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First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
The Little Mermaid (1989)

Sora visited the world of Atlantica in his first journey. He appeared underwater and met a mermaid princess called Ariel, her best friend, a fish named Flounder, and the royal composer, a red crab called Sebastian. He helped defeat Ursula, a sea witch who was in command of the Heartless and then he sealed the Keyhole, ensuring that world's safety.

On his second journey, Sora meets Ariel once more. Unknown to her father, the king of the sea, Ariel saved a human prince called Eric when his ship sank, and fell in love with him. In an attempt to cheer the love-struck Ariel up, King Triton orders Sebastian to compose a musical in which Ariel is to star. As Sora, Donald and Goofy are there, Sebastian offers them a role in the hopes their participation will raise Ariel's motivation and keep her mind off of life up on the surface.

When even that fails and Ariel refuses to rehearse, Flounder comes up with an idea. He found a statue of Eric, the human prince. The statue was onboard his ship when it went under. If only they could dig it up from underneath the wracks, they could give it as a present for Ariel! With the use of his magic, Sora manages to pull the statue out, and they drag it into Ariel's Grotto. Ariel is thrilled, as expected, but it seems that if anything, it only deepened her desire to go up to the surface.

Sebastian in the meanwhile is hard at work. The song he composed for the musical celebrates all the glorious things found only underwater, and he declares it to be his finest work yet. It is a bit too complicated for the trio to sing, however, and so the three must rehearse until they drop. They have time though, as Ariel's mind is still too preoccupied with the surface world. Eventually Sora manages to hit all the high notes, and they perform. Despite the song being a big hit, Ariel still refuses to budge. Instead of singing a song to praise the ocean life, she wishes to sing a song about the coexistence of their two worlds - sea and land together. That throws Sebastian into a tantrum, in which he ends up blurting about Ariel's infatuation with Prince Eric. It seems harmless enough, only King Triton heard it...

Sora, Donald and Goofy follow Ariel up to the surface. They manage to catch a glimpse of Prince Eric just as he leaves the shore, only he dropped his pendant behind. Using his magic, Sora manages to fetch the pendant from between the rocks, and Ariel is thrilled. No doubt Eric would love to have his pendant back, but before they can form any plan to fulfill that idea, Triton arrives at Ariel's grotto. As the father and daughter fail to reach common grounds, Triton decides to force Ariel's hand. He destroys the statue, causing Ariel to swim away in tears. It leaves her a vulnerable and thus, easy prey for Ursula, the sea witch Sora defeated once before. Using Ariel's desire to visit the surface world and her frustration with her father, Ursula offers Ariel a deal. She will turn Ariel into a human - and in exchange, will take her voice away from her. She has three days to get Eric to kiss her, or she will revert back into a mermaid and belong to Ursula. Despite the harsh terms Ariel accepts the deal and the exchange is performed, a moment before Sora manages to stop it. Without much of a choice, the trio helps Ariel reach the surface as she can no longer breathe underwater, and watch her from afar during those three days.

Ariel meets Eric immediately, and after discovering walking on two feet and lacking her voice could prove to be a burden, finally gives him back his locket. He invites her to the castle, in the hopes of helping her in return.

Three days later things aren't as peachy, however, as Ursula is nowhere to be found. Using Ariel's voice, she transformed herself into a human and cast a spell over Prince Eric. That way, no matter what Ariel does, she can't get Eric to kiss her before the time limit! Using his Keyblade Sora breaks the spell, but the time limit's over. Ursula reverts into her true form and takes Ariel with her back into the sea. Holding Ariel hostage, Ursula convinces Triton to take her place in the contract, and once he falls victim to Ursula's curse, she takes his trident and utilizes its powers. Sora, Donald and Goofy fight her and are helped by both Ariel and Eric who helps them from above. At the end of the battle, the trident is knocked out of Ursula's hands and Eric thrusts it at her chest, bringing about her demise.

This brings about a grand celebration, in honor of the co-existence between the two worlds. Satisfied, Sora, Donald and Goofy participate in the grand musical, and then set off with an easier heart.

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