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The Caribbean

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS II (2006)
 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

There Sora and his friends were, enjoying the pirate life aboard a modest raft, when suddenly they began to run out of sea! Sora plummeted over a precipice and into the waiting abyss.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy found themselves stranded in an endless, white desert – and strangely enough, along came the Black Pearl, coasting somehow atop the sands, Imagine Sora’s surprise when he saw its captain, Jack Sparrow, chasing after it on foot. Soon, the gang were pursuing the runaway ship. 

They reached a beach where they found Jack’s friends waiting – some of them familiar faces. All had come to rescue Jack from Davy Jones’ Locker, to which he’d been banished after getting devoured by the Kraken.

Up in the world of the living, Cutler Beckett had acquired the chest containing Davy Jones; heart. He was using it to manipulate Jones and his ship, the Flying Dutchman, and seize control of the whole ocean.

Aboard the Pearl, Tia Dalma explained that Jack, too, coveted the chest, to escape his unpaid debt to Jones.

Having only just escaped from Davy Jones’ Locker, the crew were beset by a swarm of flying Heartless. Sora fell into the sea while fighting them off, and Donald and Goofy dove in after him. They washed up on a lonely island short, but the Black Pearl was long gone. The only friend they found was Jack Sparrow, who insisted they set out in search of a new ship.

Deep beyond an undersea grotto, they discovered a magnificent ship cached away. Under Jack’s guidance, Sora took to the seas once more, but it wasn’t long before they were approached by a ship captained by Luxord of Organization XIII. Luxord invoked the right of parley, and after some brief negotiations with Jack, the two agreed to a race. The stakes: information about a certain “black box.”

Sora’s crew won the race, but Luxord tricked Jack into revealing the box’s location just the same. Satisfied, the swindler sailed off after the Flying Dutchman, and though Sora was eager to give chase, the ship was badly damaged, so they made for Port Royal to see to repairs instead.

The repairs involved gathering strange, white crabs with an even stranger power. It appeared the ship Sora had been sailing was an enchanted one, and that wasn’t the end of the surprises.

When the ship was repaired, Jack asked Sora what he sought to do with it. When Sora replied, “to explore the seas, free as the wind,” Jack acknowledged him as a true pirate captain, then disappeared. It turned out the Jack they had been traveling with was just another phantasm sent by the goddess of the sea. 

Sora was free, to sail wherever he pleased.  But he also knew the real Jack and his friends had a terrible battle ahead of them, so they set a course for Shipwreck Cove to offer what aid they could.

Despite Luxord’s interference, they managed to reach the Black Pearl before it was too late. Their pirate friends were preparing for one last stand against Beckett. Sora decided to make his way to the Flying Dutchman and help Jack in his fight against Davy Jones.

The battle was won, but not without sacrifice. To save Will’s life, Jack had him run a sword through Davy Jones’ heart. With that, Will became the Flying Dutchman’s new captain, cursed to be apart from his love, Elizabeth, for ten years at a time. 

Sora took comfort in the belief that even one day in a decade is still enough time for two hearts to remain connected, and then departed the seas to return to their greater mission.

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