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The Unversed, those who are not well versed in their own existences, are a new breed of enemy that suddenly began infesting the worlds. These monsters born from negative emotions originate from one source, and one source only: Vanitas.

[Heartless]  [Gummi]  [Enemies]  [Nobodies]  [Unversed]



The Unversed equivalent of a Shadow. Agile, but otherwise unimpressive.



These pests cling to poles and pipes, where they pump out poison that sticks around for a while. Watch your step!

One blast of the supersonic scream they emit while crawling along the floor and you'll be stunned. Bring the hurt before it can bring the noise.

Spiked Turtletoad

スパイキートード (Spiky Toad)

When it gets puffed up, you get roughed up. Watch out for that flying press once its belly fills with air! The shell on its back is Keyblade-proof, so you'll have to find softer places to smack.

It can swallow nearby Flowersnakes, then sprout them as toxic turrets. And if it swallows you... Don't let it swallow you.



Unlike their larger cousins, these little guys have soft shells that are very much not Keyblade-proof.

They can't swallow you up, either, which is always a plus. Just don't think that makes them harmless; these rotten ribbiters still pack a punch!

Lump of Horror [Normal] [Winged]

ジェル・オブ・ホラー (Gel of Horror)

A hideous, gloopy giant that mucked about in Monsters, Incorporated. The fact that it listened to Randall is enough to tell you it wasn't very nice.

It shape-shifted and sprouted a dark army of arms from the ground, but in the end Sora and the gang reduced it to a lifeless pile of machinery.

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