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  • i rented deus ex on my 360 when my family had gamefly years back. had to return it before i got very far so i'm hoping for a ps4 remaster.

    inb4 pcmasterracegetfuckingsteam
    yea it does. i never played a mgs title so i'll prolly play my free ground zeroes game down the road. you play GZ yet?
    and bro, all live-action disney movies i refuse to give a dime. killing tron was the worst.
    lol my sister took it with her when she was at a hospital to take care of my mom and it never came back with her, told me she has no clue what happened.

    if u ever get a ps4 (a big if), it has shareplay which is basically another player taking control of your game for as long as you allow it so i can practically guarantee if i get 3 you'll play it.
    yea my hype for xv died but i'll probably play it eventually. i didn't know you stopped playing games, i feel like a dick for asking now. i haven't been able to play games much due to a hectic lifestyle but i enjoy it when i can. did i tell you about how i lost my 3ds and kh 3d case a few years back?

    and how are your other film projects coming along?
    yea i realize that. i am very spontaneous in thought tbh

    are you current with kh news and if yes, how does it look?
    Haha I love Bowie. Favorite song? That's a tough one. I like Loving the Alien, John I'm Only Dancing, As the World Falls Down, Ashes to Ashes, and Absolute Beginners. There was a song he did a long time ago that I really liked. Trying to think of the name... Was it Waiting for the Man or something else? Wild-Eyed Boy from Freecloud!!!
    Moogle army

    Steve was a troll and spammed the kh sections for no reason other than lulz. Most of #junes is gone or really inactive
    Wow what assholes. People can't show empathy without pitying or just being dicks. There shouldn't be any quams here mang, you're among friends*

    All the MA are mods now tho so they're always busy lmao
    Holy shit dude that is fucked up. I'm sorry to hear that. You should definitely start an awareness/support thread. Good luck with it man, it sounds fucking awful.
    that should be mandatory, seeing as many kids rely on those meals to get through the day but its somewhat in the right direction.
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