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Kingdom Hearts coded

Japanese Release Date - Episodic
System - DoCoMo PRIME Series P-01A Mobile Phones

[Episode 1 - June 03 2009]
[Episode 2 - July 08 2009]
[Episode 3 - August 05 2009]
[Episode 4 - September 17 2009]
[Episode 5 - October 15 2009]
[Episode 6 - November 26 2009]
[Episode 7 - December 26 2009]
[Episode 8 - January 28 2010]

Set directly after the events of KINGDOM HEARTS II, KINGDOM HEARTS coded is in deep connection with the up-and-coming prequel KiINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep. It follows the story of the mystery behind the missing contents of the journal – logged by the chronicler of Sora, Donald and Goofy’s adventures, Jiminy Cricket – of KINGDOM HEARTS. The hero is Data Sora from the journal who is asked by King Mickey to help solve the puzzle behind one of two remaining lines: “We must return to free them from their torment”. However, there is another problem: black and red blocks known as “Bugs” are appearing in the worlds of the journal, preventing Sora from unveiling the mystery, and causing trouble in both the outside world and the journal itself. While Sora fights for the truth, there are certain dark forces whose agenda is nothing but malicious and will do anything to stop him from completing his task. With a series of unexpected twists and turns, Kingdom Hearts coded will uncover the shocking truth of the events of KINGDOM HEARTS.


The story begins with Jiminy returning to Disney Castle with Mickey, Donald and Goofy, and discovering that the journal in which he recorded the events of Kingdom Hearts has been wiped clean of its contents apart from two lines: “Thank Naminé” and “We must return to free them from their torment”. While the first message suggests that a duty of Kingdom Heartsmust have been completed, the second message indicates otherwise. Unable to remember the text, Jiminy shows the message to Mickey.

The King also has problems understanding it, but tries to digitize the journal to better understand the problem; as soon as he does, red and black blocks fill the view; something is happening to worlds inside. Knowing that there is only one person qualified to solve the puzzle of the journal and the blocks, he asks Data Sora to embark upon a mission that will take him through the worlds that the real Sora has visited, and so the adventure begins.

Data Sora awakens in the familiar Destati – which the real Sora experienced at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts–; it is the beginning of his journey guided by Mickey from the outside. He is told that power sleeps within and after choosing a weapon, he gains the ability to traverse worlds freely. However, problems arise inside Destati and the outside world – a hooded figure appears from thin air, and a new message appears in the journal. Are the two related? The figure is silent and then disappears, and Mickey orders Sora to follow him. When he does, he is swarmed by Heartless but fortunately the Keyblade comes to the rescue and Sora ends his Destati, moving to his next destination.

Destiny Islands is just one of the worlds which is covered in Bugs, with rumors and actual sightings of the cloaked figure. All the time, new messages are appearing in the journal, throwing this seemingly simple task of destroying the Bugs and unveiling the mystery into a whole new level of hidden truth. Everything is not as it seems as the real and journal worlds intertwine, and danger is more prominent than ever with old enemies once again trying to throw the worlds into darkness. Questions are asked, truths are uncovered and even more mysteries present themselves. What are the Bugs and why are they contaminating the worlds? Who is the hooded figure and what does he want? Who must Sora free from torment? The truth to the secrets of KINGDOM HEARTS lies on one boy’s shoulders, and if he should fail to complete his task, everything will be thrown into turmoil.


Japanese Release Date - October 10 2010
North American Release Date - January 11 2011
European Release Date - January 14 2011
System - Nintendo DS

KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded is a complete NDS remake of the original game developed for the Docomo Prime Series P-01A mobile phone. As the phone is only available in Japan, it was remade for the more popular handheld console in order to make it accessible to a larger number of players worldwide. Utilizing the 358/2 Days engine, the once 2D sprites have become 3D models, including pre-rendered cutscenes, voice acting, a remixed and expanded soundtrack, as well as the addition of the Avatar Sector, where you can piece together your own avatar and trade customized levels with your friends. Overall, the story remains relatively the same while the gameplay adopts Birth by Sleep's command deck system, allowing the players to enjoy an old game with new twists.

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KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded - Official Japanese Website
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