you up like sharks, not backing down for an instant, if someone says otherwise -- and will go on and on until everyone agrees with them. Their favorite couple will set sail into the sunset like a cliché love story, singing their hearts out as the stars come out, and battle the high and low seas, much like their relationship. They're the captains of this sailboat, leading their couples out to sea -- watching them make it through the storm and out the other side. Or watching their favorite couple submerge to the watery depths below.
Total awarded: 8
Character of the Week
Your characters sure aren't Gary-Stus or Mary-Sues, far from it. You've proven your character-creating ability and built a top-notch character up from next to nothing. Why, I bet you could even turn a simple piece of bacon into the dreaded Van Horkenswine, vicious dictator and leader of the Army of Deliciousness. But we'll leave that for another day...
Total awarded: 9
There is no I in team after all. This award is for two talented writers to show off their work in making a story come to life. Proving their self worth in working together as a team and rising up to the challenge to show it to the world.
Total awarded: 7
Character Creator
Total awarded: 0
This is Halloween
Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

This is an award to show you won one of our spooky contests with your love of the nightmare before Christmas that we call Halloween.
Total awarded: 6
What's This
You must be in the holiday spirit, spreading joy to the world and upholding traditions on this merry holiday. This is an award to show you won our Holiday contests just in time to hear that jingle, jingle of Santa Claus sleigh hurrying on its way; with presents, and a list of who's naughty and nice!
Total awarded: 4
Light and Darkness These badges are from 2017's light and dark campaign! They're technically retired, but you never know!
Superior of the In-Between
"Let us remind ourselves why we are here and what we hope to achieve."
Part of the Light and Darkness year-long-campaign. To unlock Xemnas, be one of the top posting members at any point during the month of January. To request this award, link to a screenshot of your status in the rankings. This award will stop being given out once the month is over.
Total awarded: 23
The Freeshooter
"We jumped through a lot of hoops to get you here. But it looks as if it's gonna pay off."" Part of the Light and Darkness year-long-campaign. Make a considerable contribution to a forum section you rarely visit. Whether it is opening a thread about an upcoming film you are excited about, finally getting over that fear of posting in the selfie thread, or revealing your hidden talents in the creative media section; bend space to suit your posting, request the award with a screenshot of it, and Xigbar is yours. This award will stop being given out once the month is over.
Total awarded: 19
Whirlwind Lancer
"That's exactly what I wanted to hear. It's not in my nature to hold back."

Part of the Light and Darkness year-long-campaign. An award for only the most long-winded and silver-tongued of users. Whether it's a thorough theory or a hearty rebuttal in a debate, to unlock this award you must contribute a well-written post with a character count of over 800 characters. Make a lengthy post that contributes to the forum sometime in March and Xaldin is yours. This award will stop being given out once the month is over.
Total awarded: 21
Chilly Academic
Our work wouldn't go half as smoothly if we didn't gather the needed intelligence beforehand."
Part of the Light and Darkness year-long-campaign. An award for the most dedicated of scholars, and research is the key. Just make a pulitzer-winning post, whether it's an observation or a theory that contributes to the forum sometime in April and Vexen is yours. For this post to count, you have to back up what you're saying with sources - and make sure to cite 'em. This award will stop being given out once the month is over.
Total awarded: 12
Taciturn Stalwart
In the meantime, there are deeds to
be done, and only you can do them."

Part of the Light and Darkness year-long-campaign. An award for the most even-headed of users for never losing your cool while we were silent for the month of May. This freebie award is yours for the taking, just request!
Total awarded: 28
Cloaked Schemer
"Are you starting to see why you're so important? Each of us has a vital role in the Organization."

Part of the Light and Darkness year-long-campaign. An award for the most well-read of users with a passion for the written word and all it entails.

Gain this award by writing an original piece in the creative writing section or reviewing someone else's work or by discussing literature in the appropriate sections. Link us your work in the request form and Zexion is yours.
This award will stop being given out once the month is over.
Total awarded: 12
Luna Diviner
"I will issue missions, which the Organization expects you to carry out."

Part of the Light and Darkness year-long-campaign. To unlock Saïx lead a discussion on the forums. This can be bringing up a new subject in an existing topic, or creating a new topic in any section. Link us to your post, and this award is yours for the next month.
Total awarded: 14
Flurry of Dancing Flames
"What is it with you and picking up stray puppies?"

