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  • Hey, I linked my facebook and what not for you. Also, I noticed certain members have asterisks next to their names? What's up with that?
    Geez, he must have ground the gears of more people than I thought he has. Glad it's not just me. :p In any case, thanks.
    This guy has a tendency to derail threads with his... quite esoteric, and sometimes unnecesary, remarks, and it's getting pretty annoying by now since he does that often. Has anything been said to him?
    I know, right? Time sure flies now! It feels not too long ago that I left. xD

    I been great, though! Thanks for asking~ How about you? How is the site treating ya? Been awhile since I researched anything KH oriented. :>
    Busy with class and putting my improved works on Deaventart. Also made a Zelda Abriged show called Link's Bitching Adventures.
    Thanks for, telling me what its about, Sign. I definitely have time to kill on certain days of the week, so, I'll definitely give it a watch. =D
    Understood. I wasn't trying to annoy anyone; I just hoped people might find what I wrote funny.
    Hi Falchia~ (I just felt like it, haha)

    You know about that thread about Riku's girl if SoKai is happening? Well, I don't mean to be an a**, but something has to be done to it. Based on his replies. the OP doesn't seem to be taking it seriously anymore and it's getting rather... pointless to continue the discussion.

    It's just my observation, though, and I could be wrong. Heck, I hope I am.

    And remember what happened a few hours back? We were just inches away from beating the sub, but time beat us to it. My raise ticket flew away... T_T
    Wait, did I misread that? I must have. Uhm, yeah let me think up some other non-game awards.
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