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100 Acre wood

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977)

Sometimes, it's just nice to relax and to not have to worry about the events of daily life. It is a statement that can be applied to just about anybody, and after hacking and slashing his way through the likes of wacky Wonderland, unsettled Agrabah and aquatic Atlantica, Sora deserves some well-earned peace and quiet. Fortunately, that's exactly what awaits him in the 100 Acre Wood - or rather, he won't be fighting any feisty Heartless in this lazy land.

After a pleasant stroll along a tree-lined path on a lovely day, a lone Sora comes across an opening where there sits quite a peculiar-looking fellow on a log. The fellow is Pooh, a short, tubby bear with yellow fur and a red shirt, and he's deep in thought about something. Concerned, Sora asks what's bothering him and finds out that he's looking for his friends... or is he. It seems that Pooh can't quite remember who he's looking for and doesn't know where to start searching, but he does know one thing, at least: it's making him very hungry for a dollop of his favourite food, honey. Since Sora's friends are also missing, the two of them decide to team up so they can locate their missing allies.

The first friend to be found is Piglet, a tiny fearful baby pig who's hiding in the bushes just around the back of Pooh's house. Since Sora is so big and Piglet is so small, the little piglet quickly becomes frightened and Sora has to chase him around the bushes until he can finally stop him. Once Piglet has calmed down, he agrees to tag along with Sora and Pooh in the search for the other missing friends. The hunt takes them to a spacious plot of land with a homely little house and a mailbox, and as Sora and his new friends take a look at a suspicious gate which is wide open, a pumpkin comes rolling down the hill and knocks Pooh right over. A worrisome, exhausted-looking rabbit comes running over the hill - Pooh's friend Rabbit - and apologises for the incident, and Sora agrees to help him sort out his lettuces and pumpkins into a pile, which is what caused the accident in the first place.

After helping Rabbit, Sora and Pooh continue their mission and find themselves in field with a huge tree. Before the tree is a log with three colourful balloons tied to it, and Sora wonders what their purpose could be. Pooh knows best, though, as evidenced by the blobs of honey that line the huge tree, and Sora sets off on a journey with the bear and the balloons to collect it. After crashing and colliding their way up the tree they meet one of Pooh's missing friends, Owl, perched atop a branch at the top of the tree. Now with their honey bagged up, Pooh and Sora return to safer ground and Owl comes down with them and tells them to continue on their search.

Sora and Pooh move on and find a large clearing with tree stumps. Atop these tree stumps is a rather lively fellow, bright orange in colour and with a bounce that would make any kangaroo envious. This happy chap is Tigger and invites Sora to go bouncing with him. After the bounce session is up, the hyperactive Tigger congratulates Sora and Pooh and then bounces away, leaving the duo to move on to their next location, another larger clearing with fallen trees and a stone well. Upon inspection of the well, Sora and Pooh are blown off their feet high up into the sky by a strong vent coming from the well, and they are forced to navigate their way back down. They crash into a thick bush and when they roll out, so does another little critter, Pooh's tiny kangaroo friend, Roo. Apparently Roo was waiting in the bushes for Tigger, who Roo thought would jump on the gust from the well and fall to in the same spot, but Tigger hasn't been in the clearing yet.

Now with Roo content, Sora and Pooh climb on ahead to an ever-sad Eeyore who has once again misplaced his tail. Pooh should be concerned for the tail's whereabouts but once again he's thinking about his love for honey and sniffs some out, so while he gobbles the gooey stuff down Sora has to protect him from a swarm of bees. When the bees are dispersed, Pooh is so dizzy from running around that he runs right into a tree and Eeyore's tail falls to the ground, instantly perking the depressed donkey up. Eeyore is the last of Pooh's missing friends so now that everybody has been found it is time for Sora to leave... and it turns out he didn't get much rest after all!

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