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Port Royal

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS II (2006)
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

Ahoy, mateys! If Sora's adventures in Neverland tickled your fancy, this dark world, ravaging with pirates, will surely bring you over to stranger tides. It is the home of the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow and his crewmembers Will and Elizabeth, who fight the endless battle against the sinister Captain Barbossa and his crew of undead men.

As soon as Sora and his pals set foot in this murky metropolis, the first thing they hear is a barrage of terrified screams from the town below, so naturally they go to investigate in case of Heartless... and happen upon the meddling Pete who is telling tall tales to Barbossa and his crew about a "magic" that Sora and his friends possess that is detrimental to him and his men, especially under the influence of the moonlight which turns the pirates into skeletons. As expected, Barbossa is now no ally of Sora and sets some of his lackeys onto the heroes while the rest of his men move out to scout for the missing medallion which is one of 882 medallions that will, once all united, take the curse from Barbossa and his pirates. Sora makes small fry out of the men and rushes off to the town to take care of the rest of the pillaging fiends, where they rescue a Heartless-cornered Will who was ambushed whilst he was running after his friend, Elizabeth, who was kidnapped by a pirate during their search of the medallion since she wears it as a necklace. Once they ensure Will's safety, they dedicate themselves to his cause and agree to find Elizabeth.

Out on the docks they see a ghostly black ship - the infamous Black Pearl - sailing away, which is most unfortunate considering it belongs to Barbossa and will therefore have Elizabeth on board. And then comes along the most unlikely of saviours: the ingenious Captain Jack Sparrow, who holds a solution right in his pilfering hands: the Interceptor. Together they all set sail after the Pearl and follow it to the Isla de Muerta, a place which holds the other 881 medallions (which Jack reveals he does not want but is rather after reclaiming the Black Pearl from Barbossa) and after Elizabeth is rescued, Jack's whereabouts are questioned. Will recalls the events inside the island and reveals that in order to get Elizabeth back, he had to KO Jack so he wouldn't interfere since he claims that Jack is "no fairytale pirate", and then proceeded to stow away one of the medallions so Barbossa's ritual of giving blood to all 882 medallions in order to regain his humanity wouldn't work, which, as a result, has made them WANTED.

While they sail away from the island, they come across the Black Pearl and are as a result attacked; after they are done with the first round, Barbossa takes the opportunity to get Elizabeth back and uses her life as bait for the last medallion - and then promises to leave after Will says that if Barbossa does not give Elizabeth back, he will kill himself, ending the line of the Turners, whose blood is vital to the medallion ritual. After a bit of scuffle, Jack sails after the Black Pearl in the Interceptor with Sora and friends and Elizabeth manning the deck, and beaches at the Isla de Muerta with hopes of retaining the Black Pearl once and for all. While Elizabeth watches the ships, the rest of the party goes in search of Will.

Once inside, they butcher a hoard of pirates to find Jack locked in a swordfight with Barbossa - and when Barbossa stabs Jack, Jack steps out into the moonlight to reveal the skeleton beneath his skin, and a medallion in his hand. Because he has taken the undead curse unto himself, Barbossa calls for Pete's aid and sure enough, Pete summons a Heartless by the name of Illuminator, a slimy lizard which helps cast the area in darkness so that Barbossa cannot be struck since he is shielded from the moonlight. By defeating this lizard, the gang also cuts down Barbossa and Jack - with a final shot from his gun and all the medallions in the chest, smeared with Will's blood - sends him right down to Davy Jones' Locker, claiming the Black Pearl for himself and making it the time for Sora and his friends to venture elsewhere.


Upon their return to Port Royal, Sora and friends find Jack in a spot of bother with some feisty pirates and immediately come to his aide. After defeating them, they realize something is afoot and figure out that the curse of the medallions has returned for some reason; and to support this theory, Elizabeth comes by and tells them that Will has gone to the Isla de Muerta to investigate the case of the curse but hasn't been seen for a while, so she's worried. Acting on impulse, Sora and co. set off to the island to locate the missing Will and to delve further into the undead mystery.

Out at sea they find Will lying unconscious on the Interceptor and after he wakes up he tells of his findings: the medallions and the stone chest containing them are gone from the island. He relays how he was attacked by a mysterious figure in a black coat, which can only mean one thing for the trio of heroes: Organization XIII has its fingers in some Caribbean pies. When Sora and Jack go above deck, they find something rather surprising: the exact same stone chest filled with medallions - and more sinisterly, the Organization member who happens to send the Grim Reaper Heartless after them. When the sinister beast is slain, the Organization member - Luxord, British Gambler of Fate with control over time and cards - orders four of his Nobodies to escape with four coins from the chest, inciting a chase to collect them and end the curse.

Once all four medallions have been retrieved, the crew heads back to land and once there is confronted by the Grim Reaper Heartless, except this time it has a very noticeable difference: like the cursed pirates, it is also a member of the undead now, incapable of being harmed unless all 882 pieces are reassembled within the stone chest. But this isn't just any old walkover Heartless, and every time it is dealt damage, it knocks all the pieces out of the chest to re-immortalize itself, sending Sora and co. on a longwinded goose chase. After much of this tirade, the Heartless is finally plunged into the depths of hell where it belongs and Luxord shows his face one last time, saying mysteriously "Sora, bravo" before he takes his leave. The curse of the medallions is once again removed - which Sora hopes will stay that way, especially after he dumps the chest down into Davy Jones' Locker. Now with affairs at Port Royal straightened up again, Sora departs for stranger tides.

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