Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Side Story - Crystals of Light, Corridors of Darkness

Crystals of Light

You come across the Moogle upon return to Daybreak Town, crying out and sliding across the ground at your feet. He laments that he's failed at something, but does not disclose what. But surely you, his favorite customer, could succeed where he couldn't. He lends you the Light Drawing Bangle, an item designed to extract Crystals of Light from Raid Bosses. If you collect these crystals for him, he'd be more than happy to trade wondrous items with you, so do your best! 

You return to the Moogle with loads of crystals in hand, and he seems quite relieved by your accomplishments. He thanks you for your services, takes the bangle back, and runs off.

It is later revealed that he's in cahoots with a third party, who's been pulling the strings behind the operation this whole time. In exchange for Crystals of Light, the Moogle receives a number of benefits for himself. The figure confirms they'll need his help again in the future and disappears, leaving behind a distraught Moogle, upset with himself for deceiving you.

True to the mysterious figure's word, the Moogle finds himself in this predicament once again and takes you through the same song and dance as before. This time, when he goes to deliver the Crystals of Light, his associate reveals that it's all essential for your mission and leaves the Moogle, now understanding that this collaboration was inescapable.

(Though the identity of this individual was never revealed, it is meant to point to the Nightmare Chirithy, using this experience as beta testing for the Power Bangle.)


Corridors of Darkness

Chirithy meets you in Daybreak Town and congratulates you on your hard work. As a reward, he gives you a precious item known as the Bracelet of Light. He was ordered by the Foreteller directly to deliver it to you to help you on your next mission: to venture into the Corridor of Darkness and defeat the Heartless within. Whilst in the corridor, the bracelet will protect you from being consumed by darkness for a limited period of time.

You clear the mission with flying colors. Later that night, Chirithy meets with the Foreteller to relay information regarding the mission. Though they appear to be satisfied by your progress, Chirithy is worried about sending you into such a place. The Foreteller insists it's necessary for you to face such dangers in order to hasten your growth and develop a resistance to darkness as quickly as possible so that when the time comes, you'll be ready.

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