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Japanese Release Date - November 11 2004
North America Release Date - December 7 2004
System - Game Boy Advance

Sora, Donald, and Goofy had been searching for Riku and King Mickey for some time before Sora came face–to–face with a man in a black coat who guided them to a place called “Castle Oblivion.” There, the man gave them a card which said was constructed from Sora’s memories.

Sora and friends began exploring the worlds within this and other cards like it.

Marluxia, the man in the black coat and a member of the “Organization,” was using the powers of a girl named Naminé to manipulate Sora’s memory and take control of Sora’s Keyblade.

Serving the Organization were “Nobodies,” a special type of being created when a person’s heart was stolen and only their body and spirit remained.

As Sora made his way through the castle, his memories of Kairi were replaced with those of Naminé. He had to fight Riku, who appeared in his dark form and claimed Naminé was his to protect. Sora won out, and Riku vanished.

One by one, Sora defeated the Organization members who stood in his path. One of them, Axel, proved more slippery than the others and seemed to be neither friend nor foe. Sora also learned that the Riku he fought was just a replica manufactured by the Organization.

With this Riku replica’s help, Sora was able to strike Marluxia down.

Naminé confessed to Sora what she had done, but he did not hold it against her.

She offered him a choice: he could either put his scattered memories back the way they were and lose all memory of this castle, or keep his memories the way they were now. Sora chose to get his old memories back by going into a deep sleep until they could be repaired. But first, he promised Naminé she would not be forgotten and that they would meet again.

Meanwhile, Riku had found his way out of the realm between light and darkness. Led by a mysterious voice, he made his way to Castle Oblivion, by the voice turned out to be Ansem’s. Riku made his way through the castle, battling Ansem and the darkness within him at every step.

The Organization had also noticed the darkness in Riku’s heart, and sought to use it for their own ends. While facing Lexaeus, one of the Organization’s members, Riku was forced to summon the darkness within him within him, and succumbed to it. But somewhere far away, he heard King Mickey call out to him. Knowing King Mickey was watching over him gave Riku the strength to press on through the castle.

With the power of darkness proving too great a temptation, Riku again seemed ready to be overtaken by Ansem. But this time, King Mickey came to his rescue in person. The King gave him a special card; inside the card–world, he discovered that the Ansem he had been fighting was actually a man named DiZ. The man told Riku to find Naminé, and disappeared.

Before Riku could reach Naminé, he was confronted by the Riku replica. The real Riku won out, and the replica seemingly vanished.

Naminé offered to lock away Riku’s memories of Ansem, but Riku knew he had to face the darkness in his heart himself. He prevailed over Ansem, and departed Castle Oblivion with Mickey by his side.

From then on, he resolved to shoulder both light and darkness, and walk the road to dawn.

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