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  • i know i suck at it T^T i also hate that fruitball minigame, i would have been perfectly happy with just the rumble racing and command board in the arena and not having the disney town world.

    no i finished the game on critical i was trying to get 100% occupy myself but after a few ice cream beat retrys i gave up on the 100% XD
    the hardest part (aside from the stupid minigame) was beating the MF on critical with terra D:

    no they were moved, like the one on DI was moved to the keyblade graveyard when ven asks for them to put and end to him.
    the only two i can think of that werent used was the one with terra and maleficent grinly all evily and the one scene with full sized ven in cinderellas world aside from them the rest was rearranged/moved.
    i did ventus, terra, aqua. and every time i replay i usally play as terra or aqua vens fun but i like playing the other two more.

    ivee beat everything: the two bosses, the arena, story.
    the only thing keeping me from 100% report/archive is the master scores on that damn ice cream beat minigame :mad: i hate that game...

    here this will help with the vanitas remnant, YouTube - KH: BBS - Vanitas has stupid A.I make sure to run around the rock as he does til he gets stuck.
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