Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Dwarf Woodlands

You arrive in Dwarf Woodlands, bright-eyed and eager to begin your adventures as a Keyblade wielder. This new world seems so peaceful and serene, with clear water running through the river and a bright and colorful field of flowers, but that is most certainly not the case as Heartless surface from all manners of nooks and crannies, ready to do battle. When you defeat them, a dwarf approaches you, shocked by your abilities. His name is Doc, and he informs you that the dark creatures have invaded the world. He and his 6 brothers work in the diamond mines, but they were separated when the Heartless appeared. Seeing the strength you possess, he asks you to help him reunite with the other dwarves, a request that you readily accept.

As you scour the world searching for the other dwarves, you learn that the dwarves live alone in the forest and rarely have visitors in this part of the world. However, the land is ruled by an evil queen, known far and wide to be vain and ruthless. However, the queen has a beautiful and kind daughter, different to her in every way. Her name is Snow White. Enraged by the girl's beauty, the queen has made her a slave and dressed her in rags, but Snow White's light shines through even the most horrible of circumstances. The queen decides to have her killed, driving Snow White into the forest in fear.

By some coincidence, you happen upon Snow White on your search, crying in the forest from the fear and darkness. Chirithy instructs you that she is a very important person with a pure heart of light, so you offer a helping hand and lead her back to the dwarves' home so she can take shelter. Surely they wouldn't mind the company.

Knowing Snow White is safe and sound, you set off and continue helping the dwarves, and before long, all seven dwarves have been reunited. But as they return to their cottage, they realize there has been an intruder. Although you want to explain it is just the princess who has taken shelter within their home, the dwarves insist that it is a powerful and ferocious monster, and desperately ask you to help them get rid of it. It would just be easier for them to see the truth with their own eyes, so you play along and charge in, frightening Snow White with your violent intrusion.

The princess explains that she had fled the castle in fear for her life, and pleads with the dwarves to let her stay. Although reluctant, they eventually agree to take her in. It seems that all was well for now, but in reality, that is not to be.

The queen discovers Snow White still lives and decided to take matters into her own hands. She transforms herself into an old hag, and makes her way to the dwarves's cottage with a basket of poisoned apples. She waits until you and the dwarves leave for the mines, and tricks the princess into taking a bite of one of her apples. With Snow White dead, the queen becomes the most beautiful in the land!

The dwarves inform you what happened in your absence, and you all race back to the cottage just in time to catch the old hag as she celebrates her victory. Astonished by your hasty arrival, she dashes deep into the forest to escape, leaving behind a trail of Heartless to slow you down. Unfortunately for her, the dwarves are able to chase her down, trapping her at the edge of a cliff with nowhere to go. The hag refuses to surrender, and tries to pry apart a boulder to crush them. Just before she can do so, a bolt of lightning strikes down, destroying the ground at her feet and sending her plummeting to her death.

As sweet as revenge may be, the queen's death will not bring back Snow White. The dwarves create a glass coffin and lay her to rest in the forest. You watch silently from a distance as they grieve when you are joined by the Prince who came seeking to pay his final respects. He approaches Snow White and kisses her softly. With true love's kiss, Snow White opens her eyes and returns to life. The dwarves celebrate, and Snow White and the Prince depart to live their happily ever after.

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