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  • Hey TelaryCri,

    What's it like wrapping up Keys to the Kingdom II? Btw, what does the Cri at the end of your username stand for? If you don't mind me asking? xD And how are you doing? Do you write other stuff on the side besides SAT's story? *happens to be curious and in love with your stories* lol. I hope it's okay I'm asking you a bunch of stuff. xD
    Your welcome! <3 I also hope you have a great time celebrating the holidays, and can stay safe around New Years too! C:
    Hey TelaryCri! I'm letting you know I'm sort of on vacation with brief time on the internet, therefore, if you want update at all while I'm gone, I'm perfectly good with that. I don't want to keep you from posting updates or anything. C: Also, I hope you're doing good!
    Your welcome! :D I'm always happy to give feedback and comment on stories. So if you ever want to keep me posted on updates or anything at all, let me know!
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