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Destiny Islands

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)

Blue skies and blue waters are just a couple of things Sora sees as he steps into the manifestation of the memory of his childhood home. The young Keyblade master finds it hard to believe his very eyes as he looks out into the familiar ocean that laps gently on the sands before his feet. After a brief moment of realization, Sora grows excited as he recognizes this as the island that he and Naminé used to play in when they were younger. It's then that familiar voices greet Sora as three friends make their way towards the spiky haired brunet. While still in awe, Sora's companions, Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka ask him simple questions such as: "So, whatcha wanna do today?" As Sora greets them, he faces a predicament. He can't remember their names... Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka are oblivious to this and have other reasons as to why Sora is at a loss of words. With lady luck on his side, the trio of friends mention their names in a silly argument over why Sora can't finish his sentence. Now knowing the names of the three familiar faces before him, Sora blurts out their names as well as the fact that he "now remembers them".

Confused, Wakka queries if Sora fell and hit his head on something. Quickly trying to amend for his errors, Sora quickly claims that he was thinking out loud. Selphie then takes the opportunity to mention that Sora was thinking of "her" again... Tidus then soon "understands" and mentions that their friend is a "zombie when she's on his mind". Wakka then agrees that this is the true reason why Sora is acting a bit odd around them. Selphie's quirky personality shines through as she tells Sora that she, Tidus, and Wakka will leave him alone so he can go find "her". Exchanging goodbyes, the threesome leave Sora alone on the beach with giggles. With this moment of singularity, Sora takes time to explore the island he seemingly remembers.

Not too long after his encounter with Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka, Sora rushes over a wooden bridge that takes him to a small island-like platform. There on the other side is Riku, Sora's best friend. Riku calmly addresses Sora, who hesitates a split second before remembering the silver-haired boy before his very eyes. The older boy states that it's only been a couple hours since the duo had seen each other last. Mouth ajar, Sora brushes past greetings and quickly asks if Riku is still under "his" control. Mystified, Riku can't understand what his best friend could possibly be talking about. Sora then comes to a realization that this is the Riku from his memories and mentions this aloud. Riku then mentions that Sora must be in some make believe world, and Sora somewhat agrees. Crossing his arms, Riku chuckles and calls Sora a kid. He also mentions that Sora can't take care of "her" when he's acting like a child. Just as Sora's about to mention "her", a quake shakes the very foundation that the two stand upon. Knowing that such an action is not a good sign, Riku rushes off saying that he's off to go warn the others. Before disappearing completely he mentions that it is Sora's job to look after "her" and that he should be off to help her. Nodding his head in agreement, Sora follows Riku across the bridge before they part ways on the other side.

Fighting his way through rooms of heartless, Sora comes face to face with a gigantic heartless drenched in black. A heart shaped gapping hole is placed right in the center of its chest, and its yellow, animalistic eyes stare down upon an equipped Sora. And thus, this struggle begins. In the end, it is Sora who walks away from this battle victorious. As Sora calls for "her", Naminé appears and thus Sora approaches her with joy. Naminé remains silent for a short while before mentioning that he came for her, as if she doubted he would. Taking her hand in his, Sora displays his happiness as he confirms that she is the girl he was looking for all this time. He mentions how he had been through so much just to see her face.

Despite being content with seeing Sora, Naminé mentions that this isn't the right way. Sora is clearly confused and Naminé goes on to tell him that she called out to his heart in order to bring him to the castle. Her reason? To remedy the loneliness she had been experiencing for quite some time. A smile still plastered on his golden face, Sora states that it wasn't a problem for him to come out all this way because he was there to protect her. Humbled, Naminé thanks Sora but then pulls away from him saying that she wasn't meant to be with him. To make matters worse for this young protagonist, another Naminé makes her voice heard behind Sora.

