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Destiny Island

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)

Destiny Islands is a peaceful, tropical world, one aptly named for the various islands it is comprised of. It is Sora and Riku's home world, and the world Kairi reached when she was thrown out of Radiant Garden as an infant.

Wishing for nothing other than freedom, Riku opened the Door leading to the Heart of Destiny Islands and thus let the world to be overrun by the Heartless. It disappeared along with its inhabitants but was restored when Sora and Riku defeated Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness and locked the Door to Darkness. 

With Riku trapped in the Realm of Darkness and Sora away searching for him, Kairi was the only member of the trio who made it back home at the end of the crisis. She lived her life peacefully during the following year, seeing no reason to worry about the boys as she believed in Riku's abilities and forgot about Sora completely due to one of Organization XIII's plots. She managed to recall him finally when during a conversation with Selphie, Kairi heard a voice. It belonged to Roxas, Sora's Nobody, who spoke to her Heart from the world of Twilight Town. She managed to reach Sora's Heart through Roxas, and thus Kairi remembered Sora at long last. She sent out to sea a letter in a bottle she wrote to him the previous day, when he was still an unclear image in her memories. Now, she was certain the letter would reach him as she finally had a face and a name to go with her feeling of longing.

That feeling only intensified over time as Sora and Riku refrained from returning. The only conclusion Kairi could reach was that waiting wasn't good enough, and Axel, a member of Organization XIII seemed to agree with her. He appeared before her, offering to bring her to Sora. Seeing no reason to trust the man, Kairi opted instead to follow Pluto, King Mickey's loyal dog who came along with Axel through his Corridor of Darkness. Pluto guided Kairi into another Corridor, one opened by Riku and that led her to the relative safety of Twilight Town.

Eventually, Kairi managed to return to her world safe and sound. This time she came back not alone, but with Sora and Riku both who managed to conquer their Darkness and defeat the Organization. With a wide grin, Sora finally gave Kairi back her good luck charm, the one he promised to give back once he and Riku made it back safely.

It seemed the trio's days of adventuring were far from over, however, as shortly after their return a letter in a bottle washed onto shore. It bore King Mickey's emblem, and there was one thing clear –

He needed Sora and Riku's help once more.

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