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  • Hey man not sure if you remember me but i use to be haseo47. Just recently joined again under a new screen name. How are you.
    Stan Ardyn Izunia
    Oracle Spockanort
    Oracle Spockanort
    Yo, I can't remember if it's okay to post KH3 videos in the spoiler section. The secret movie came out today and I was wondering if it was okay to put it in my thread on it.
    Sorry if this is so sudden, but I couldn't help but notice your hilarious signature lol :biggrin:.
    OK, I posted it outside the spoiler section because the thread itself was spoiler free, just a warning to everybody else. There are people such as myself who never delves into the spoiler section. While I understand you, if there is not a spoiler-free warning in the news or the main section, many will be potentially spoilered because they won't be warned in time.
    hey chaser there's someone trying to bad mouth me to mods, admins and staff... please PM me so I can explain
    Hey I know you don't want to talk about it again that's fine, but I want to say on the reply you said on the thread,

    I'm sorry I went too far with what I said, it's not that ignoring September or a specific month, I just like to rely on the specific day of the month when something came out and how much has passed since it came out. If you take in, for instance, the forthcoming Square Enix showcase at TGS coming September 22-23 and Jump into January 25 (KH3 release for Japan) or January 29 (KH3 worldwide), then it's been around four months since that event happened. Look, I'm not trying to upset you all and being pedantic, It's just that I only rely on days within a month (be it from a calendar or whichever) to go by how much has passed between then and now.
    I also had a hate to love relationship with him. He's really funny, and I liked the kind of over the top statement his character and those around him mafe about people today, but dammit I just wanted Dale back haha
    Aww, it shouldn't be depressing! My 10 year anniversary is next year, but I think it should be a proud moment for how long you've stuck around, ya know?

    Cheers to more!
    Congrats on 20,000 posts! Thanks for all the news, contributions, and dedication to khi.
    Don't worry about it, I'm a patient guy. I think it's a really clear summary for people who are jumping into the game.
    Chaser, I think it's a good idea to update the Kingdom Hearts 3 Frequently Asked Questions post now after all the content that's been revealed for D23 Japan 2018. And for some reason, the text for me is Grey for me as I'm using the Xehanort forum background.
    You are literally the best! I've been saving it as 150x150 when the limit is 125x125 xP.
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