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  • Hey Cecily, it's thewanderinghero from Tumblr, I wanted to message you here on the forurms saying I forgot to say XL Mens! XP
    Apparently people (aka, two persons, hence peoples) need like big giant uber-esque backstory to a game that has, for the most part, been really simplistic. Like why even

    Do they not get that the original World was actually Disney World/Land? Because hell, if not, that's pretty sad or just really DuMB because what else would all those worlds put together equal?!?!?

    ono somedays I feel like I should emerge from hibernating in RP Section and proceed to take over FoKH/discussion related sections, but then I have to deal with icky people
    i have been pretty good!! so looking forward to the holidays though omg. the weekends need to be like a day longer i swear.
    how have you been??
    Hey, I linked my facebook and what not for you. Also, I noticed certain members have asterisks next to their names? What's up with that?
    Geez, he must have ground the gears of more people than I thought he has. Glad it's not just me. :p In any case, thanks.
    This guy has a tendency to derail threads with his... quite esoteric, and sometimes unnecesary, remarks, and it's getting pretty annoying by now since he does that often. Has anything been said to him?
    I know, right? Time sure flies now! It feels not too long ago that I left. xD

    I been great, though! Thanks for asking~ How about you? How is the site treating ya? Been awhile since I researched anything KH oriented. :>
    Busy with class and putting my improved works on Deaventart. Also made a Zelda Abriged show called Link's Bitching Adventures.
    Thanks for, telling me what its about, Sign. I definitely have time to kill on certain days of the week, so, I'll definitely give it a watch. =D
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