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  • Hiya! How are you? I've been doing ok, been trying to participate a bit more now. XD; I fell wayyyy behind in stuff lol.
    Sign, can you just spare me ONE sentence, just say "we need some time apart" instead of 100% ignoring me? We've known each other for three years, why are you doing this?
    i'm sure the joke has been said many times already, but terra looks like he's constipated and is trying poop

    But now it's been expanded so that the tome might be related to the Datascape? I was reserving this when I posted in the theread, but dang, talk about making it "a bit" complicated...
    Who else could it be? It's all so obvious now! Keyblade War, passing down, a line of heritage... YES NOMURA YOU CAN'T HIDE IT FROM US

    I can't keep up. I even just got around to actually read all the threads that emerged today!
    Wow, Chi section has been promoted to have its own section. Thank you. :D
    Just wanted to let you know that I'm working as fast as I can to get the graphics done. My RA position at college is a bit more demanding than I anticipated- so that's just a heads up for you.
    Oooo Ok, i'll try something like my profile picture, there's 1 stock picture i want to use, i'll probably have a post in the morning for my entry(unless LUT is to much or sleeping) lol. ;_;
    For that KHX graphics thing, am i allowed to use things not in the 2 category links, i'm pretty open minded though cause i don't have photoshop, just good old default Paint XD
    Oh that would be outstanding, It's ok if i didn't get a position, as long i'm able to post in the Chi Sub-Forum as a fellow contributor, i'm glad to be part of the KHInsider member list. :D
    Ohhh okay. And that's okay. But YAY! I do hope this becomes a monthly thing. It really is a wonderful idea. :D
    When you mentioned requesting a "Monthly top poster" award, you said to request it. Do I just send a PM to one of the site staff or is there a thread where I can request it at?
    Yeah that'll be the day lol, oh well it's still great to see activity bursting, i wonder what that award would look like, "a piece of paper with a thumbs up next to it" :0, it's also great that Kazr and Solo are in the site staff watching over the Chi Sub-Forum, new players would be nice to welcome into the game, especially since Chi is language bounded to japanese which turns some ppl off, luckily those guides and the mission guide helps them to understand that the button layout is really simple and easy to learn. :D
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