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San Fransokyo

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS III (2019)
 Big Hero 6 (2014)

Not long after arriving in San Fransokyo, Sora met a team of crime-fighting heroes called Big Hero 6. After a near defeat against the Heartless, the team’s leader, Hiro, gave Sora and AR device and asked him to train with them. By collecting Sora’s date, Hiro would able to upgrade everyone’s abilities and gain the upper hand against the Heartless.

Always eager to help, “Keyblade Hero 3” took to the streets with their new friends.

By joining forces, Sora, Donald, Goofy, and the Big Hero 6 team successfully put the Heartless to rout. As they celebrated, Hiro explained that Baymax was originally a healthcare robot created by his late brother, Tadashi, and that the Big Hero 6 team had come together to fulfil Tadashi’s dream of helping others. 

Seeing the connection Hiro and his friends shared reminded Sora of the bond between Roxas and his friends Hayner, Pence, and Olette.

A new threat appeared in San Fransokyo: The Darkubes. They were immune to all forms of attack, and Hiro’s analysis revealed that they could only be defeated by attacking the core unit controlling swarm. As Hiro worked to track that core, the scattered Darkubes threatened the other members of Bug Hero 6 before converging on a single location. 

A figure appeared dressed in a black coat. It was Riku – or at least what looked like a younger Riku – but this “Dark Riku” turned out to be a replica. He admitted the Organization was behind the Darkubes and was employing them to investigate the possibility of recreating a heart from data by using the first chip made for Baymax.

Though the heroes were able to defeat the Darkubes’ core, Dark Riku’s words left Sora and Hiro especially shaken. 

Hiro explained that the current Baymax is actually the second iteration of the robot that his brother, Tadashi, originally created. That meant the chip in Dark Riku’s possession must be from the first Baymax, who was lost in another dimension.

Keyblade Hero 3 confronted Dark Riku atop a skyscraper and watched in horror as he summoned the original Baymax, installed the combat chip containing the negative emotions the Darkubes had gathered, and transformed Tadashi’s gentle robot into an instrument of war. 

Sora saw how hard it was for Hiro. Dark Baymax needed to be stopped, but Hiro’s friend was still in there somewhere, beneath all the darkness. Bravely, Sora volunteered to step up up in Hiro’s place, and he and Baymax 2.0 took flight to remove this new threat from San Fransokyo’s skies.

Hiro destroyed the chip, and with that, Dark Baymax was no more. Thankfully, though, that’s not the end of their story. Hiro repaired his old friend so that the original Baymax could go back on duty as a personal healthcare companion. 

Everyone was overjoyed, and Keyblade Hero 3 joined Big Hero 6 in giving their old friend a warm, heartfelt welcome.

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