Frustrated and confused, Sora asks what's gotten into Naminé as she goes on to say that she doesn't exist in Sora's heart, nor does she exist anywhere. Naminé soon questions Sora if she was the real person he wanted to see. Sora counter-argues saying that he may have forgotten much in the castle but that he would never forget anything about her. He then proceeds to pull out a yellow star shaped charm from his pocket saying that she was the one who gave it to him a while back ago. One Naminé is left in awe, glad that Sora kept her charm. On the other hand, the more transparent Naminé extends her hand out to Sora and tells him not to believe her. In a state of confliction, Sora is unsure of what to do next until Naminé calls out to him and tells him to dig deep and think of who matters to him the most. The Keyblade wielder tells himself that it's an easy and clear choice. As he's about to say that it's Naminé who means the most to him, a bright flash of light blinds him for a moment in time. When his vision returns he notes that Naminé's charm had taken a different form. Filled with questions, Sora's gaze falls upon Naminé, who happens to be facing away from him. As she turns to face him, her shape shifts into the form of a familiar red-haired girl from his past. With a smile, this new person faces away once more and she is soon followed by another bright flash of white. Questioning who that familiar yet foreign girl was, Sora finds himself alone on a seemingly unscathed Destiny Islands. Yearning to discover the answers to his questions, Sora leaves his childhood island without looking back.


Following the defeat of Lexaeus, Riku continues ahead prepared to face the next obstacle thrown in his way. As Riku approaches another door a quake shakes the ground beneath his feet. In addition, he notes how a familiar dark scent has died away leaving him with more questions than answers. Appearing in a dark swirl, Zexion does away with introductions and informs Riku that Marluxia had been defeated by the Keyblade Master, Sora. At the mention of Sora's name, a smile dances its way onto Riku's face. He's overjoyed to know that his best friend is within the castle but Zexion is quick to shoot down his happiness. He continues to state that darkness still rests within Riku's heart and that it may be a challenge to face Sora once again with such darkness being a hindrance. Beaten down by Zexion's words, Riku is handed the card of Destiny Islands in which Zexion claims Riku will see "the truth".

Upon his arrival, blue skies and familiar scenery grace Riku's eyes. He can't help but remember how much he missed his childhood home as he sits upon the branch of a papou tree. As the irony begins to set in, he spots three of his old friends. Calling out to them, he receives no response and thus he makes haste in order to reach the trio by the dock. Upon his arrival before them, he can't help but question why the trio is so silent. As Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka continue to stare at him in silence, Riku becomes agitated as he calls out to them. It is then that his three former companions disappear before his very eyes. Left alone on the shore, Riku becomes determined to find out what's going on as he battles through rooms filled with Heartless.

Crossing that familiar wooden bridge to the small platform alongside the island, Riku takes a moment to observe the surroundings before turning to face a familiar friend, Kairi. Surprised, Riku calls out to Kairi, hoping she would respond unlike the trio he had encountered earlier. His faith is shot down as Kairi continues to look at him silently before disappearing in the same way Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka had.

"Surely you knew this would happen."

Startled, Riku turns to face Zexion's unexpected presence. The sixth member of the Organization goes on to inform the silver-haired youth that all of his memories are dark ones. The previous worlds he had been to have only allowed him to meet dark figures and thus his memories were nothing more. As if to add insult to injury, Zexion goes on to say that due to Riku's dark memories, all of his remembrances of home have vanished. Riku is quick to deny Zexion's statement and claims it as false. In his apparent frustration, Riku says that Selphie, Tidus, Wakka, Kairi, and Sora are all his closest friends.

In order to spite Riku even further, Zexion states that Riku may have forgotten his actions. He continues on to say that Riku destroyed his home and thus, Riku is thrust into the memory of the night the Destiny Islands were demolished. Anguish paints Riku's face as Zexion continues to explain how Riku destroyed the Islands and what has happened as a result. His words smash into Riku's ears telling him how he belongs to the darkness and how he should look and see what he truly has become. Eyes wide, Riku watches as a clone of his own self morphs into a Darkside. Knowing he must defeat the mammoth Heartless, Riku summons his weapon and begins the battle.

Upon its defeat, Riku then gains the Darkside enemy card and adds this to his deck of cards. As Riku pants from his pain and tiredness, he spots Sora staring blankly out towards the vast sea of darkness. The eldest teen calls out to his best friend but no response is given in return, instead a large door appears before him. With time being of the essence, Riku decides to make his leave and persue Zexion. Hurt mentally and physically, Riku flees the memory of his childhood home and climbs the tedious ladder that will lead to his next event.

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