Part of the Light and Darkness year-long-campaign. To unlock Axel, take a new member under your wing. This can be done by welcoming new members in the introduction thread, leaving visitor messages on a new user's profile, or referring a new user to the forums in the first place. Link us to your proof, and this award is yours for the next month.
Total awarded: 12
Melodious Nocturne
"So, uh...you play any instruments? No?... Never mind."
Part of the year-long Light and Dark campaign
This award is for those with a good ear - or perhaps a good voice. Post anything music-related for the month of September and Demyx is yours.
Total awarded: 10
The Gambler of Fate
"There are odds for everything... The trick is in the timing. Hit the window just right, and a long shot will pay off big."
Part of the year-long Light and Dark campaign.
This award requires a bit of risk taking - the staff is thinking of a number. Request this award, and at the end of October we'll count your posts for the month. If you hit that secret number of posts, we'll give you the Luxord award!
Total awarded: 20
Graceful Assassin
"Marluxia is gonna be up there... so maybe you'd better stay down

Part of the year-long Light and Darkness Campaign. A scavenger hunt of sorts. Marluxia is hiding somewhere on the forums, and you must find him before the month is over. He stands somewhere he shouldn't be, and yet somehow is - his most recent appearance is also the beginning. Find him, request the award and tell us where he's hiding in the award request's description to win the Marluxia award.
Total awarded: 15
Savage Nymph
"Ugh, at the speed you move, we'll be here all month..."

The final award of the year-long light and dark campaign. To win Larxene, you must be the first to respond in a thread. Forum Insanity doesn't count, nor do spammy posts. Get to it before the month is over and Larxene is yours.
Total awarded: 15
Key of Destiny
"Man, time flies."

Congratulations. You earned all 12 Organization awards in the Light and Dark Campaign. If you have all the other members, than you need only request this award for Roxas to join the ranks.
Total awarded: 9
Fairest of them All
"Over the seven jewelled hills, beyond the seventh fall, in the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs, dwells Snow White, fairest of them all."
Part of the Light and Darkness year-long-campaign. Only a member whose heart is pure as snow can achieve this award by being nominated as a true friend over January and February. This award will stop being given out once February is over.
Total awarded: 31
Ever Gentle and Kind
"And yet through it all, Cinderella remained ever gentle and kind, for with each dawn she found new hope that someday...
her dreams of happiness would come true."

Part of the Light and Darkness year-long-campaign. This award is given over March and April to those who show strength, courage, and grace in trying times. This award can only be achieved by being nominated by someone who sees your shining light in the darkness. This award will stop being given out once April is over.
Total awarded: 28
Curiouser and Curiouser
"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t."

Part of the Light and Darkness year-long-campaign. This award is given over May and June to those whose imagination is bigger than the world around you. This award can only be achieved by being nominated by someone who sees your creativity and individuality. This award will stop being given out once June is over.
Total awarded: 14
Steadfast Heart
"In ageless sleep she finds repose. The years roll by, but a hundred years to a steadfast heart are but a day."

Part of the Light and Darkness year-long-campaign. Patience is a virtue, and whether it's waiting a hundred years for true love or 1000 years for Kingdom Hearts III, your patience will be rewarded. Only a friend who sees how long you've endured can nominate you for the Aurora award. This award will stop being given out once August is over.
Total awarded: 16
Beauty Within
"The prince sneered at the gift and turned the old woman away, but she warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within."
Part of the year-long Light and Darkness Campaign. Only users who can see the beauty and purpose in everything can be nominated by a friend to win this award. This award will stop being given out once the month of October is over.
Total awarded: 12
Come So Far
"I'm like a shooting star, I've come so far, I can't go back to where I used to be." Part of the year-long Light and Darkness Campaign. You can nominate any forum friend for this award if you feel they've shown significant growth through their time on KHInsider. Jasmine will stop being given out once December is over.
Total awarded: 12
O, Purest of Hearts
"I've chosen a girl. I don't know if she holds the princesses' powers, but I will find out. She may lead me to the key bearer."

