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  • Haha yeah =), I like that one tremendously! I did put another request for you sometime ago in the thread, but I noticed the whole Digital media section was going in a slow mode recently, so I let it rest. Still thanks for making such a cool tag =3, it remains one of the sets I favor <3
    oops no I didn't! I have a million things to do today because I'm going back to school tomorrow so I'll get those in when I'm done!
    I should also mention that I moonlight as a garden associate at the home depot on the weekends, so that's why my hours vary.
    2-10 pm monday - thursday, off fridays, and various saturday and sunday. and I'm doing a graphic design internship at New England Cable News.
    I do indeed but unfortunately I work really weird hours so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to chat with you guys
    Darn. I hope there is more, they end it in a strange manner. Like it could be continued but it isn't quite a cliffhanger either D:
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