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  • Hey there Lanydx, just wanted to let you know that your current profile picture is super pixelated. Not to worry, I fixed it for you.


    All you have you do is save the image and use it as your new profile picture. The dimensions are already 400 x 400 so you don't have to make any changes.
    Eh, that's a bummer of course.

    Whew, that's quite a lot you put on your table here. Where do you take the time to attend to all this from, lol?
    Thanks! Man, I haven't written in awhile. Been wanting to but been busy with what I'm competing in. Hope all goes well with your projects. :)
    Oh they're just two contests in my home state I'm competing in.
    Sorry I was eating supper when I left.
    Darn, well at least you're able to see what goes on in-game.
    Projects? Nice! I wish you luck with them, I have two projects that are on my schedule myself.
    Hey, generally fine, just lamenting a little about the lack of time to play KH III, lol.

    I've read spoilers en masse to be still able to participate in discussions since it will take some time until I actually finish the game myself.
    Right now I'm still in Corona.
    hey~ well, I could generalize all my nights are spent reading, writing, studying in general, so I'm alright. Caught in uni life
    how about you?
    I'm doing good lately, really in the hyped mood for so many things it's like I could scream with joys and tears and sparkles literally.
    How are you doing? :)
    Yes I did! it was beautiful and confusing as heck! it's nice to follow the new fresh discussions so far
    no worries for the late reply, I am almost always late on these too xD
    Hello there~ Sorry for the late reply, I was pretty busy and was catching up with some threads before getting to answer visitor messages here. I do answer eventually, unless I state I'm absent or on some kind of hiatus, I will always answer after some time. (saying this so you don't think I ignore you or something :< )
    I'm doing alright, waiting for my copy of Marvel's Spider-Man to arrive, as well as collecting various data to complete my run in NieR Automata in the meanwhile
    this vacation was really nice regrding gaming, as I played Dark Souls 1 and I absolutely loved it
    how about you? how's things?
    Hey Lan! I hope starting back at college goes well! And I'm sure you'll do great in your English class! Are you starting your class today or in a few weeks from now? Are you nervous at all? Hope you're having a nice day!
    I am really happy with this too!!! ; w ;
    I don't have a Switch but I will eventually get one in the coming years, it wouldn't be a bad investment anyway so I am patient
    I am thrilledfor the new story content and every extra detail we might get! In the end, I'll be able to follow news and videos about it since I can't get spoilers lol xD

    this is just so good! I thought TWEWY would fade into oblivion slowly but surely, but the interest is kept alive and the game continues its way to next gen <333
    Oh, okay. :O I'm surprised this is the first I'm hearing about it. Usually stuff like that blows up on Twitter for me. And that's awesomesauce if you can custom your own hero character! Sounds like it'd be a fun game. :D
    Hey Lan!

    I take it Sonic Forces is different from Sonic Mania? Aw, someday you'll own a Switch. If it makes you feel better, I don't have a Switch either. :3 Also, how're you?
    Hey Lan! I'm trying to find the will to read the remaining stories on the forum that recently updated. And feeling a bit cold. How are you doing today?

    Thank you for saying the username Undyne suits me. And yup, I seen the first episode of RWBY vol 5. Did you? And if so, how'd you like the first episode to season 5?
    Yup. I was feeling the urge to change it fairly recently. How are you doing btw?

    And as far as name changes go, I think this will be probably my last one until my original username KingdomKey is available again someday in the future. xD (Yeah, somebody took it earlier this year. </3)
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