Congratulations! You gathered the six Princesses in the Light and Dark campaign. Now, to gain the seventh, you must have earned all six prior and simply request this final award. Then Kairi will be yours.
Total awarded: 8
Antiquated Decorations These awards were once given out but are now retired.
Another Day of Sun
Happy 6/26! In honor of Stitch and summer, we present this award. Once summer is over, this award goes aloha! (That's September 22nd, ya'll)
Total awarded: 13
Ifrit's Gauntlet
Successfully completed the Ifrit's Gauntlet challenge Original Quest for Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy.
Total awarded: 7
Happy Holidays!
This award, straight out of Christmas Town, will be given out to requesters the entire Holiday season and end on January 5th (the 12th day of Christmas).
Total awarded: 23
Not a Footprint to be Seen
Seasonal Winter Award. Request until March 20th, the Spring Equinox.
Total awarded: 21
See ya later, Donald!
You know what this is and you know why we made it. So celebrate!
Total awarded: 21
Shiva's Gauntlet
Successfully completed the Shiva's Gauntlet challenge Original Quest for Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy.
Total awarded: 4
Beautiful world, isn't it?
Spring celebration award! You can request this until the summer solstice. (June 20th)
Total awarded: 27
Hottest of the Hot 2010 - Female Division
Winner of the females division of the annual Hottest of the Hot contest for 2010. Proving that there actually are women on the internet, this female specimen is the forum's best beauty. Look forward to being e-stalked for the rest of your existence.
Total awarded: 1
Hottest of the Hot 2010 - Male Division
Winner of the males division of the annual Hottest of the Hot contest for 2010. This male specimen shows that the handsome do exist on KHInsider, much to the shock of the staff. Doomed to be assassinated by the icy stares of lonely neckbeards lurking Intelligent Discussion.
Total awarded: 1
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded - Launch Event Winner
This award goes to the winner of KHInsider's Kingdom Hearts Re:coded launch event giveaway and recipient of 1000 DSi points! Among the many entries, this essayist was chosen for their artful recollection of which Kingdom Hearts franchise character they identified the most with. Congrats!
Total awarded: 1
Halloween 2012 Costume Contest
"High fructose corn syrup is fine", they said. "Sugar is sugar", even! Excited by your decisive victory in the costume contest, you engorge yourself with saccharine sweets. However, as your stomach writhes in pain and your eyes glaze over, you realize it's too late -- that you will join the ranks of The Walking Fed: shambling Halloween horrors hell-bent on devouring anything and eveything for sugar. BAD END.
Total awarded: 1
Holiday 2012
Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah! The winner of this Kingdom Hearts Insider holiday award showed us their Spirit without giving us a Nightmare. Huzzah! If you didn't make the cut, don't despair -- the holidays are but only a year away. (Please look forward to it.)
Total awarded: 1
Academy Awards 2013
It's time for the KHI Academy Awards! The glamour! The glitz! None of that involved here! Members vote for their favorite member's performance in categories such as Friendliest Member, Funniest Member, and Member of the Year.
Total awarded: 16
2013 Roleplaying Awards
These people mightn't be around long enough for the Alter Ego award, but they've still demonstrated themselves to be some of the best KHI's roleplaying section has to offer. Whether you've been voted in at annual awards, conquered an event, or started your very own program in the section, you've gone above and beyond in roleplaying.
Total awarded: 11
Holiday 2013 Contest
Happy Holidays! This holiday season we had so many talented entrants that we couldn't help but give out multiple awards to celebrate the season!
Total awarded: 4
Happy Autumn! This award goes away December 21st.
Total awarded: 15
2Spooky 4 Halloween
This award goes to our yearly Halloween contest winners. This award is cautionary, as we fear our awardee may never take off their Halloween costume after being so generously rewarded.
Total awarded: 1
15th Anniversary
An award celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts Series! Request able all year long.
Total awarded: 89
Premiered November 23rd, 2016. An adventurous teenager sails out on a daring mission to save her people. During her journey, Moana meets the once-mighty demigod Maui, who guides her in her quest to become a master way-finder. You won't have to go far to achieve this reward! Just show us your theatre ticket/copy of the movie.
Total awarded: 12
Put That Thing Back Where It Came From
This one's a freebie. Thanks for being such a cool community during the you-know-what.
Total awarded: 58
Longest Night
An award that will be given out until Winter Solstice (the longest night). Which is December 21st, for those asking.
Total awarded: 19
Before Midnight
"What I wouldn't give to really turn back time..."
This award will be given to all who request it before midnight on December 31st. Times may be dark, but the light of the past can guide the future.
Total awarded: 25
7 Days Later
You did it, you waited a week (or maybe so much longer) for the announcement of a sequel to The World Ends With You. So Zetta Slow...but worth it!
Total awarded: 26
Team Classic
You're a fan of the classic team in Melody of Memory
Total awarded: 5
Wayfinder Trio
You're a fan of Team BBS in Melody of Memory
Total awarded: 9
Sea Salt Trio
You're a fan of Team Days in Melody of Memory.
Total awarded: 8
Dream Team
You're a fan of Team 3D in Melody of Memory.
Total awarded: 7
My Friends are My Power
You get by with a little help from your friends in Melody of Memory!
Total awarded: 6
Alba and Ater Light and Dark 2.0