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Kingdom Hearts

Japanese Release Date - March 28 2002
North American Release Date - September 17 2002
PAL Release Date - November 15 2002
System - Playstation 2

Shimmering and gleaming, are the stars in the sky. They shine and sparkle, night after night, illuminating the pitch black darkness with life and hope. Suddenly, a star blinks out, and despite expectations, it doesn't come back on. More and more follow the pattern, and what used to be a grand blanket of jewels in the heavens is reduced to a mere handful of dust, getting dimmer every second before vanishing completely altogether. Their once filled positions leaves a greater feeling of emptiness; a tear in the blanket that has only just begun to grow.


Oblivious to the calamities taking place in around him, a young boy named Sora sets off eagerly from his home, ready for the brand new day and the adventures ahead. Together with his friends, Riku and Kairi, they build a raft, hoping that maybe, just maybe, it'll take them to the worlds beyond, far away from the islands they called home, where they'll be free. It was a dream they had been trying to make a reality, but they’ll soon discover that it wasn’t anything like they’d ever imagined.

The night before their departure, the islands were hit with a massive storm, one unlike any they'd ever seen. And sure enough, they couldn't be any more right. This storm brought the arrival of strange creatures, ones that appeared to have been born from darkness itself. They were called the Heartless; manifested from the darkness of one's heart, constantly searching for bigger and stronger hearts to engulf, thereby expanding their ranks and flooding the worlds in an endless pitch-black sea.

Refusing to let all of their hard work go to waste, Sora rushes towards the islands, hoping that he’d be able to protect the raft. Upon his arrival, he learns that the raft is the least of his worries, and has no choice but to watch helplessly as both Riku and Kairi disappear before his very eyes. In a sudden flash of light, an extraordinary weapon appears in his hands, oddly shaped like a key, and brimming with power. The Keyblade, it was called. With this, he fights off the monsters that plague his islands, though it proved a futile effort. Despite his struggles, it proves to be inevitable that he too would be sent off into the mysterious beyond, and from there, his true adventure begins.

Will Sora be able to reunite with his friends and return home? Or will he follow the path of the stars, and blink out before he can accomplish this deed?


Japanese Release Date - December 26, 2002
System - PlayStation 2

KINGDOM HEARTS FINAL MIX was a Japan exclusive release of the North American version of Kingdom Hearts, with additional features created especially for this game, as well as those that could not be included in the original.

Notable changes include more types of Heartless, all of which have obtained a recolor, new weapons, abilities, Gummi ship missions, and cutscenes fleshing out the story further. The secret ending from the original Kingdom Hearts, Another Side, Another Story, has also been expanded. Now entitled Deep Dive, the scene presents the encounter between Riku and Roxas in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days in greater detail. The new optional boss, known as Unknown or the Enigmatic Man, lays waiting for Sora to test his skills.

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