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First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Aladdin (1992)

Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive in unfamiliar streets of Agrabah, though their familiar presence is soon noticed by Iago. The parrot fails to eavesdrop on them unnoticed and while Sora and Donald prepare to attack him, Iago beseeches to them his change of heart since they last met. Goofy tenuously convinces the other two to allow Iago's company on their way to the Palace, where they all seek to meet Aladdin and Jasmine. After evading Heartless on their way to the Palace, they arrive to find Jasmine there, but no Aladdin, but are quickly forced out when Jasmine is alarmed by Iago's presence.

Unable to plead his case to Jasmine, Iago escapes the palace with the other three, and outside they run into Abu, who is carrying a mysterious black lamp and being chased by Aladdin, who is being chased by the diminutive shop-keeper. The street rat and his monkey are soon cornered, and forced to give back the lamp, at which time Sora is able to speak with Aladdin. He explains his discontent with palace life, and so immerses himself in the people and events of the Agrabah streets. When it comes time for Iago to apologise the parrot sits jittering on the ground, looking anxiously back to the peddler's shop, exclaiming to the others the black lamp was that lamp, the one Jafar was trapped in at the end of the last adventure in Agrabah. Sure enough, they all soon approach the peddler to acquire the lamp, and through a slip of Donald's loose bill, the peddler claims he will only part with the lamp in exchange for treasure beyond imagination.

Outside, Iago suggests they obtain such treasure from the Cave of Wonders, and from here Aladdin joins the party for battle. Preceding the arrival of Sora and company into the Cave of Wonders is Pete, though he disappears down the throat of the tiger's maw entrance before the group see him. Within, the six of them move down ever-deeper levels lavishly decorated or piled with treasure, until at the very bottom they find a dedicated Treasure Chamber, with a golden, jew-encrusted trophy sits atop a throne. Pete hides in the shadows while the group obliviously discuss the lamp, after which Pete soon leaves, his curiosity piqued. Donald's clumsiness plunges the Treasure Chamber, and all are forced to fight Heartless before departing the Cave of Wonders.They take their hard-won trophy back to Agrabah, but the peddler - carrying the coveted lamp - escapes from his shop, chased by Pete, and both wind up at the Palace, with Sora and company in tow. Genie also arrives at this time, and serves to anger and fluster Pete with his generally eccentric attitude, angering him into summoning two massive Heartless for our heroes to battle: Volcanic Lord and Blizzard Lord. By turning the elements of the Heartless against each other, Sora is able to emerge victorious, and Pete is chased off. Soon after the battle, the lamp is hidden within a stone sarcophagus deep within the Palace's treasure vaults. Outside, both Aladdin and Jasmine are able to properly thank Iago and accept his change of heart in light of his recent actions, when Abu suddenly runs in, grasping a large ruby, which Sora uses to open up a gateway to new worlds.


Preceding Sora, Donald and Goofy's second arrival in Agrabah, the sarcophagus the lamp was sealed in is now open, with thick red smoke issuing forth and the peddler cowering in a corner of the room. Iago flutters down the stairs, and screams out before Jafar emerges from the smoke in his genie form and captures the parrot.

Upon the proper arrival in Agrabah, the peddler's shop is now unrecognisable, decked out in numerous treasures. Aladdin arrives - chasing Abu as usual- in a timely manner to reveal the peddler let Jafar out of his lamp, and after a grim but brief interrogation, Iago confesses to the group he knows Jafar's whereabouts. Outside the city walls, a fierce sandstorm brewing around some pivotal ruins is swept away with ease by Genie, and the group arrive on location, but at the edge of a cliff. Sora mounts Carpet, and the two proceed alone.

Sora, fighting and flying atop carpet, is met with a translucent clone of Jafar, who is chased to the top of a tower walled by sand, where Sora defeats the clone. Upon its destruction, Sora learns of a way to enter the tower, and completing that trial, all arrive inside to find it empty of Jafar or any other character. Iago reveals to them he was forced to divert them while Jafar wrecks havoc on Agrabah, the parrot soon knocking over a vase that sets the entire tower rumbling and the whole ruins ready to collapse.

The group manage to escape unharmed, and arrive at the Peddler's Shop to be told of the hypnotic voice that spoke to the shopkeeper to release Jafar, but also tells the group of a man in a black coat who also promised to take care of Jafar - by turning him into a Heartless. At the Palace, Jasmine is chained to the front gates as Jafar reveals his unchanging plan: to rule Agrabah with Jasmine as his reluctant wife. When Aladdin and the gang arrive, the vizier changes into his massive genie form to defeat Sora once and for all, fighting him above the ruined streets of Agrabah.

Sora is able to prove himself victorious, and the genie recedes into his lamp, which disappears before anyone is able to grab it. The friendly and blue Genie arrives right after, and uses his powers to restore Agrabah to its former state, after which Sora receives the Wishing Lamp keychain. Iago apologises once more, and wishes for a true friendship with Aladdin and Jasmine, while lamenting his inability to ever truly help. Genie proposes to be called upon by Sora whenever needed, and joins the party as a summon.

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