Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
 Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Familiar green trees and colorful scenery tower above the heads of Sora, Donald, and Goofy as they prepare to embark on their next adventure within the whacky world of Wonderland. As they take in the landscape, Goofy soon notes the approach of a white rabbit that seems to be in a major hurry. As if his appearance wasn't strange enough, the rabbit, out of breath, calls out: "I'm late! I'm late!" and continues to say how unhappy the Queen will be upon his arrival. The rabbit makes a few comments that stick out to Sora the most, including how the rabbit will "lose his head" if he doesn't make a very important trial. Obviously curious, the trio decides that it would be best to examine the situation.

After fighting their way through various rooms filled with frenzied heartless, Sora and co. end up in the Queen of Hearts' royal garden. Rushing in before them is the white rabbit they encountered earlier on. As they watch the "trial", a young girl in a blue dress and white apron is being accused of aiding heartless in Wonderland. The girl is quick to call these accusations false and asks where the evidence lies. The Queen of Hearts claims that her loss of memory is the reason why the girl, Alice, is guilty. Charged of stealing the Queen's memory and assisting heartless, Alice shakes her head in clear frustration. Having enough, Sora makes his voice heard. Sora states that the trial is farce and that true investigation should be held before charging Alice with beheading. When questioned by the Queen, Sora goes on to say that he is the one who stole the queen's memory! Shocking all, the Queen summons her card soldiers to seize Sora and thus an intense battle ensues. Subsequent to defeating the final card soldier, Sora gains the Card Soldier enemy card and stows it away in his deck. Knowing time is of the essence, Sora, Donald, and Goofy flee the scene whilst being chased by more card soldiers.

It isn't long before the trio finds Alice in the Lotus Forest. Curious, Alice queries if Sora was indeed the thief who took the Queen's memory. Wide-eyed, Sora quickly dismisses the question saying that he would have no reason to steal the memory. Grateful, Alice thanks Sora for his actions and taking the heat for her. Suddenly, a mysterious floating head makes its presence known and it is soon accompanied by the rest of its body. Amazed, Sora and Alice look upon this curious creature with wonder. Alice quickly identifies this enigma as the Cheshire Cat. The stripped, purple cat claims that the group is not entirely safe until the Queen regains her memory. Continuing to speak in riddles, the Cheshire Cat soon exits leaving behind one last remark: "Try too hard to remember, and your memory might lie to you."

Keeping the Cheshire Cat's words in mind, the crew finds their way into a new change of scenery. Alice's curious nature shines as she suggests that they all survey the new environment, thus she breaks from the pack in order to explore. All seems calm, for the time being of course. It isn't too long before Sora hears Alice's shout. The cause? The Queen and her soldiers make their presence known. Knowing they were caught, the gang listens as the Queen sentences them to... to nothing? Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Alice are left in complete bewilderment as the Queen rambles on to herself. She asks trivial questions like: "Where am I?" and "What's going on?" As Sora tries to understand what happened to the Queen's memory again, Alice warns him that something is coming from above! A towering figure, also known as The Trickmaster, lands before them ready and armed. Taking the challenge, Sora engages this large heartless in battle! Ensuing the heartless' defeat, Sora adds The Trickmaster to his deck of enemy cards.

When the Queen of Hearts asks where the heartless appeared from, Sora can't give her an answer because he doesn't even know himself. Due to his refusal to answer, the Queen claims that the foursome is hiding something from her and she cries "conspiracy". Just as her loyal card soldiers are about to seize them, Alice steps forward and claims that the Queen summoned the foursome to seek and defeat such creatures. Catching onto Alice's plans, Sora confirms her white lie causing the Queen to believe their words. With one final huff, the Queen leaves leading the four of them to avert their safety. Following a short celebration, Sora climbs the dauntingly high ladder once more causing him to exit this world. Although he leaves with new experiences, Sora also leaves with new advice and philosophies concerning memory.


Making his way through the castle, Riku encounters yet another white door blocking his path. Choosing a card, the door opens and Riku steps through, prepared to face anything. It is then that the silver-haired teen finds himself in an interesting new environment. Large green trees, flowers, and shrubbery tower his over head as new heartless are eager to fight. Engaging these creatures in battle, Riku comes out victorious each time. Forging through, Riku finds himself in an interesting new area within Wonderland which contains huge chairs and tables. As if that weren't enough, an enormous new heartless, also known as The Trickmaster, begins to attack Riku! Easily dodging flaming pins and dangerous attacks, Riku rises from this battle triumphant. Gaining the Trickmaster enemy card, Riku leaves Wonderland behind as he advances in his journey.

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