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Toy Box

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS III (2019)
 Toy Story (1995)

After an exciting voyage on the gummi ship, Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrived in a strange new world where they assumed the appearances of toys. The new look didn’t stop them from walloping the Heartless causing trouble, though.

Woody, Buzz, and Andy’s other toys saw the fight and introduced themselves. They reported that many of their friends had vanished, which was followed closely by the arrival of the Heartless and a hooded stranger in black. Immediately suspecting Organization XIII, Sora agreed to help the other toys search for clues at a nearby store called Galaxy Toys.

Not long after arriving at Galaxy Toys, Sora had an unpleasant encounter with the Organization’s Young Xehanort, who explained that he had separated Woody’s group from Andy and the other toys by creating a second copy of their world.

Worse yet, Young Xehanort seemed to have the power to possess the toys at the shop, which might explain why some of Woody’s friends had disappeared.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy teamed up with Woody and Buzz to do battle with the possessed toys and rescue Rex, Hamm, and the Little Green Men. With all the toys out of danger, Sora was ready to go after Young Xehanort and put a stop to his scheme, but Buzz insisted that they had overstayed their welcome and needed to return home and wait for Andy. 

Despite being afraid of just about everything only moments ago, Rex was excited to find a likeness of Yozora, the video game character he’d mistaken Sora for. Buzz once gain tried to convince the others to head home, but it was too late. Young Xehanort appeared and decided to advance his experiment to the next stage by taking control of Buzz and pitting him against his friends.

Sora managed to fight his way out of the trap Young Xehanort laid for him, and he, Woody, and the rest of the gang went to rescue Buzz.

Young Xehanort tried to shake them up by saying that friendship is just another reason to feel darkness and loneliness, but Woody knew different. Toy or not, even far apart, he could feel Andy’s love filling his heart. Sora knew better too. There are hearts all around us, even in toys – and loneliness is just the heart’s way of holding on and trying to reconnect.

Sora and Woody freed Buzz from Young Xehanort’s control, and made a stand against the gigantic Heartless that appeared.

Despite thwarting Young Xehanort’s plans, they still weren’t able to put the toys’ world back to normal. Sora felt bad about it, but Woody pointed out the silver lining: if the world hadn’t been split, none of them would have met each other. Happy to have made some new friends, Sora departed in high spirits – to infinity and beyond.

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